Handbook of Qualitative Research Methods for International Business


Handbook of Qualitative Research Methods for International Business

9781843760832 Edward Elgar Publishing
Edited by Rebecca Piekkari, Professor of International Business, Aalto University, School of Business, Finland and Catherine Welch, Chair of Strategic Management, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland
Publication Date: 2004 ISBN: 978 1 84376 083 2 Extent: 640 pp
This innovative Handbook draws together and reflects on the specific methodological challenges that an international business scholar is likely to face when undertaking a qualitative research project.

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This innovative Handbook draws together and reflects on the specific methodological challenges that an international business scholar is likely to face when undertaking a qualitative research project.

With a practical, hands-on approach to methodological debates, the Handbook raises concerns specific to international business scholars. Covering the entire life cycle of a research project from its philosophical underpinnings to publication hurdles, the book explores existing practices and gives voice to multiple, even contrasting perspectives. This invaluable source of experiential knowledge, as well as conceptual understanding, has been achieved by a truly international authorship.

Including fascinating vignettes written by senior academics, the result is a guide that will be indispensable. Capturing the experiences and practices of qualitative researchers, the Handbook of Qualitative Research Methods for International Business should be on the bookshelves of students and scholars of IB, researchers in international management and marketing, and teachers of cross-cultural and IB research methods.
Critical Acclaim
‘This book is recommended for academic libraries supporting international business research, international business scholars involved in qualitative research projects, and international organizations with a need to conduct or understand qualitative business research.’
– Denise J. Johnson, Business Information Alert

‘This Handbook provides a comprehensive guide portraying the variety and complexity of qualitative research methods in international business (IB). The editors, Marschan-Piekkari and Welch, have ambitiously interwoven assorted methodological viewpoints, experiences, and recommendations in a wide-ranging compendium spanning twenty-eight chapters in six sections. Nine vignettes interspersed throughout the text offer distinctive personal accounts that are as enjoyable as they are informative. The total massive and admirable undertaking arrays the perspectives of fifty-four perceptive and self-reflective researchers representing diversity in
nationality as well as research approach. Reading this book enhanced my understanding of the challenges, shortcomings, and satisfactions of various forms of qualitative research design. . . This Handbook successfully consolidates the existing qualitative methodological literature and reflects the range of techniques available for generating theory and obtaining fresh
insights on IB research questions. The varied chapters offer diverse perspectives celebrating established and emergent qualitative IB research methods, from case studies and interviews to modern critical approaches and studies in countries that have less often been the sites of Western European/North American-style business research. Although abundant in theoretical musings, observations from personal research experiences, and research design insights, the book also demonstrates an appropriately matter-of-fact emphasis on getting published. With its intensive focus on methods and methodologies, the present volume is clearly oriented toward academics, but in the manner of doing research that would ultimately prove of value to a wider audience. Not only qualitative IB scholars but any qualitative researcher would benefit from reading this book. Further not only researchers actively engaging with qualitative methods but also those from other methodological camps, who might wish to try qualitative approaches or learn more about them, would profit from reading it.’
– Kathleen Park, Journal of International Management

‘Suffice to say that all researchers (be them familiar or not with qualitative research) and doctoral students in the field will find this Handbook insightful if not essential. Challenging ideas are put forward, useful tips and models discussed in detail, not to mention the numerous practical advice ranging from the theoretical underpinning of the research undertaken to personal experiences in unfamiliar places in the world.’
– Axèle Giroud, International Business Review

‘The Handbook of Qualitative Research Methods for International Business provides an excellent resource for IB researchers. It combines practical advice and theoretical discussion, addressing and exploring many of the issues that challenge scholars who undertake qualitative research and summarizing trends and debates in the field. As a Handbook, it would be of special interest to doctoral students starting out on their research careers but it would also be a valuable source for reference by academics who are more established in the field of IB.’
– Anna Soulsby, Journal of International Business Studies

‘This is a volume which will be immensely helpful to younger scholars working on IB related topics. It contains valuable insights on a whole range of qualitative research techniques written by experienced practitioners. I commend it unreservedly. It deserves the widest possible circulation.’
– John H. Dunning, University of Reading, UK and Rutgers University, US

‘This edited book on qualitative research methods in international business is probably the most comprehensive of all in its genre. Contributors to this volume are seasoned researchers who share not only difficulties and hidden pitfalls in qualitative research but also the joy of gaining richer – sometimes unexpected – insights into cultural and managerial issues transcending national boundaries than traditional quantitative research would uncover. It is a must read for all researchers in international business research.’
– Masaaki Kotabe, Temple University, US

‘The editors and authors are to be commended for an engaging, useful and thought provoking end product which will be read with pleasure (and I hope will provoke some anger too) and will be a useful guidebook. It is my hope that this book will stimulate more, and better research in the international business field.’
– From the foreword by Peter J. Buckley, OBE, University of Leeds, UK

‘This is an excellent book on an important topic, namely how to conduct qualitative research in international business. It is a great collection of thoughtful chapters written by scholars that have themselves struggled with all the problems in conducting qualitative research. The book is obviously filling a gap in the literature on methodology in international business and it is a must for Ph.d. students and other researchers considering conducting qualitative research. The book deserves to be widely read and carefully studied.’
– Torben Pedersen, Copenhagen Business School, Denmark

‘A significant and timely addition to the literature on qualitative research methods in international business. The volume contains a wide yet integrated range of contributions from well-known authors. The book will be of major value to qualitative researchers because of its approach which is both academic and experience-based; and its coverage which includes important but frequently ignored topics such as “Researching outside the Triad”, as well as contributions on case study research, interviewing, alternative methodologies and getting published.’
– Stephen Young, University of Strathclyde, UK
Contributors: P.H. Andersen, C. Antoniou, R. Belk, J. Birkinshaw, J.J. Boddewyn, T. Borglund, M.Y. Brannen, M.V. Cannice, M. Chapman, S.R. Clegg, J.D. Daniels, H. De Geer, G.M. Eckhardt, M. Frostenson, H. Gajewska-De Mattos, P. Ghauri, K. Grisar-Kassé, B. Hellgren, S. Hosley, L. Hurmerinta-Peltomäki, J. Johanson, V. Jones, G. Lewis, V.J. Lindsay, S. Macdonald, R. Marschan-Piekkari, D. Matten, P. Matthyssens, S.L. McGaughey, S. Michailova, N.K. Napier, N.G. Noorderhaven, N. Nummela, A. Parkhe, P. Pauwels, H. Penttinen, R.B. Peterson, C. Reis, R.W. Scapens, D.R. Sharpe, M.A. Skaates, M. Tahvanainen, J. Tienari, E. Vaara, T. Van Nguyen, C. Welch, D.E. Welch, L.S. Welch, R. Westwood, I. Wilkinson, E.M. Wilson, H.W.-c. Yeung, L. Young, T. Zalan
Vignette: Observations from a Lifetime of Interviewing
Jean J. Boddewyn
Peter J. Buckley
Vignette: Interviews: A Key Data Source in International Business Research
Arvind Parkhe
Vignette: Theory is not Reality
Jan Johanson
1. Qualitative Research Methods in International Business: The State of the Art
Rebecca Marschan-Piekkari and Catherine Welch
2. Empirical Research in International Management: A Critique and Future Agenda
Richard B. Peterson
3. Towards a Postcolonial Research Paradigm in International Business and Comparative Management
Robert Westwood
4. Hermeneutic Methodology and International Business Research
Niels G. Noorderhaven
Vignette: The Many Skills of the Case Researcher
Robert W. Scapens
5. Designing and Conducting Case Studies in International Business Research
Pervez Ghauri
6. The Architecture of Multiple Case Study Research in International Business
Pieter Pauwels and Paul Matthyssens
7. The Role of Negative Personal Experiences in Cross-cultural Case Study Research: Failure or Opportunity?
Karen Grisar-Kassé
8. First Put in the Sugar, Then the Eggs . . . Or the Other Way Round? Mixing Methods in International Business Research
Leila Hurmerinta-Peltomäki and Niina Nummela
Vignette: Getting the Ear of the Minister
Henry Wai-chung Yeung
9. Interview Studies in International Business Research
John D. Daniels and Mark V. Cannice
10. Improvisation and Adaptation in International Business Research Interviews
Ian Wilkinson and Louise Young
11. Language and Languages in Cross-cultural Interviewing
Rebecca Marschan-Piekkari and Cristina Reis
12. Interviewing in the Multinational Corporation: Challenges of the Organisational Context
Rebecca Marschan-Piekkari, Catherine Welch, Heli Penttinen and Marja Tahvanainen
13. The Interview in International Business Research: Problems We Would Rather Not Talk About
Stuart Macdonald and Bo Hellgren
Vignette: Seeing and Experiencing Culture
Mary Yoko Brannen
14. The Ethnographic International Business Researcher: Misfit or Trailblazer?
Malcolm Chapman, Hanna Gajewska-De Mattos and Christos Antoniou
15. The Relevance of Ethnography to International Business Research
Diana Rosemary Sharpe
16. Interpreting the International Firm: Going Beyond Interviews
Hans De Geer, Tommy Borglund and Magnus Frostenson
17. Critical Discourse Analysis as a Methodology for International Business Studies
Eero Vaara and Janne Tienari
Vignette: Eating Alone and Other Experiences
Russell Belk
18. Contextualising Fieldwork: Reflections on Conducting Research in Eastern Europe
Snejina Michailova
19. Conducting Qualitative Research in Vietnam: Ethnography, Grounded Theory and Case Study Research
Nancy K. Napier, Suzanne Hosley and Thang Van Nguyen
20. The Role of Culture in Conducting Trustworthy and Credible Qualitative Business Research in China
Giana M. Eckhardt
21. An Outsider in India
Elisabeth M. Wilson
22. The Rhythms of Latin America: A Context and Guide for Qualitative Research
Victoria Jones
Vignette: Against Today’s Fashion: Experiences from the ‘Review Front’
Dirk Matten
23. Ensuring Validity in Qualitative International Business Research
Poul Houman Andersen and Maria Anne Skaates
24. Computer-assisted Qualitative Data Analysis: Application in an Export Study
Valerie J. Lindsay
25. Writing About Methods in Qualitative Research: Towards a More Transparent Approach
Tatiana Zalan and Geoffrey Lewis
26. ‘Writing it Up’: The Challenges of Representation in Qualitative Research
Sara L. McGaughey
27. Getting Published: The Last Great Hurdle?
Denice E. Welch and Lawrence S. Welch
28. Publishing Qualitative Research in International Business
Julian Birkinshaw
Vignette: Case Studies in Construction: Recollections of an Accidental Researcher
Stewart R. Clegg
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