Handbook of Regional Growth and Development Theories


Handbook of Regional Growth and Development Theories

Revised and Extended Second Edition

2nd edition

9781788970013 Edward Elgar Publishing
Edited by Roberta Capello, Professor of Regional and Urban Economics, ABC Department, Politecnico di Milano, Italy and Peter Nijkamp, Adam Mickiewicz University, Poznań, Poland, Jheronimus Academy of Data Science (JADS) in ‘s-Hertogenbosch, the Netherlands and the Universitatea Alexandru Ioan Cuza din Iași, Iași, Romania
Publication Date: 2019 ISBN: 978 1 78897 001 3 Extent: 688 pp
Regional economics – an established discipline for several decades – has undergone a period of rapid change in the last ten years resulting in the emergence of several new perspectives. At the same time the methodology of regional economics has also experienced some surprising developments. This fully revised and updated Handbook brings together contributions looking at new pathways in regional economics, written by many well-known international scholars. The aim is to present the most cutting-edge theories explaining regional growth and local development. The authors highlight the recent advances in theories, the normative potentialities of these theories and the cross-fertilization of ideas between regional and mainstream economists. It will be an essential source of reference and information for both scholars and students in the field.

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In recent years, economic crises, regional fragmentation trends, radical technological innovation and the failures of regional policies have expanded the knowledge horizon of experts in regional growth and development. This fully updated, revised and expanded Second Edition contains ten new chapters as well as exploring theories prevalent in the first edition in the face of recent changes in the field.

With 30 chapters from leading experts from across the globe, this Handbook looks at new pathways in regional economics, presenting the most cutting-edge theories explaining regional growth and local development. It thoroughly examines recent advances in theories, the normative potentialities that they have and the cross-fertilization of ideas between regional and mainstream economists, providing crucial insights to the topic.

This will be an essential source of reference and information for scholars and advanced students of regional science and regional economics. It will also be a useful tool for experts in international institutions researching regional growth.
Critical Acclaim
‘Capello and Nijkamp’s significantly extended and updated Handbook is a tour de force of the best scholars in regional science. It is a complete guide to the theories, methodologies and literature of the field, and should be on the desk of all regional science and regional economic scholars.’
– Mark Partridge, Ohio State University, US, Jinan University, China and GSSI, Italy
Contributors: S. Alexiadis, A.M.B. Barufi, A.A. Batabyal, J. Broecker, K.J. Button, R. Camagni, R. Capello, J.I. Carruthers, A. Cerqua, J.P. Cohen, C.C. Coughlin, D. Denti, D. Dohse, K.P. Donaghy, C. Ertur, A. Faggian, M.M. Fischer, M. Flanagan, H. Folmer, P. Friedrich, P. Gordon, E.A. Haddad, G.J.D. Hewings, B. Johansson, C. Karlsson, K. Kourtit, T.R. Lakshmanan, J. Le Gallo, C. Lenzi, G. Maier, P. McCann, W. Mitchell, F. Modrego, C.J. Morrison Paul, G.F. Mulligan, R. Nakamura, C.W. Nam, P. Nijkamp, J. Oosterhaven, G. Pellegrini, K.R. Polenske, L. Resmini, P. Rietveld, A. Robson, R.J. Stimson, R.R. Stough, A. Torre, M. Trippl, J. Van Dijk, F. Van Oort

Introduction to the second edition: novelties and advances
Roberta Capello and Peter Nijkamp

Part I Growth Theories and Space
1. Theories of Agglomeration and Regional Economic Growth: a Historical Review
Philip McCann and Frank van Oort

2. Space, Growth and Development: a Historical Perspective and Recent Advances
Roberta Capello

3. Location/Allocation of Regional Growth
Gunther Maier and Michaela Trippl

4. Regional Growth and Trade in the New Economic Geography and Other Recent Theories
Kieran P. Donaghy

5. Leadership, Institutions and Regional Economic Development and Growth
Roger `R. Stough

Part II Development Theories: Regional Production Factors
6. Agglomeration, Productivity and Regional Growth: Production Theory Approaches
Jeffrey P. Cohen, Cletus C. Coughlin, and Catherine J. Morrison Paul

7. Territorial Capital and Regional Development: Theoretical Insights and Appropriate Policies
Roberto Camagni

8. Human Capital and Regional Development
Alessandra Faggian, Félix Modrego and Philip McCann

9. Infrastructure and Regional Development
Johannes Bröcker, Dirk Dohse and Piet Rietveld

10. The Nexus of Entrepreneurship and Regional Development
Manfred M. Fischer and Peter Nijkamp

11. Foreign Direct Investments, Global Value Chains and Regional Development
Laura Resmini

Part III Development Theories: Innovation, Knowledge and Space
12. Theories of Innovation in Space: Path-breaking Achievements in Regional Science
Roberta Capello

13. Innovation and space. Achievements and prospects
Camilla Lenzi

14. R&D Spillovers and Regional Development/Growth
Daria Denti

15. Regional Development and Knowledge
Borje Johansson and Charlie Karlsson

16. Territorial development and proximity relations
André Torre

17. Sustainable Development and Regional Growth Revisited
Amitrajeet A. Batabyal and Peter Nijkamp

18. Spatial Clusters and Regional Development
Karima Kourtit and Peter Gordon

Part IV Regional Growth and Development Measurement Methods
19. Measuring Agglomeration
Ryohei Nakamura and Catherine J. Morrison Paul

20. Investigating endogenous regional performance
Robert J. Stimson, William Mitchell, Michael Flanagan, and Alistair Robson

21. Spatial-Economic Disparities and Convergence
Stilianos Alexiadis

22. Heterogeneous reaction versus interaction in spatial econometric regional growth and convergence models
Julie Le Gallo and Cem Ertur

23. CGE Modelling in Space: a Survey
Kieran P. Donaghy

24. Modern Regional Input-Output and Impact Analyses
Jan Oosterhaven, Karen R. Polenske and Geoffrey J. D. Hewings

Part V Regional Growth and Development Policies
25. Institutions and Regional Development
T.R. Lakshmanan and Ken J. Button

26. Regional Policy: Rationale, Foundations and Measurement of Effects
Jouke van Dijk, Henk Folmer and Jan Oosterhaven

27. Regional Policy Models: a Review
Ana M. B. Barufi and Eduardo A. Haddad

28. Quantitative Evaluation Techniques for Regional Policies
Augusto Cerqua and Guido Pellegrini

29. The Regional Adjustment Model: An Instrument of Evidence-based Policy
John I. Carruthers and Gordon F. Mulligan

30. Economic Decline and Public Intervention: Do Special Economic Zones Matter?
Peter Friedrich and Chang Woon Nam


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