Handbook of Research on Techno-Entrepreneurship, Third Edition


Handbook of Research on Techno-Entrepreneurship, Third Edition

Ecosystems, Innovation and Development

3rd edition

9781786439062 Edward Elgar Publishing
Edited by François Thérin, Africa Business School, Morocco, Francesco Paolo Appio, Professor of Innovation, Department of Management, Paris School of Business, France and Hyungseok Yoon, The University of Leeds, UK
Publication Date: 2019 ISBN: 978 1 78643 906 2 Extent: 400 pp
This Handbook focuses on techno-entrepreneurial ecosystems under several different aspects: how the ecosystems have evolved in techno-entrepreneurship, the influence that techno-entrepreneurs can have on complex ecosystems such as regions and nations, and the new types of innovations that techno-entrepreneurs are pursuing to adapt to the ecosystems, such as frugal innovation.

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While knowledge-intensive environments encourage and foster new ideas for products, services, production methods and business models, they also entail high levels of risk derived from the fast and dynamically changing nature of technology. This Handbook explores the new theoretical frameworks that are needed to cope with the growing relevance of techno-entrepreneurship initiatives globally.

Demonstrating that techno-entrepreneurship and its ecosystems create opportunities across national borders, this Handbook also shows how they proactively shape their business environment and engage in more complex collaborative networks. Chapters cover emerging areas in the field, such as frugal innovation, the drone industry and gender-specific entrepreneurship. Separated into sections dedicated to entrepreneurial ecosystems – with original research into incubators, accelerators and crowd funding – and techno-entrepreneurship across countries, the contributors examine specific issues that arise in context.

With international scope, this Handbook will be an essential read for entrepreneurship and innovation scholars. Any researcher with an interest in entrepreneurial ecosystems will also benefit from the original research presented.
Contributors: T. Ali-Vehmas, F. Armellini, S. Bergmann, B. Beyhan, A. Brem, F. Cesaroni, D. Cetindamar, M.C. Cinici, A. Colombelli, O. Conceição, O. David-West, C. Dega, M. Fontes, M. Frau, A. Garcia, F. Giones, K. Gurses, M. Hadengue, S.-J. Kim, J. Lee, F. Machado, L. Moi, G. Moon, O. Muritala, A.-M. Nisula, H. Olander, G. Orsatti, J. Pellikka, F. Quatraro, V. Schifilliti, C. Sousa, R. Tiwari, I.O. Umukoro, M. von Zedtwitz


Part I Conceptualisation
1. Technological Embeddedness as a Determinant of Techno-Entrepreneurship
Sang-Joon Kim and Juil Lee

Part II New categories of Entrepreneurship
2. Reverse Innovation: Review of a Decade
Max von Zedtwitz and Marine Hadengue

3. Modes and Routines of Frugal Innovation: An Examination on the Basis of the Auto Components Industry
Rajnish Tiwari and Stephan Bergmann

4. The Interplay of Technology Entrepreneurs and Regulation in a New Industry: The Case of the Drone Industry
Ferran Giones, Kerem Gurses and Alexander Brem

5. Unveiling Women Entrepreneurship in Technology Ventures: Gendered Organization and Gendered Society Interactions
Dilek Cetindamar and Berna Beyhan

Part III Ecosystems
6. Techno-entrepreneurship development support in theory and practice: the case of incubators and accelerators in Canada
Fabiano Armellini, Cynthie Dega, Angie Garcia and Francisco Machado

7. Crowdfunding as a tool for innovation marketing: technology entrepreneurship commercialization strategies
Ferran Giones and Alexander Brem

8. Fostering Techno-Entrepreneurship and Open Innovation Practices in the Innovation Ecosystems – Case Nokia
Jarkko Pellikka and Timo Ali-Vehmas

9. Digital technologies, techno-entrepreneurship and regional ecosystems: The case of The Net Value
Moreno Frau and Ludovica Moi

Part IV Academic Entrepreneurship
10. Research-based spin-offs as agents of knowledge dissemination: evidence from the analysis of innovation networks
Oscarina Conceição, Cristina Sousa and Margarida Fontes

11. Individual Innovativeness as a driver of career success: academic tehno-experts in an entreprneeurial ecosystem
Anna-Maija Nisula and Heidi Olander

Part V Country-specific entrepreneurship
12. SME Techno-Entrepreneurship: Drivers and Barriers in sub-Saharan Africa
Olayinka David-West, Omotayo Muritala and Immanuel Ovemeso Umukoro

13. Entrepreneurship, technological knowledge and industrial heterogeneity: Evidence from Italian NUTS3 regions.
Alessandra Colombelli, Gianluca Orsatti and Francesco Quatraro

14. Nurturing Healthy Korean Startup Ecosystem
Gyewan Moon

15. Understanding the dynamics of entrepreneurial ecosystems: Evidence from a longitudinal case study
Maria Cristina Cinici, Valeria Schifilliti and Fabrizio Cesaroni


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