Handbook of Social Tourism


Handbook of Social Tourism

9781803924571 Edward Elgar Publishing
Edited by Anya Diekmann, Professor in Tourism, Université Libre de Bruxelles, Belgium and Scott McCabe, Chair in Marketing, Birmingham Business School, University of Birmingham, UK
Publication Date: 2022 ISBN: 978 1 80392 457 1 Extent: 328 pp
This thought-provoking Handbook considers the impact and challenges that social tourism has on people’s lives, integrating case studies from around the world. Showcasing the latest research on the topic and its role in tackling the challenges of tourism development, chapters explore the opportunities presented by social tourism and illustrate the social imperative of tourism as a force for good.

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Interest in tourism with a social imperative is gaining momentum not only amongst policy makers, but also researchers and the academy. This thought-provoking and timely Handbook considers the impact and challenges that social tourism has on people’s lives.
Integrating case studies from around the world, chapters showcase the latest research on social tourism and its potential role in tackling the challenges posed by modern, mass tourism development that can lead to sustainable alternatives and social equity in participation. Contributors explore tourism activities that are directed towards positive social and personal outcomes for people who would not be able to access leisure or holiday travel without such interventions and illustrate the social imperative of tourism as a force for good.
The Handbook of Social Tourism enables academics and students from various disciplines, as well as practitioners in the tourism sector, to obtain a more holistic understanding of this phenomenon and offers an enlightening and stimulating read. 
Critical Acclaim
‘At least for this reviewer, this book has two unquestionable merits. On one hand, it gives a fresh snapshot of the problem of poverty and inequalities accelerated by modern consumption. On another, an all-encompassing diagnosis shaped by interdisciplinary research, which was conducted by worldly researchers, is generously offered as interplay between theory and practice.’
– Maximiliano E Korstanje, Tourism Management

‘This Handbook brings together cutting-edge work that addresses experiences from around the globe and examines social tourism from many angles and at many levels. The Handbook of Social Tourism advances our understanding of the conceptualisation of social tourism and how it is applied in practice at various points around the world. The chapters in this book contribute to building an argument that social tourism advances not only social inclusion, social equity and social justice through the capacities of tourism and tourism stakeholders, but also wider sustainability in tourism. It is hard to find faults in this comprehensive and valuable work.’
– Freya Higgins-Desbiolles, International Journal of Tourism Policy
Contributors: C. Billen, N. Carr, J.-P. Ceron, J.D. Cisneros-Martinez, V. Cops, A. Diekmann, V. Eichhorn, A.E. Estrada-Gonzalez, C. Eusebio, A. Fernandez-Morales, J. Finniear, E. Hermans, E. Herregodts, P. Hunter Jones, L. Jolin, K.I. Kakoudakis, R. Komppula, T. Kosar, J. Lima, S. McCabe, L. Minnaert, N. Morgan, B. Prideaux, J. Pyke, S. Pyke, G. Qiao, Y. Ram, A.C. Reyes Uribe, H. Schänzel, E. Schenkel, G. Shaw, L.S. Sie, M.K. Smith, E. Vento, M. Vilele de Almeida, M. Vincent, J. Wooler

1 Introduction to the Handbook of Social Tourism 1
Anya Diekmann and Scott McCabe

2 Social tourism in evolution, open to its socio-political environment 13
Louis Jolin
3 Going on holiday: an apprenticeship? 23
Claire Billen

4 Social tourism in Latin America: regional initiatives 33
Erica Schenkel and Marcelo Vilela de Almeida
5 Economic benefits of social tourism: theoretical reflections and
insights for management 43
Joana Lima and Celeste Eusébio
6 The rights to tourism: reflections on social tourism and human rights 59
Scott McCabe and Anya Diekmann
7 The social tourism programmes in Spain 72
José David Cisneros-Martínez and Antonio Fernández-Morales
8 Leveraging stakeholder perspectives in social tourism:
‘large scale listening’ for innovation 83
Lynn Minnaert

9 Mental health and social tourism: exploring the provider landscape 98
Philippa Hunter-Jones, Steve Flatt, Liz Crolley and Katie Neary
10 From welfare to wellness: European spas at the crossroads 108
Anya Diekmann, Melanie Kay Smith and Jean-Paul Ceron
11 Social tourism in the UK: the role of the voluntary sector as
providers in a period of austerity 123
Gareth Shaw, Scott McCabe and Julie Wooler
12 Nature for all? Public transport and accessibility to natural sites 139
Yael Ram
13 Issues and relationships between ageing and holiday participation 151
Martin Vincent

14 Social tourism in later life 165
Nigel Morgan, Lintje Siehoyono Sie and Jocelyn Finniear
15 Social tourism to overcome social exclusion: towards a holistic
understanding of accessibility and its users 177
Victoria Eichhorn
16 Counterbalancing the effects of unemployment through social tourism 195
Konstantinos I. Kakoudakis
17 Empowering family self-efficacy through social tourism 209
Tahira Kosar
18 Intergenerational holidays 221
Elke Hermans, Elien Herregodts and Veerle Cops

19 A social tourism lodging enterprise: the French case of VTF
holiday villages 233
Ana Cecilia Reyes Uribe
20 Social tourism practices and implementation in Finland 244
Elli Vento and Raija Komppula
21 Social tourism in New Zealand: uncovering ‘hidden’ needs 256
Neil Carr and Heike Schänzel
22 A case study from Canada 267
Joanne Pyke and Sarah Pyke
23 Social tourism in China 279
Guanghui Qiao and Bruce Prideaux
24 Travel experience and social tourism programmes in Mexico 290
Adriana E. Estrada-González

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