Handbook of Sport and International Development


Handbook of Sport and International Development

9781800378919 Edward Elgar Publishing
Edited by Nico Schulenkorf, Professor of Sport Management, University of Technology Sydney, Australia, Jon Welty Peachey, Professor of Sport Management and Leadership, Gordon College, US, Ramón Spaaij, Professor of Sociology, Victoria University, Australia and Holly Collison-Randall, Senior Lecturer in Sport Business, Loughborough University London, UK
Publication Date: 2023 ISBN: 978 1 80037 891 9 Extent: 472 pp
With sport sustaining a prominent place in international development policymaking, discourse and delivery, this comprehensive Handbook provides a contemporary, multi-disciplinary overview of state-of-the-art scholarship in this critical space. It investigates the role that different sport initiatives – from community-focused projects to large-scale events – can play across a great variety of development contexts.

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With sport’s role now firmly embedded in international development contexts, policy and delivery, this comprehensive Handbook provides a contemporary, multi-disciplinary overview of state-of-the-art research in this critical space. It features a holistic synthesis of current scholarship as well as new and emerging approaches, contexts and development foci. The Handbook includes chapters on a great variety of sport initiatives, ranging from small community projects to large-scale international events.

The Handbook establishes the nexus between reflection, action, and innovation by presenting critical issues from diverse perspectives and with varied voices. Contributors include seminal scholars from broader disciplines, sport-specific development experts as well as up-and-coming academics who address contemporary challenges such as climate change, gender discrimination, athlete diplomacy and the effects of – and sports’ responses to – the COVID-19 pandemic. Overall, the Handbook offers critical outlooks regarding concepts, methodologies, collaborations and knowledge mobilisation in sport and international development.

The Handbook of Sport and International Development will be a crucial resource for those studying and researching sport in international development settings. It will also be critical for policymakers and development practitioners seeking to gain a broader perspective on the important role of sport in international development.
Critical Acclaim
‘This is a timely, perceptive, and imaginatively edited collection of articles on the post-COVID achievements, challenges, and opportunities of sport for development. While it’s not shy about revealing the harm created by North-South power imbalances, the neo-colonialism practiced upon Indigenous peoples, and the failure of many good intentions, it’s cautiously hopeful, offering many evidence-based examples of better practices. I learned a lot from it. I commend it to donors, policy-makers, students and scholars, and those on the ground.’
– Bruce Kidd, University of Toronto, Canada

This Handbook, carefully curated by world-leading experts in sport and development, provides a comprehensive and sophisticated overview of the field, cutting-edge insights into the issues facing sport and development today and provides a unique global perspective in authorship and contexts.’
– Emma Sherry, RMIT University, Australia
Contributors: Soolmaz Abooali, Hussa Al-Khalifa, Yolanda Antin, Susan Brownell, Cora Burnett, Fred Coalter, Holly Collison-Randall, Magnus Dahlstedt, Simon C. Darnell, Peter Donnelly, Michael Edwards, David Ekholm, Anna Farello, Shawn Forde, Hiro Fujihara, Nick Gates, Tony Ghaye, Richard Giulianotti, Anna Goorevich, Billy Graeff, Jeremy Hapeta, Damian Haslett, Emily Hayday, Lyndsay M.C. Hayhurst, Tarryn Horner, Ruth Jeanes, Greg Joachim, Gareth J. Jones, Florian Kiuppis, Jorge Knijnik, Iain Lindsey, Richard Loat, Mufunanji Magalasi, William V. Massey, Brian P. McCullough, Mitchell McSweeney,  Fiona Meeks, Sheila Mogalo, Jessica R. Murfree, Lombe A. Mwambwa, Kabanda Mwansa, Pamm Phillips, Emma Pullen, Katherine Raw, Jukka Rintamäki, Katie Rowe, Simona Šafaříková, Lin C Sambili-Gicheha, Nico Schulenkorf, James Skinner, Ramón Spaaij, Rochelle Stewart-Withers, Jack T. Sugden, John Sugden, Bronwyn Sumption, Per Svensson, Arnošt Svoboda, Steve Swanson, Margarita Tadevosyan, Hayley Truskewycz, Engela van der Klashorst, Jon Welty Peachey, Meredith A. Whitley, Jennifer Wong, Tom Woodhouse, Raghdah Zakariya, Sarah Zipp

Introduction to Handbook of Sport and International Development 1
Nico Schulenkorf, Jon Welty Peachey, Ramón Spaaij, Holly Collison-Randall

1 Anthropology – Anthropology, sport, and international development: an
ambivalent relationship 11
Susan Brownell
2 Sociology – Sociology and sport for development and peace 22
Richard Giulianotti
3 Policy analysis – Macro- and meso-level analyses of sport and
international development 35
Iain Lindsey
4 Indigenous studies – Challenges and opportunities for better engagement 48
Rochelle Stewart-Withers and Jeremy Hapeta
5 Management/Business studies – Applying business and management
principles to advance sport for development organisations and outcomes 59
Katie Rowe, Pamm Phillips and Katherine Raw
6 Innovation studies – Social transformation in sport for development 71
Per G. Svensson
7 Youth and social work – Critical reflections on youth, social work and
sports-based interventions 82
David Ekholm and Magnus Dahlstedt

8 Gender – Sport, development and gender: expanding the vision of what
we can be and do 95
Sarah Zipp, Lombe Mwambwa and Anna Goorevich
9 Education – Education as a central aspect of sport and international
development 110
Ruth Jeanes and Hayley Truskewycz
10 Livelihoods – Livelihood generation for disadvantaged youth in the
context of poverty 122
Cora Burnett and Engela van der Klashorst
11 Disability – Disability, sport and social change in sub-Saharan Africa:
para sport against stigma 138
Damian Haslett, Jennifer Wong, Sheila Mogalo, Emma Pullen and Mufunanji
12 Healthy lifestyles – The efficacy of sport for health development
initiatives for community health 150
Michael Edwards
13 Social inclusion – Social inclusion and sport: beating the odds or
changing the odds? 161
Fred Coalter
14 Peace and reconciliation – Critical reflections across theory and practice 175
Jack T. Sugden and John Sugden

Holly Collison-Randall and Ramón Spaaij
15 Research frameworks and models – A critical analysis and
identification of features for advancing research in sport for development 188
Meredith A. Whitley and William V. Massey
16 Research collaborations – On the experience of doing international
research on sport for development and peace in South America 198
Billy Graeff, Simona Šafař’kov‡ and Arnošt Svoboda
17 Life spans – How to determine participation across the life span in the
context of sub-Saharan poverty 204
Bronwyn Sumption
18 SDP and Gender – Women-focused projects in the Arabian Gulf 219
Hussa K. Al-Khalifa
19 Participatory action research – Innovating research using visual and
digital methods in sport for development and peace 231
Mitchell McSweeney
20 Insights from the frontline of sport and international development – The
world’s gone bonkers! 241
Nick Gates
21 Mapping SFD stakeholders – A social network analysis of stakeholder
relationship networks in Africa and Europe 247
Steve Swanson, Fiona Meeks, Cora Burnett, James Skinner, Holly
22 Drawing and comics – Revisiting sport for development and peace 261
Shawn Forde

23 Leadership – Time to re-purpose the pegs: youth leadership
development through sport for a post-pandemic world 268
Tony Ghaye and Tarryn Horner
24 Ecology – The international development and the advancement of the
global environmental movement in sport 282
Brian P. McCullough and Jessica R. Murfree
25 Entrepreneurship – Origins, trends and outlook in sport for development
and peace 293
Mitchell McSweeney and Gareth Jones
26 Social transformation – Critically interrogating girls and women as
‘transformational subjects’ in sport for development and peace 305
Lyndsay M.C. Hayhurst, Mitchell J. McSweeney, Raghdah Zakariya and
Simon C. Darnell
27 Conflict and transformation – Conflict transformation and positive peace 321
Yolanda Antin, Hiro Fujihara and Tom Woodhouse
28 Refugees and displacement – A critical look at unaccompanied refugee
minors’ experiences in organised sport and recreation activities in Norway 334
Kabanda Mwansa and Florian Kiuppis
29 Diplomacy – Athletes as third-culture builders 346
Soolmaz Abooali and Margarita Tadevosyan
30 Preventing violent extremism – Sport-based learnings from Kenya and Uganda 358
Holly Collison-Randall, Lin Sambili- Gicheha, Hussa Al-Khalifa and Ramón
31 Corporate social (ir-)responsibility – CSR in esports: a strategic bridge
to sport for development? 374
Jukka Rintamaki, Emily Jane Hayday and Richard Loat
32 Design thinking – Human-centred design in sport for development 386
Greg Joachim
33 Action sports – Global issues for action sports and the case of SkatePal 397
Anna Farello
34 Alternative sports – The pedagogical kaleidoscope for alternate games:
from homo ludens to homines iocosi 408
Jorge Knijnik
35 COVID-19 – Sport for development in international settings: responses
to COVID-19 421
Peter Donnelly and Simon Darnell

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