Handbook of Teaching and Learning in Tourism


Handbook of Teaching and Learning in Tourism

9781784714819 Edward Elgar Publishing
Edited by Pierre Benckendorff, The University of Queensland, Australia and Anita Zehrer, Management Center Innsbruck, Austria
Publication Date: 2018 ISBN: 978 1 78471 481 9 Extent: 680 pp
This comprehensive Handbook provides an international perspective on contemporary issues and future directions in teaching and learning in tourism. Key topics include assurance of learning, development of skills, learning in the field, work integrated learning, sustainability and critical studies, internationalisation, technology enabled learning, links between teaching and research, and graduate student supervision. Within these topics attention is devoted to the discussion of curriculum, pedagogy, assessment, students, educators and trends and issues. The Handbook provides a valuable resource for understanding teaching and learning theory and practice in tourism.

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A burgeoning tourism industry accompanied by a growing demand for employees has translated into an increasing need for tourism education to adequately prepare the workforce to serve the present and future needs of the industry. This unique Handbook provides an international perspective on contemporary issues and future directions in the field.

Contributions draw on a wide range of disciplinary perspectives and focus on the full spectrum of teaching and learning techniques in higher education, from undergraduate programme to the supervision of research students. Key topics include assurance of learning, development of skills, learning in the field, work-integrated learning, sustainability and critical studies, internationalization, technology-enabled learning, links between teaching and research, and graduate student supervision. Within these topics, attention is devoted to the discussion of curriculum, pedagogy, assessment, students, educators, and trends and issues.

An invaluable resource for understanding teaching and learning theory and practice in tourism, this Handbook will be an essential guide for tourism and hospitality educators, PhD students studying in the area of higher education, and educational designers and higher education researchers. It will inspire teaching and learning innovation by providing ideas, examples and future directions.
Critical Acclaim
‘What are policy-makers and educators to do in our runaway world where students, technologies, skills, knowledge, mobilities and expectations are all changing fast? With its emphasis on teaching and learning, this book provides a unique contribution to the field. Pierre Benckendorff and Anita Zehrer have assembled a fine collection of contributions that help us to frame, understand and respond to the key issues. What’s more, they conclude the book with an excellent summary of the main themes and implications for policy and practice.’
– John Tribe, University of Surrey, UK

‘Benckendorff and Zehrer’s Handbook of Teaching and Learning in Tourism provides a rich, comprehensive and “must have” set of readings for the tourism educator. A very international group of authors delivers a contemporary view of teaching and learning in tourism ranging from technology, through experiential learning, to internationalization and the future. This book sets a benchmark in the field and the editors are to be congratulated for their vision in creating this Handbook.’
– Chris Cooper, Oxford Brookes University, UK
Contributors: D. Airey, K. Andereck, C. Arcodia, F. Aubke, R. Ballantyne, J.E. Barth, P. Benckendorff, P. Bingre do Amaral, M. Birkle, A. Blackman, A. Boyle, J. Caldicott, L. Cantoni, V.A. Carreira, D. Cotterell, R. Craggs, É. Crossley, J.C. Crotts, W.G. Croy, V.V. Cuffy, J.R. Edelheim, C. Fanning, J.-A. Ferreira, B.P. George, R. Goodman, C. Gorman, K. Griffin, A. Hergesell, F. Higgins-Desbiolles, A.-M. Hjalager, P.J. Holladay, E. Holmberg, L. Horton-Tognazzini, C.H.C. Hsu, K. Hughes, G. Jennings, O. Junek, U. Kachel, M. Kachniewska, N. Kalbaska, M. Karlqvist, S. Kensbock, B. King, J.J. Liburd, K. Lyons, C. Macleod, A. Maguire, A. Milman, C. Moessenlechner, M. Morellato, Z. Mottiar, J. Murphy, A. Mylonas, A. Pachmaye, G.C. Papageorgiou, A. Para, P.L. Pearce, B. Quinn, S. Rawlinson, D. Reiser, J. Ritalahti, P. Ryan, T. Ryan, N. Scherle, S. Schweinsberg, M.-A. Smith, D.P. Stergiou, M.A. Tarrant, L. Vanzo, C. Vertesi, S. Wearing, A. Williams, J. Willison, E. Wilson, P. Wiltshier, N. Wise, T. Young, A. Zehrer, H.Q. Zhang


1: Tourism Education and Industry Expectations in Greece: (Re)Minding the Gap
Dimitrios P. Stergiou and David Airey

2. Hospitality Employers'' Expectations Towards the Higher Education System in Poland
Magdalena Kachniewska and Anna Para

3. The Case for a Return to the Prevalence of Examinations in Student Evaluation
J.E. (Joe) Barth

4. Teaching Sales and Negotiations
John C. Crotts

5. Research Skill Development in Tourism
W. Glen Croy and John Willison

6. Lifelong Tourism Education: Current and Future Trends in Scottish Universities
Violet V. Cuffy

7. Enhancing Tourism Graduates’ Soft Skills: The Importance of Teaching Reflective Practice
Karen Hughes, Aliisa Mylonas and Roy Ballantyne

8. Student Motivation in Inquiry Learning: Lessons from a Service Development Project
Monika Birkle, Eva Holmberg, Marina Karlqvist and Jarmo Ritalahti

9. Rethinking the Technology-Enhanced Learning: Disconnect Passive Consumers, Reconnect Active Producers of Knowledge
Massimo Morellato

10. Pedagogy for Online Tourism Classes
Patrick J. Holladay

11. Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCS) in Hospitality and Tourism
Jamie Murphy, Nadzeya Kalbaska, Lorenzo Cantoni, Laurel Horton-Tognazzini, Peter Ryan and Alan Williams

12. E-Portfolio Task Design: A High Impact Tool for Higher Education Teaching in Tourism
Claudia Möessenlechner

13. Integrating Google Earth Into the Lecture: Visual Approaches in Tourism Pedagogy
Nicholas Wise

14. Experiential Tourism and Hospitality Learning: Principles and Practice
Brian King and Hanqin Qiu Zhang

15. Learning from Part-Time Employment: Reflections from Australia
Anna Blackman and Pierre Benckendorff

16. Self-Authorship Development Through Tourism Education: Rethinking the Outcomes of Work Integrated Learning.
Julia Caldicott and Erica Wilson

17. The Value of WIL in Tourism and Student Perceptions of Employability
Chris Fanning, Ceri Macleod and Lynn Vanzo

18. Students in Action: A Destination-Based Learning Approach to Student Engagement
Ruth Craggs, Catherine Gorman, Kevin Griffin, Ziene Mottiar, Bernadette Quinn and Theresa Ryan

19. Student and Practitioner Experience from Learning Laboratories
Peter Wiltshier and Sarah Rawlinson

20. Investigating Fieldtrips
Kevin Griffin

21. Learning by Doing: Intercultural Competence and Fieldtrips
Nicolai Scherle and Dirk Reiser

22. Internationalization of Tourism Education
Cathy H.C. Hsu

23. Internationalizing the Tourism Curriculum Via Study Abroad
Ara Pachmayer, Kathleen Andereck and Rebekka Goodman

24. Building High Impact Mobility Programs for Increased Student Internationalization
Catherine Vertesi

25. Teaching for Strong Sustainability in University Tourism Courses
Debbie Cotterell, Charles Arcodia and Jo-Anne Ferreira

26. Integrating Sustainability in the Tourism Curriculum: Dilemmas and Directions
Andrea Boyle

27. Cultural and Environmental Awareness Through Sustainable Tourism Education: Exploring the Role of Onsite Community Tourism-Based Work Integrated Learning Projects
Stephen Wearing, Michael A. Tarrant, Stephen Schweinsberg and Kevin Lyons

28. Ecotourism and Interdisciplinary Skills
Vivina Almeida Carreira and Pedro Bingre Do Amaral

29. Criticality in Tourism Education
Émilie Crossley

30. A Pedagogy of Tourism Informed by Indigenous Approaches
Freya Higgins-Desbiolles

31. Indigenization of Curricula: Issues and Trends in Tourism Education
Tamara Young and Amy Maguire

32. Teaching-Research Nexus in Tourism, Hospitality and Event Studies
Johan R. Edelheim

33. Supervising a Tourism Doctorate: Roles, Realities and Relationships
Philip L. Pearce

34. From Dialogue to ‘Being In And Of’ a Qualitative Research Culture: Lived Experiences of Research Students
Gayle Jennings, Olga Junek, Mary-Anne Smith, Sandra Kensbock and Ulrike Kachel

35. Standards, Benchmarks and Assurance Of Learning
David Airey and Pierre Benckendorff

36. Quality Versus Standards: Challenges in Quality Assurance in Tourism Education
Georgios C. Papageorgiou

37. The Role and Responsibilities of Industry Advisory Boards in Enhancing the Educational Experience
Ady Milman

38. Networks for Social Capital Building in Tourism Higher Education
Florian Aubke and Anja Hergesell

39. Innovation and Change in Tourism Education With Special Focus on India
Babu P. George

40. The Nature of Innovation in Tourism Higher Education: an institutional innovation approach
Janne J. Liburd and Anne-Mette Hjalager

41. The Future of Teaching and Learning in Tourism
Pierre Benckendorff and Anita Zehrer

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