Handbook of the International Political Economy of Trade


Handbook of the International Political Economy of Trade

9781781954980 Edward Elgar Publishing
Edited by David A. Deese, Professor of International Politics, Department of Political Science, Boston College, US
Publication Date: October 2014 ISBN: 978 1 78195 498 0 Extent: 648 pp
David A. Deese brings together leading researchers and writers from different countries and disciplines in a coherent framework to highlight the most important and promising research and policy questions regarding international trade. The content includes fundamental theory about trade as international communication and its effects on growth and inequality; the domestic politics of trade and trends in government trade policies; the implications of bilateral and regional trade (and investment) agreements; key issues of how trade is governed globally; and how trade continues to define and advance globalization from immigration to the internet.

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Integrating work from the fields of political science, economics, law and policy the Handbook of The International Political Economy of Trade is a fresh perspective on the fundamental political causes and consequences of trade.

Under the guidance of David Deese, a prestigious group of international authors address the most important and promising research questions underlying international trade policy today including:

• Trade as an ‘Engine’ of integration, growth or inequality?
• Domestic politics, development strategy and democracy
• Regions and regionalism in the lead
• The global governance of trade: who’s accountable and who governs?
• Trade as globalization
• The future of trade

This accessible, comprehensive and pertinent Handbook will be of interest to academics, researchers and students working in the fields of international politics, in particular political economy and foreign policy, and the economics of trade. Practitioners working in civil society trade organizations, government agencies, and intergovernmental organizations will also find much of interest.
Critical Acclaim
‘This extensive collection, skillfully edited by David Deese, provides a comprehensive overview of the politics of international trade in the contemporary era. Bringing together an unusually diverse group of scholars from multiple disciplines, approaches, and countries, the volume examines trade both on its own terms and in relation to a host of other topics, including human rights, the environment, the internet, and more. Essential reading for experts and students alike.’
– David A. Lake, University of California, San Diego, US

‘Since the global financial crisis, policymakers and researchers need to revisit the fundamentals of global governance. The Handbook of the International Political Economy of Trade tightly edited by David Deese is an indispensable roadmap and guide to the rapidly evolving multilateral system of trade – its institutions, processes, regulatory rules and trade politics. In particular students will find the diversity of perspectives and approaches of the contributors essential to grasp the dynamics of the world trading order being reshaped by regional trade agreements, the rise of emerging market economies, global value chains and new trade strategies. The Handbook is packed with information, analytical insight and case studies from an international political economy perspective. It makes for essential reading about the interface between trade, global governance and domestic politics.’
– Daniel Drache, Robarts Centre for Canadian Studies, York University, Toronto, Canada

''The less the World Trade Organization can deliver, the more national governments engage in bilateral and regional trade agreement, and thus encompassing negotiations of trade deals have become prominent in the last couple of years. Trade policies today are not so much about tariffs any longer than they are about market access, intellectual property rights, foreign direct investment rules, and regulatory practices. This volume, edited by David Deese, is timely, and covers exactly such relevant areas of trade policy. Students and practitioners alike will benefit from the deep analytical insights.''
– Kurt Huebner, Jean Monnet Chair for European Integration and Global Political Economy, The University of British Columbia, Canada
Contributors: S.A. Aaronson, M. Abdollahian, A. Afilalo, G. Anderson, C. Bliss, D.A. Deese, D. Elms, M.D. Froese, M. Garcia, K.J. Hancock, R.R. Hendrickson, B. Hoekman, W. Liang, M.A. Madeira, R. Maxim, C. May, E. Mitbrodt, A. Nölke, E. Postnikov, J.M. Rothgeb, Jr., E. Smythe, A. Tomashevskiy, J.P. Trachtman, S. Trommer, G. Villalta Puig, Z. Yang, L. Zarsky
1. Introduction: Politics, Trade and the International Political Economy
David A. Deese

2. Commerce as Communication: Montesquieu’s View
Randal R. Hendrickson

3. Trade, Development, and Inequality
Christopher Bliss

4. Trade Networks, Regional Agreements, and Growth
Zining Yang and Mark Abdollahian

5. The New Politics of the New Trade: The Political Economy of Intra-Industry Trade
Mary Anne Madeira

6. From “Investor Rights” to “Sustainable Development”? Challenges and Innovations in International Investment Rules
Lyuba Zarsky

7. Developing Countries and Temporary Trade Barriers
John M. Rothgeb, Jr

8. Agricultural Trade and Economic Development: Contradictions and Incongruities between Law and Policy
Gonzalo Villalta Puig and Erik Mitbrodt

9. Democracy and Trade: Which Leads and How?
Andrey Tomashevskiy

10. Regionalism’s Past, Present, and Future
Greg Anderson

11. Governing Trade: Regional Leadership in the Asia Pacific
Deborah Elms

12. African Regionalism: The Complex Role of Regional Trade
Kathleen J. Hancock

13. Multilateral Institutions and African Economic Integration
Bernard Hoekman

14. The EU, China and Trade in ‘Green’ Technologies: Cooperation and Conflict
Maria Garcia

PART IV: The Global Governance of Trade: Whose Accountable and Who Governs?
15. Trade Policy Review and Dispute Settlement at the WTO
Marc D. Froese

16. Looking Back, Looking Forward: Multilateral and Regional Trade Governance
Wei Liang

17. Rotating Checks and Balances in International Economic Law
Ari Afilalo

PART V: Trade as Globalization
18. Using Ideas Strategically: Non-State Actors and the Politics of Trade
Silke Trommer

19. Capitalism in Large Emerging Economies and the New Global Trade Order
Christian May and Andreas Nölke

20. Food is Different: Globalization, Trade Regimes and Local Food Movements
Elizabeth Smythe

21. The Political Economy of International Migration Law
Joel P. Trachtman

22. The Design of Social Standards in EU and US Preferential Trade Agreements
Evgeny Postnikov

23. Trade and the Internet: Policies in the US, EU, and Canada
Susan Ariel Aaronson and Rob Maxim


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