Handbook of Tourism Impacts


Handbook of Tourism Impacts

Social and Environmental Perspectives

9781800377677 Edward Elgar Publishing
Edited by Arie Stoffelen, Assistant Professor in Geography, Division of Geography and Tourism, Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences, University of Leuven, Belgium and Dimitri Ioannides, Chaired Professor of Human Geography, Institution of Economics, Geography, Law and Tourism, Mid Sweden University, Sweden
Publication Date: 2022 ISBN: 978 1 80037 767 7 Extent: 360 pp
This comprehensive Handbook offers a broad assessment of tourism impacts research. With critical perspectives on social and environmental impacts of the sector it addresses the often-clashing value systems in tourism that underpin both scholarly and policy agendas.

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This comprehensive Handbook offers a broad assessment of tourism impacts research. With critical perspectives on social and environmental impacts of the sector it addresses the often-clashing value systems in tourism that underpin both scholarly and policy agendas.
Chapters offer reflections on critical issues, including climate change, environmental degradation and COVID-19, analysing their effects on tourism impacts. Top scholars in the field flesh out unique perspectives on tourism, highlighting its impact on communities, workers and Indigenous peoples, as well as the ongoing global and local sustainability issues associated with the prevailing growth-oriented rationale of the industry. Providing a state-of-the-art, integrative approach to the field, the Handbook lays out a social impact assessment approach and draws attention to the relationships between tourism, human rights, development and the environment.
Offering innovative insights on the future of the industry, the Handbook of Tourism Impacts is crucial reading for students and scholars of tourism, human geography and planning, as well as other social scientists working on tourism impacts. It also provides useful insights for practitioners and policymakers looking to address and limit the negative impacts of tourism.
Critical Acclaim
‘In an era of rapid change this Handbook is a timely and valuable addition to current literature. It offers new critical perspectives to our understanding of the complexity of tourism impacts. Climate change, overtourism, community empowerment, Indigenous rights are just some of the important emerging issues addressed.’
– Alison Gill, Simon Fraser University, Canada

‘Global changes in climate, pandemics, information technology and the sharing economy, complicate tourism impacts. Thoughtful contemporary perspectives on many aspects of tourism are provided, and breadth and depth of coverage make this an important record of current thinking on the far-reaching consequences of tourism. All interested in understanding tourism will benefit from reading this book.’
– Geoffrey Wall, University of Waterloo, Canada
Contributors include: Richard S. Aquino, Karla A. Boluk, Irma Booyens, Joseph M. Cheer, Anna de Jong, Mathilde Dissing Christensen, Miguel Esteban, Cristina Figueroa-Domecq, Stefan Hartman, Dimitri Ioannides, Kanako Iuchi, Daniel Laven, Llewellyn Leonard, Johanna Loehr, Lusine Margaryan, Lucy McCombes, A.D. McCormick, Mona Mirehie, Regis Musavengane, Sanjay K. Nepal, David N. Nguyen, Ricardo Nicolas Progano, Meng Qu, Haywantee Ramkissoon, Jack Shepherd, Arie Stoffelen, Lesego Senyana Stone, Moren Tibabo Stone, Sarah R. Taylor, Jan van der Borg, Frank Vanclay, Suosheng Wang, Kristina Zampoukos

Preface xv
Foreword xvi

1 Introduction to the Handbook of Tourism Impacts: Social and
Environmental Perspectives 2
Arie Stoffelen and Dimitri Ioannides
2 Studies in tourism impacts: past trends and emerging trajectories 20
Sanjay K. Nepal

3 A responsible tourism perspective on tourist–host encounters in
community-based tourism 36
Lucy McCombes and Frank Vanclay
4 Community perceptions of tourism impacts 60
Suosheng Wang and Mona Mirehie
5 Cultural tourism impacts and place meanings: focusing on the value of
domestic tourism 75
Haywantee Ramkissoon
6 Peer-to-peer hospitality, gentrification and local entanglements 88
Mathilde Dissing Christensen
7 The role of the impacts of tourism on destinations in determining the
tourism-carrying capacity: Evidence from Venice, Italy 103
Jan van der Borg
8 Assessing the impacts of social entrepreneurs and social enterprises in tourism 117
Karla A. Boluk and Richard S. Aquino

9 Culture, heritage, and human rights in Indigenous tourism 135
Sarah R. Taylor
10 Assessing the UNWTO’s Global Report on Women in Tourism:
tourism’s impact on gender equality 151
Anna de Jong and Cristina Figueroa-Domecq
11 The impact of tourism on peace 166
Jack Shepherd and Daniel Laven
12 Precarious jobs, precarious people in times of a pandemic: the impact
on tourism workers and spaces of work 183
Kristina Zampoukos

13 Tourism’s development impacts: an appraisal of workplace issues,
labour and human development 197
Irma Booyens
14 Tourism’s impacts in conservation areas in Sub-Saharan Africa: in
search of equity in an unequal world 212
Regis Musavengane and Llewellyn Leonard
15 The promise of corporate social responsibility (CSR) in ensuring
sustainability of nature-based tourism 228
Lusine Margaryan

16 Impacts of tourism on nature conservation and community development
in protected areas 245
Moren Tibabo Stone and Lesego Senyana Stone
17 Tourism’s impact on global climate change 262
Johanna Loehr
18 Tourism destination resilience to natural hazards: vulnerabilities, risks,
and host-community impact-mitigation strategies 279
David N. Nguyen, Miguel Esteban and Kanako Iuchi
19 Tourism in the rural periphery: Revitalization and community resilience
in Japan 295
Joseph M. Cheer, Ricardo Nicolas Progano, Meng Qu and A.D. McCormick
20 Success definitions of tourism impacts: evolving perspectives and
implications for destination governance 312
Stefan Hartman

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