Handbook of Urban Geography


Handbook of Urban Geography

9781785364594 Edward Elgar Publishing
Edited by Tim Schwanen, School of Geography and the Environment, University of Oxford, UK and the late Ronald van Kempen, formerly Utrecht University, the Netherlands
Publication Date: 2019 ISBN: 978 1 78536 459 4 Extent: 512 pp
This collection brings together the latest thinking in urban geography. It provides a comprehensive overview of topical issues and draws on experiences from across the world. Chapters have been prepared by leading researchers in the field and cover themes as diverse as urban economies, inequalities and diversity, conflicts and politics, ecology and sustainability, and information technologies. The Handbook offers a valuable resource for students and researchers interested in cities and the urban in geography and across the wider social sciences.
Awarded Choice Outstanding Academic Title for 2020

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This Handbook provides an authoritative overview of the diversity of contemporary geographical research on cities and urbanization. It demonstrates the vibrancy of current research, and the exciting future of the field. Bringing together different philosophical, theoretical, and methodological approaches to the study of the city and the urban, chapters incorporate elements from different disciplines with international perspectives to create an extensive reference on contemporary urban geography research.

The Handbook of Urban Geography consists of thirty chapters written by the leading experts and recognized specialists in the field. Organized into seven parts, this Handbook explores recent theories and methodologies, urban networks, redevelopment, inequality, socialities in the city, urban politics, and sustainability. Recognizing the interdisciplinary nature of the field, contributing authors are from across disciplinary boundaries, expanding the horizons for future geography research.

Researchers and academics in geography, urban studies, and related disciplines will find this Handbook offers succinct overviews of recent developments in the literature. Graduate and undergraduate students will also find this an accessible and useful reference work.
Critical Acclaim
‘The Handbook provides a comprehensive selection over the most important scholarly approaches and debates since the turn of the century. In a crowded field, the Handbook should be of value for both academics and students in the fields of human geography, urban studies, planning, or urban sociology.’
– Jörg Plöger, Eurasian Geography and Economics

‘Well-indexed, this text is highly recommended for all libraries and essential for libraries supporting programs in geography, urban studies, urban planning, economics, and political science.’
– J C Stachacz, CHOICE Magazine

‘This book was written and edited with a great passion for the content world of urban geography. The chapters are not long, enabling a reading of the different sections in a single sitting. The book’s first goal - to present the discipline in its various colors - is fully achieved. The authors maintain that the book is intended for research students at various stages, and this is in fact the case. Indeed, as I read through it, I found myself giving chapters and conveying insights to the research students I am currently advising. This is a manifestation of the book’s strength: its systematic presentation of core topics. The classics of the field are also dealt with nicely, and the book offers definitions of a broad spectrum of basic concepts in urban geography. In this way, the book provides a wonderful service for lecturers teaching basic and advanced courses in urban geography, as well as neighboring disciplines such as urban sociology.’
– Meirav Aharon-Gutman, Geography Research Forum

‘For more than half a century, urban geography has led revolutions in social theory and spatial analysis. How do we make sense of the latest transformations of cosmopolitan planetarity and urban socionatural evolution? This Handbook is the essential guide through the diverse empirics and epistemological pluralism of contemporary urban worlds. We need to read, reflect, and act on every chapter in this valuable collection.’
– Elvin Wyly, The University of British Columbia, Canada

‘This Handbook embraces the diversity of interests and approaches within twenty-first century urban geography. Including chapters from both the usual suspects, but also importantly beyond the usual suspects, this is a wide-ranging, informed and readable book that will prove valuable to students of cities worldwide.’
– Loretta Lees, University of Leicester, UK 
Contributors: R. Andersson, T. Baker, A. Blok, V. Castán Broto, L. Cesafsky, J. Coaffee, A. Cócola-Gant, I.R. Cook, J.J. Cousins, R. Cowley, K. Derickson, B. Derudder, I. Farías, S. Freire-Trigo, G. Galster, C. Hamnett, K.B. Hankins, S. He, M. Hesse, P. Hubbard, T. Hutton, L. Karaliotas, P. Kraftl, A. Luque-Ayala, D.G. Martin, S. Marvin, C. McIlwaine, S. Musterd, J. Newell, D.V. Nixon, M. Oka, A. Poorthuis, J. Qian, M. Raco, J. Rutherford, M. Ryburn, T. Schwanen, N. Shuermans, T. Shelton, E. Swyngedouw, P.J. Taylor, C. Temenos, R. van Kempen, I. Van Liempt, F. Vecchio, J. Ward, B. Warf, S. Watson, D.W.S. Wong, M. Zook

Introduction to the Handbook of Urban Geography
Tim Schwanen

2. Worlding cities and comparative urbanism
Laura Cesafsky and Kate Derickson

3. Urban political ecologies of and in the city
Joshua J. Cousins and Joshua Newell

4. Urban cosmopolitics
Anders Blok and Ignacio Farías

5. Big data and the city
Matthew Zook, Taylor Shelton and Ate Poorthuis

6. Multiple geographies of global urban connectivity as measured in the interlocking network model
Ben Derudder and Peter J. Taylor

7. Inside mobile urbanism: cities and policy mobilities
Cristina Temenos, Tom Baker and Ian R. Cook

8. Metropolitan mobilities: transnational urban labour markets
Cathy McIlwaine and Megan Ryburn

9. Refugee mobility across networks and cities
Ilse Van Liempt and Francesco Vecchio

10. Urban infrastructures: four tensions and their effects
Tim Schwanen and Denver V. Nixon

11. Emerging city regions: urban expansion, transformation and discursive construction
Markus Hesse

12. The cultural economy in cities
Tom Hutton

13. Urban regeneration through culture
Jonathan Ward and Phil Hubbard

14. Developing a critical understanding of smart urbanism
Andrés Luque-Ayala and Simon Marvin

15. Terrorism, risk and the quest for urban resilience
Jon Coaffee

16. Urban inequality
Chris Hamnett

17. Segregation: a multi–contextual and multi–faceted phenomenon in stratified societies
Masayoshi Oka and David W. S. Wong

18. Neighbourhood effects on social outcomes
Sako Musterd, Roger Andersson and George Galster

19. Gentrification and displacement: urban inequality in cities of late capitalism
Agustín Cocola-Gant

20. Urban informatics and e-governance
Barney Warf

21. Sociality, materiality and the city
Sophie Watson

22. Spaces of encounter: learning to live together in superdiverse cities
Nick Schuermans

23. Children’s geographies: encounters and experiences
Peter Kraftl

24. Exploring insurgent urban mobilizations: from urban social movements to urban political movements?
Lazaros Karaliotas and Erik Swyngedouw

25. Urban governance: re-thinking top-down and bottom-up power relations in the wake of neo-liberalisation
Mike Raco and Sonia Freire-Trigo

26. The right to the city: theoretical outline and reflections on migrants’ activism in post-reform urban China
Junxi Qian and Shenjing He

27. Contextualizing neighbourhood activism: spatial solidarity in the city
Katherine B. Hankins and Deborah G. Martin

28. Urban sustainability transitions
Jonathan Rutherford

29. Eco-cities
Robert Cowley

30. The governance of climate change in urban areas
Vanesa Castán Broto

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