Handbook on Gender in Asia


Handbook on Gender in Asia

9781035300204 Edward Elgar Publishing
Edited by Shirlena Huang, Associate Professor, Department of Geography, National University of Singapore and Kanchana N. Ruwanpura, Department of Economy and Society, The University of Gothenburg, Sweden
Publication Date: 2022 ISBN: 978 1 03530 020 4 Extent: 456 pp
The Handbook on Gender in Asia critically examines, through a gender perspective, five broad themes of significance to Asia: the ‘Theory and Practice’ of researching in Asia; ‘Gender, Ageing and Health’; ‘Gender and Labour’; ‘Gendered Migrations and Mobilities’; and ‘Gender at the Margins’. With each chapter providing an overview of the key intellectual developments on the issue under discussion, as well as empirical examples to examine how the Asian case sheds light on these debates, this collection will be an invaluable reference for scholars of gender and Asia.

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Exploring gender as a fundamental factor in the way that lives of individuals, families and societies across Asia are organized, this timely Handbook studies the importance of modernization and globalization for understanding gender in Asia. It brings together a wide range of scholarly perspectives on five critical areas in the field: ageing and health; labour; migrations and mobilities; gender at the margins, and the theory and practice of researching in Asia.

Identifying gaps in current research, and using both qualitative and quantitative methods to explore the topic, this volume demonstrates the difference a gendered perspective makes in providing a better understanding of these issues in Asia. Using empirical case studies, contributors highlight the challenges and changes to cultured traditions and practices that surround gendered norms surrounding the societal roles of men and women in Asia. The volume offers fresh, nuanced insights to socio-political currents in Asian countries.

This far-reaching collection will be an essential read for scholars in the social sciences interested in gender issues in Asia, human geography, sociology, anthropology, development studies, gender politics; and for NGOs and policy-makers.
Critical Acclaim
‘The book captures gendered phenomenon in Asia through Asian voices not only ''in the case studies discussed, but also because authors in and from Asia figure strongly'' and provides a rich overview of gender in Asia adopting a multi-disciplinary approach. A delightful read for not only those engaged in the field of gender, but to anyone interested in learning how gender plays out a key role in our everyday life.’
– Nedha de Silva, Progress in Development Studies

‘The Handbook is a great text for those studying gender in Asia, whether at graduate or undergraduate level. It is also a valuable introduction for graduate and undergraduate students in geography, sociology, anthropology, and global studies, and for policy-makers and women’ s rights practitioners who are interested in learning about gendered social life in Asia and the current gender scholarship on Asia.’
– Chien-Juh Gu, Gender & Development

‘The strengths of the Handbook lie in its focus on gendered patterns of inter-Asia migration experienced by women from across different socioeconomic groups as represented by several compelling contributions.’
– Alicia Izharuddin, South East Asia Research

‘Handbook on Gender in Asia provides a nuanced understanding of gender in multiple Asian contexts. Content covers the global politics and privilege of research and publishing and the emerging issue of population ageing, health and elder care. Gender and mobility figure strongly in a section on migration and transnational families, and authors examine gendered labor in formal as well as informal, precarious employment. This valuable compilation will appeal to readers seeking multidisciplinary materials and engaging, reflexive voices of non-Western scholars.’
– Michele R. Gamburd, Portland State University, US
Contributors: A.L. Abeyasekera, A. Adenwala, A. Arslan, C. Caron, L.-H.N. Chiang, A. Datta, M. De Silva, E.L.-E. Ho, E.S. Ho, S. Huang, H. Igarashi, R. Ito, J. Knodel, K. Kusakabe, H. Lee, M. Morikawa, P. Raghuram, S. Ramnarain, K.N. Ruwanpura, S. Shroff, B.C. Somaiah, G. Sondhi, P. Statham, W.-m. Tang, B. Teerawichitchainan, M. Thompson, S. Turner, L. Wilks, Y. Yang, S. Yea, C. Zuberec

1. Introduction: Gender in Asia
Shirlena Huang and Kanchana N. Ruwanpura

2. Patriarchal Bargains and a Triple Bind: On Writing Geographies of Gender in India
Anindita Datta

3. ‘You are (Hong Kong) Chinese! You Should Understand our Culture!’ Reflections of a Chinese Male Ethnographer on Researching Nepali Drug Users in Hong Kong
Wai-man Tang

4. ‘The Only Blond Girl in Manila’: Challenges and Opportunities as a White Western Young Woman Postgraduate Researching in Asia
Maddy Thompson

5. Old-age Well-being in Developing Southeast Asia: Gendered Perspectives of Myanmar, Vietnam and Thailand
Bussarawan Teerawichitchainan and John Knodel

6. Gender, Ageing, and Health in China
Yi Yang

7. Eldercare, Gender Relations and Migrant Labour in Japan: Approaching the Interplay of Informal and Formal Care
Ruri Ito and Mie Morikawa

8. Parent Care in Transnational Families: Experiences of Taiwanese-Chinese Families in Australia and New Zealand
Lan-hung Nora Chiang and Elsie Seckyee Ho

9. Rural Thai Women’s Life Transformations through Partnering Western Men: Gendered Exchanges, Differential Ageing, and Rights
Paul Statham

10. Labour Informality, Patriarchal Gender Regimes and Neoliberalism in Turkey
Ayşe Arslan

11. Gendering Work and Labor in the Agriculture Sector: A Focus on South Asia
Cynthia M. Caron

12. Vulnerability and Resilience on the Streets: Interrogating Intersectionality amongst Southeast Asia’s Street Vendors
Sarah Turner, Ammar Adenwala and Celia Zuberec

13. Modestly Modern: Mapping the Pakistani Muslim Working Woman
Sara Shroff

14. Gender and Domestic Work in India
Lauren Wilks

15. Gendered Highly Skilled Migration in the Knowledge Sector
Parvati Raghuram and Gunjan Sondhi

16. Beyond the ‘Age’ Lens: Older Migrants’ Negotiation of Intersectional Identities over the Lifecourse
Menusha De Silva

17. From Factory Worker to Foreign Wife: Reading Migration and Development through a Gender Perspective
Hyunok Lee

18. Gendered Lifestyle Migration in Asia: Japanese Transnational Families in Malaysia
Hiroki Igarashi

19. Gender and Transnational Parenting: Extended Moral Communities of Co-Responsibility Among (Im)migrant Kodavathees
Bittiandra Chand Somaiah

20. Emotion, Gender and Migration in Asia
Sallie Yea

21. Migrant Workers and Childcare at the Place of Destination: An Overview of Issues in the Mekong Region, South East Asia
Kyoko Kusakabe

22. Gender and Forced Migration: Kachin Internally Displaced People at the China-Myanmar Border
Elaine Ho

23. Exploring the Continuum: Violence Against Women and Security in Nepal’s Transition to Peace
Smita Ramnarain

24. Silence and Invisibility: The Gender Dimensions of Women’s Activism in Higher Education in Asia
Asha L. Abeyasekera

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