Handbook on Home and Migration


Handbook on Home and Migration

9781800882768 Edward Elgar Publishing
Edited by Paolo Boccagni, Professor of Sociology, Department of Sociology and Social Research, University of Trento, Italy
Publication Date: 2023 ISBN: 978 1 80088 276 8 Extent: 702 pp
This dynamic Handbook unpacks the entanglements between the two notions of home and migration, which illuminate the lived experiences of (in)voluntary mobilities and the contested terrain of inclusion and belonging. Drawing on cross-disciplinary contributions from leading international scholars, it advances research on the social study of home in relation to migration, refugee, displacement, and diaspora studies.

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This dynamic Handbook unpacks the entanglements between the two notions of home and migration, which illuminate the lived experiences of (in)voluntary mobilities and the contested terrain of inclusion and belonging.

Drawing on cross-disciplinary contributions from leading international scholars, the Handbook advances research on the social study of home in relation to migration, refugee, displacement, and diaspora studies. It investigates the interplay between the notions of house and home, examining the relevance of home as a category of both analysis and practice. With a global and comparative range of case studies and examples, chapters bridge disciplines in unprecedented ways, exploring the existential, epistemological, and political implications of home for those struggling for it from afar and from the margins.

Synthesising and systematising state-of-the-art research on home and migration, this groundbreaking Handbook will prove an invaluable resource for students, scholars, and researchers of sociology, anthropology, geography, and architecture. Practitioners and volunteers involved in social welfare, housing, informal social support, and mobilisations, for or by migrants and refugees, will also find this book of importance.
Critical Acclaim
‘By focusing on home and its mutual entanglements with migration, this book brings fresh eyes to migration studies. What do voluntary and forced migrants lose with respect to home and how do they rebuild and transform it along their way? How does the ability to recreate the emotional, sensorial, and cultural dimensions of home vary across groups and what impact does this have on migrants’ ability to achieve some measure of inclusion and belonging? Bringing together an interdisciplinary team of eminent scholars from around the world, this book provides valuable insights and nuances our understanding of contemporary migration.’
– Peggy Levitt, Wellesley College, US

‘The home can seem so solid and fixed. But seen from the perspective of migration it is suddenly set in motion as the vehicle that might take the paths of homing or displacement, homemaking and unmaking, security and fragility, memory and affectivity. At the same time, a focus on the home as the point of reference for all these dynamic processes provides an ideal position from which to gain an empathetic grounding in the lived experience of migrants. With over fifty chapters, this volume is able to provide an unprecedented sense of the diversity of these experiences and the multiple contexts that need to be considered for a more comprehensive assessment of this relationship between migration and home.’
– Daniel Miller, University College London, UK

‘This impressive and comprehensive Handbook is the culmination of extensive work on the meaning of home directed by the editor. For migrants and refugees, feeling at home is a pressing and sometimes existential issue but, as the rich array of contributors show, creating a reassuring home in our crisis-ridden world is a problem we all face.’
– Robin Cohen, University of Oxford, UK

‘This exceptionally rich book about home and the activity of homing among migrants, empirically and theoretically wide-ranging, is bound to establish itself as the standard reference in the field. It also points ahead towards new conceptualisations of the home, certainly with respect to people on the move, but also in a general sense. Through its focus on people to whom the home is a precarious resource which has to be created, sometimes from scratch, the book raises fundamental questions about social life and belonging.’
– Thomas Hylland Eriksen, University of Oslo, Norway

‘This comprehensive, insightful, beautiful collection opens a window into the multiple, everyday meanings of “home” under conditions of migration and displacement. Exceptionally well-integrated, the collection invites us to a fascinating conversation about home across vast geographies, disciplines, and methods. Indispensable reading for anyone who cares about home.’
– Cecilia Menjivar, University of California, US
Contributors: Bree Akesson, Bernardo Armanni, Maurizio Artero, Les Back, Ajay Bailey, Paola Bonizzoni, Jayani Bonnerjee, Cathrine Brun, Earvin Charles Cabalquinto, Anand P. Cherian, Anastasia Christou, Andrew Dawson, Giorgia Donà, Jan Willem Duyvendak, Anita Fábos, Asunción Fresnoza-Flot, Alexander Freund, Enrico Gargiulo, Halleh Ghorashi, Ksenia Golovina, Andrew Gorman-Murray, Anne Sigfrid Grønseth, Tasoulla Hadjiyanni, Ariel Handel, Edward Jackiewicz, Keith Jacobs, Barak Kalir, Peter Kivisto, Christien Klaufus, Hagar Kotef, Iris Levin, Liangni Sally Liu, Gaja Maestri, Angelie Marilla, Araceli Masterson-Algar, Diana Mata-Codesal, Gordon Mathews, Mariann Märtsin, Louise Meijering, Paula Merikoski, Franchesca Morais, Marta Moskal, Lena Nare, Zahra Nasreen, Magdalena Nowicka, Elina Paju, Julia Pauli, Anna Pechurina, Luis Eduardo Pérez Murcia, Stefano Piemontese, S. Irudaya Rajan, Guanyu Jason Ran, Nigel Rapport, Charisma Ratnam, Anna Rocheva, Justyna Salamońska, Rosa Salzberg, Annela Samuel, Cristiano Santinello, Samuli Schielke, Yasmine Shamma, Hans Skifter Andersen, Rikke Skovgaard Nielsen, Helen Underhill, Evgeni Varshaver, Marta Vilar Rosales, Lauren Wagner, William Walters, Annabelle Wilkins, Aleksandra Winiarska, Brenda Yeoh, Xinyu Zhao

1 Introduction: home and migration – setting the terms of belonging and
place-making on the move 1
Paolo Boccagni

2 Migrants of identity: cosmopolitan actors at home in the world 30
Nigel Rapport and Andrew Dawson
3 Home and forced migration 42
Giorgia Donà, Cathrine Brun and Anita Fábos
4 Housing studies, migration and home 55
Keith Jacobs
5 The migrant house: the meaning of its architecture and materiality 66
Iris Levin
6 Towards a social history of home and migration 77
Rosa Salzberg
7 Moving toward home away from home: a cultural psychology
perspective on home and migration 90
Mariann Märtsin and Annela Samuel
8 Between longing and belonging: home, homemaking and diasporas 100
Jayani Bonnerjee
9 The paradox of home: an interview with Les Back 112

10 Senses of home in the modern world 121
Gordon Mathews
11 Temporalities of migration and homemaking 131
Brenda S.A. Yeoh and Franchesca Morais
12 Governing the state as a home: domopolitics and migration 145
William Walters
13 Settler colonialism and home 158
Ariel Handel and Hagar Kotef
14 Home and the politics of location and displacement 170
Halleh Ghorashi
15 On the biopsychosocial impacts of extreme domicide 183
Bree Akesson
16 Home, nativism and migration 195
Jan Willem Duyvendak
17 Moving from home to accommodation – a conceptual alternative for the
historical manipulation of home for violent and exclusionary ends: an
interview with Barak Kalir 206

18 Home and homemaking in local and transnational family lives 215
Angelie Marilla and Asuncion Fresnoza-Flot
19 Feeling at home: migrant homemaking through the senses 228
Diana Mata-Codesal
20 Making home through memories and ritualised social practices 239
Anastasia Christou
21 Moving bricks: strategies for a genealogy of housing, migration, and
social movements 252
Araceli Masterson-Algar and Edward Jackiewicz
22 Home and homemaking during refugee journeys 265
Elina Paju, Lena Näre and Paula Merikoski
23 Migration, home, and homemaking in contemporary visual art 279
Helen Underhill
24 Fictions of home: contemporary Palestinian narratives of migration 291
Yasmine Shamma
25 Religion, immigration, and homemaking: an interview with Peter Kivisto 304

26 The importance of the housing market for the housing opportunities of
immigrants 313
Rikke Skovgaard Nielsen and Hans Skifter Andersen
27 Diasporic housing and the ‘valuing’ of home 328
Lauren Wagner
28 Migrants’ homemaking practices in shared housing 338
Zahra Nasreen
29 Refugee housing and homing: negotiating self and humanity 350
Anne Sigfrid Grønseth
30 The works of homemaking: migration, domestic materiality, and everyday life 365
Marta Vilar Rosales
31 Scaling down migrant homemaking: home possessions and the
embodied experience of home 377
Anna Pechurina
32 A (dis)connected homescape: the promise, limits, and paradox of
migrants’ homemaking practices in the digital age 388
Earvin Charles Cabalquinto and Xinyu Zhao

33 Gendering home and migration 400
Annabelle Wilkins
34 Migration and home in research with children and young people: story,
participation, agency 411
Marta Moskal
35 Homemaking and cohousing by postcolonial migrants in later life 426
Louise Meijering and Ajay Bailey
36 Making home at the borders of citizenship: migrants, home, and (il)legality 438
Paola Bonizzoni, Enrico Gargiulo, and Maurizio Artero
37 Home and homemaking practices among skilled Indian migrants 453
Ajay Bailey
38 Polish multiple migrants and their narratives of home and homemaking
over time 466
Aleksandra Winiarska, Justyna Salamońska, Marta Kluszczyńska and Aneta
39 Home, migration, and Roma people in Europe 481
Stefano Piemontese and Gaja Maestri
40 Why (and how) home matters in the “stay-at-home” order and beyond 493
Tasoulla Hadjiyanni
41 Homemaking and mobilities among LGBT people: an interview with
Andrew Gorman-Murray 507

42 Unveiling the (trans)national in the home space: an auto-ethnography 515
Magdalena Nowicka
43 Narrating home: oral histories as documents and practices of homing 529
Alexander Freund
44 Visual research and participatory research methods 543
Charishma Ratnam
45 Researching home through the narratives of displaced people 554
Luis Eduardo Pérez Murcia
46 Exploring home and migration through quantitative research: enlarging
scales, unsettling questions 567
Paolo Boccagni, Cristiano Santinello and Bernardo Armanni

47 Between home and accommodation: migration and housing in the Arab
region between circular ideals and diasporic lives 581
Samuli Schielke
48 Migrant homemaking in Sub-Saharan Africa: from self-help housing to
conspicuous construction 595
Julia Pauli
49 Norms and forms of the remittance landscape in Latin America 609
Christien Klaufus
50 House, home, and homemaking in post-Soviet migratory contexts:
insights from research in Russia and Japan 621
Ksenia Golovina, Anna Pechurina, Anna Rocheva, and Evgeni Varshaver
51 Making sense of family and home: multi-generational immigrant
families from China to New Zealand 635
Liangni Sally Liu and Guanyu Jason Ran
52 Remittances and transnational housing among the Indian diaspora:
home as a project 647
S. Irudaya Rajan and Anand P. Cherian
53 Conclusion: on the futures of home and migration 660
Paolo Boccagni

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