Handbook on Place Branding and Marketing


Handbook on Place Branding and Marketing

9781784718596 Edward Elgar Publishing
Edited by Adriana Campelo, Salvador’s Chief Resilience Officer for 100 Resilient Cities, pioneered by The Rockefeller Foundation, Salvador, Brazil
Publication Date: 2017 ISBN: 978 1 78471 859 6 Extent: 272 pp
Place branding as an academic field is both challenging and under explored. In the face of an ever-expanding urban population, this Handbook addresses this knowledge deficit in order to illustrate how place branding can contribute to transforming urban agglomeration into sustainable and healthy areas.

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Place branding as an academic field is both challenging and under explored. In the face of an ever-expanding global urban population, this Handbook illustrates how place branding can contribute to transforming urban agglomeration into sustainable and healthy areas.

The Chapters cover four key areas; place branding as a tool for economic development, experiences of place making, methodologies to develop place brands, and urban regeneration. Pioneering experts provide in-depth analysis on the politics and significance of place branding’s inclusion in economic development programs, the multisensory dimensions of sense of place, and new epistemologies and methodologies for research. They further examine the role of place marketing in combatting challenges for future cities such as mobility, aesthetics and metropolitan conurbation.

Students and scholars in management, marketing and economics will find this innovative and contemporary Handbook a must read. Eminently practical, it will also benefit policy makers and place planners, alongside consultants on public policies.
Critical Acclaim
‘Adriana Campelo’s Handbook consolidates not only existing knowledge of place branding, it also offers insights into its controversies and possible solutions. Taking a stakeholder approach, the chapters include a wide range of concerns that are thought-provoking and able to create refreshingly new discussions in what still remains an emerging field of socio-economic study and practice.’
– Juergen Gnoth, University of Otago, New Zealand

‘This Handbook provides a thoughtful overview of a growing area of brand research, and insightfully reveals how place branding, destination marketing, and tourism intersect with a wide array of managerial and societal concerns. Both comprehensive and creative, it makes for a useful introduction to an important topic. It makes a distinctive contribution to understanding the relevance of place branding today for a wide variety of fields.’
– Jonathan Schroeder, Rochester Institute of Technology, US

‘Place marketing and branding have become key priorities of academicians, practitioners, and politicians. Against a rich background of theoretical and empirical research by world-known experts within the field, this Handbook develops a fresh perspective on these critical issues. With a unique and fascinating collection of thought-provoking chapters, the book offers both theoretical and practical insights. I am pleased to recommend the book; it is a refreshing and rewarding read.’
– Adam Lindgreen, Copenhagen Business School, Denmark
Contributors: E. Arnould, G.J. Ashworth, S. Askegaard, S. Brown, A. Campelo, D. Kjeldgaard, M. Lichrou, D. Medway, K. O’Leary, L. O’Malley, E. Oliveira, C.J. Parker, C. Pasquinelli, M. Patterson, H.D. Pedersen, K. Swanson, A. Therkelsen, G. Warnaby


Part 1: Place branding: strategies and perspectives
1. The state of art: From country-of-origin to strategies for economic development
Adriana Campelo

2. A strategic spatial planning approach to regional branding: challenges and opportunities 
Eduardo Oliveira and Gregory J. Ashworth

3. The Cultural Branding Matrix: framing the relation between cultural institutions and city branding
Cecilia Pasquinelli

4. ‘Like a pair of worn-out slippers’: Place attraction factors among return migrants to peripheral places
Helle Dalsgaard Pedersen and Anette Therkelsen

Part 2: Place making
5. Place brand meaning-making: culture, ethos and habitus
Adriana Campelo

6. “I love this place”: Tourists’ destination brand love
Kathryn Swanson, Dominic Medway, and Gary Warnaby

7. Programmatic Authenticity: Culinary Place Branding in Greenland
Søren Askegaard, Dannie Kjeldgaard, and Eric Arnould

8. Smell it, taste it, listen it, touch it, and see it to make sense of this place
Adriana Campelo

Part 3: Methodologies for place branding
9. Multisensory place branding: a manifesto for research
Dominic Medway and Gary Warnaby

10. Place Branding and Place Narratives
Maria Lichrou, Maurice Patterson, Lisa O’Malley and Killian O’Leary

11. Place Brand Biography: Something Special or Same Old Story?
Stephen Brown

Part 4: Urban issues
12. Mobility, Marketing, and the Experience of the City
Gary Warnaby and Christopher J. Parker

13. Pretty vacant? Implications of neglect and emptiness for urban aesthetics and place branding
Gary Warnaby and Dominic Medway

14. Trends and Final Remarks
Adriana Campelo

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