Handbook on Society and Social Policy


Handbook on Society and Social Policy

9781788113519 Edward Elgar Publishing
Edited by Nick Ellison, Professor of Social Policy, Department of Social Policy and Social Work, University of York and Tina Haux, Senior Lecturer in Quantitative Social Policy, University of Kent, UK
Publication Date: 2020 ISBN: 978 1 78811 351 9 Extent: 552 pp
This comprehensive Handbook provides a unique overview of the key issues and challenges facing society and social policy in the twenty-first century, discussing how welfare is conceptualised, organised and delivered in contemporary global society. Chapters engage with specific areas of social policy as well as with the social divisions and institutional infrastructures that underpin them. The Handbook also considers how social policy should respond to the challenges posed by austerity, human migration and the climate crisis.

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This comprehensive Handbook provides a unique examination of the key issues and challenges facing society and social policy in the twenty-first century. Featuring both wide-ranging coverage of major issues and detailed analysis of social policies in different countries, the Handbook explores key concepts, policy areas and institutions, considering welfare and social policy in the context of wider socio-economic and cultural divisions.

In addition to examining specific policy areas, contributors engage with the social divisions and complex infrastructures that underpin them on both local and global scales. Chapters also discuss significant challenges to contemporary social policy, including the threats to human and societal well-being posed by austerity, migration and the climate crisis, as well as the opportunities these present to reshape policy conceptually, ideologically and practically in the future in response to these issues.

Scholars and students in social policy, sociology and political science looking for a comprehensive overview of the field of social policy will find this Handbook an invaluable resource. It will also prove useful to researchers and practitioners seeking in-depth analyses of particular countries or policy areas covered.
Critical Acclaim
‘The editors and contributors to the Handbook on Society and Social Policy are to be congratulated for producing a wide-ranging and important overview of the field which will serve as a standard reference work for many years to come. Dealing with many diverse aspects of social policy, it is particularly noteworthy for moving beyond the standard Western “welfare state” approach which has characterized the subject in the past to incorporate valuable material from other parts of the world as well.’
– James Midgley, University of California, Berkeley

Contributors: E. Adamson, H. Bochel, D. Byrne, M. Calnan, B. Cantillon, H. Dean, C. Deeming, A. Dinham, F. Dukelow, B. Ebbinghaus, D. Edmiston, N. Ellison, K. Farnsworth, D. Finn, J.L. Garritzmann, M. Griffiths, P. Hall, K. Hamblin, T. Haux, A.J. He, E. Hogg, G. Huang, B. Hvinden, G.-J. Hwang, J. Javornik, R. Jawad, J. Jenson, H. Johannson, A. Kaasch, M. Kitzmann, M. Koch, K. Kuitto, S. Kuivalainen, Z. Li, E.V. Lomelí, N. Meer, N. Morel, K. Nakray, C. Needham, T. Newburn, L. Panico, T. Papadopoulos, N. Pleace, T. Reeskens, E. Righard, A. Roumpakis, M.A. Schoyen, C.B. Solano, M. Spång, A. Vlachantoni, Y. Yang

Nick Ellison/Tina Haux

Section One: Ideas and concepts
1. Poverty and inequality
Bea Cantillon

2. Needs and Rights
Hartley Dean

3. Citizenship
Daniel Edmiston

4. Social Investment: Polysemy in Perspective
Jane Jenson

Section Two: Social Policy and Social Divisions
5. Class
David Byrne

6. Gender
Elizabeth Adamson

7. Religion, Belief and Public Policy
Adam Dinham

8. Race and Ethnicity
Nasar Meer

9. Disability
Miro Griffiths

10. Generations and the Life Course
Athina Vlachantoni and Yazhen Yang

Section Three: Welfare systems
11. Western and Northern Europe
Bjørn Hvinden and Mi Ah Schoyen

12. Eastern Europe
Jana Javornik

13. Southern Europe
Theo Papadopoulos and Antonios Roumpakis

14. Liberal welfare systems
Christopher Deeming

15. Latin America: Inertia and Transformation in Five Dual Welfare Regimes
Carlos Barba Solano and Enrique Valencia Lomelí

16. India: Welfare/Disfare from Nehru’s Imagination to Modi’s Dirigiste Reforms
Keerty Nakray

17. China: Social Policy and Reforms
Alex Jingwei He, Zilin Lee and Genghua Huang

18. East Asia
Gyu-Jin Hwang

19. The Middle East and North Africa
Rana Jawad

Section Four: Contemporary Social Policies
20. Pensions
Kati Kuitto and Susan Kuivalainen

21. Changing Work and Welfare: Unemployment and Labour Market Policies
Bernhard Ebbinghaus

22. Health Policy: In Sickness and in Health
Mike Calnan

23. Social Care
Patrick Hall, Catherine Needham and Kate Hamblin

24. Housing Policy
Nicholas Pleace

25. Education Policy
Julian L. Garritzmann

26. Family Policies and Child Wellbeing
Lidia Panico and Morgan Kitzmann

27. Criminal justice
Tim Newburn

Section Five: Institutions and Welfare Delivery
28. The State
Hugh Bochel

29. Public-Private Partnerships: The Delivery of Public Employment Services
Dan Finn

30. The Third Sector and the Welfare State
Eddy Hogg

31. Fiscal Welfare
Nathalie Morel

32. Social, Corporate, Occupational: The ‘Whole Economy’ of Welfare
Kevin Farnsworth

33. Global Institutions
Alexandra Kaasch

Section Six: Contemporary Challenges
34. Debt, Austerity Capitalism and the Welfare State
Fiona Dukelow

35. Transnational Social Vulnerabilities and Reconfigurations of ‘Social Policy’
Erica Righard and Mikael Spång

36. Welfare States, Social Policies and the Environment
Håkan Johansson and Max Koch

37. Migration and the Welfare State: Welfare Magnets and Welfare Chauvinism
Tim Reeskens

Conclusion: Looking Ahead
Tina Haux and Nick Ellison


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