Handbook on the Economics of Conflict


Handbook on the Economics of Conflict

9780857930934 Edward Elgar Publishing
Edited by Derek L. Braddon, formerly Professor of Economics, University of the West of England, Bristol and Keith Hartley, Emeritus Professor, Economics Department, University of York, UK
Publication Date: June 2013 ISBN: 978 0 85793 093 4 Extent: 528 pp
The Handbook on the Economics of Conflict conveys how economics can contribute to the understanding of conflict in its various dimensions embracing world wars, regional conflicts, terrorism and the role of peacekeeping in conflict prevention.

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The Handbook on the Economics of Conflict conveys how economics can contribute to the understanding of conflict in its various dimensions embracing world wars, regional conflicts, terrorism and the role of peacekeeping in conflict prevention.

The economics of conflict is a relatively new branch of the discipline of economics. Conflict provides opportunities for applying game theory involving strategic behaviour, interactions and interdependence between adversaries. The Handbook demonstrates that conflict and its prevention is costly. It considers new dimensions such as ethnic cleansing, destructive power, terrorism, corruption, the impact of new technology, peacekeeping, the role of economists in defence ministries and the use of private contractors in conflict.

This unique and comprehensive resource presents a set of original contributions by distinguished experts, providing theoretical, empirical and case-study material. It will prove invaluable for students and researchers interested in defence and peace economics, international relations and strategic studies. Policymakers and defence industry executives will also find this book a fascinating read.
Critical Acclaim
‘Conflict and the need for defense against conventional and nonconventional threats are as important today as they have ever been owing to nuclear proliferation, terrorism, and myriad conflicts. The Handbook offers a new look at many of the key conflict concerns that challenge the world today. The papers are authored by many of the best researchers in the field and are a must read for any policymaker, scholar, or student interested in cutting-edge treatment of these problems.’
– Todd Sandler, University of Texas at Dallas, US
Contributors: C.H. Anderton, S.H. Bae, C.P. Barros, N. Bennett, U.G. Berkok, L.J. Bilmes, V. Bove, D.L. Braddon, J. Bradley, J. Brauer, J.R. Carter, F. Coulomb, N. Davies, S. Davies, P. Dowdall, J.P. Dunne, A. Gibbons, L.A. Gil-Alana, P. Hall, K. Hartley, J.R. Hudson, D. Jones, C. Kollias, S. Markowski, A.F. Ott, S.-M. Paleologou, K. Pittel, I. Ringel, D. Rübbelke, Selami Sezgin, Sennur Sezgin, R. Smith, B. Solomon, J.E. Stiglitz, A. Tishler, T. Turner, M. Vahabi, V. Zervos

1. Introduction
Derek L. Braddon and Keith Hartley

2. The History of Economic Thought on Conflict
Fanny Coulomb

3. A Bargaining Theory Perspective on War
Charles H. Anderton and John R. Carter

4. Modeling Mass Killing: For Gain or Ethnic Cleansing?
Attiat F. Ott and Sang Hoo Bae

5. The Economics of Destructive Power
Mehrdad Vahabi

6. The Government Budget Allocation Process and National Security: An Application to the Israeli–Syrian Arms Race
Itay Ringel and Asher Tishler

7. Characteristics of Terrorism
Karen Pittel and Dirk Rübbelke

8. Conflict and Corruption
John R. Hudson

9. Conflict in Space
Vasilis Zervos

10. The Economics of Peacekeeping
Vincenzo Bove and Ron Smith

11. Peacekeeping, Private Benefits and Common Agency
Ugurhan G. Berkok and Binyam Solomon

12. The Long-term Costs of Conflict: The Case of the Iraq War
Linda J. Bilmes and Joseph E. Stiglitz

13. Macroeconomics and Violence
Jurgen Brauer and J. Paul Dunne

14. The Macroeconomic Effects of Conflict: Three Case Studies
Christos Kollias and Suzanna-Maria Paleologou

15. Economics of Conflict: Turkey’s Experience
Sennur Sezgin and Selami Sezgin

16. Terrorism: The Case of ETA
Carlos P. Barros and Luis A. Gil-Alana

17. Helping Secure the ‘Biggest Bang for the Taxpayers’ Buck’: Defence Resource Management in the United Kingdom
Neil Davies, Tony Turner, Andrew Gibbons, Stuart Davies, David Jones and Nick Bennett

18. The Economic Impact of the Conflict in the Balkans: The Case of Serbia
Derek L. Braddon, Jonathan Bradley and Paul Dowdall

19. The Strategic Bombing of Germany in the Second World War: An Economic Perspective
Keith Hartley

20. The Reprivatization of War
Stefan Markowski and Peter Hall

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