Handbook on the International Political Economy of Gender


Handbook on the International Political Economy of Gender

9781783478835 Edward Elgar Publishing
Edited by Juanita Elias, Reader in International Political Economy, University of Warwick and Adrienne Roberts, Senior Lecturer in International Politics, The University of Manchester, UK
Publication Date: 2018 ISBN: 978 1 78347 883 5 Extent: 544 pp
This Handbook brings together leading interdisciplinary scholarship on the gendered nature of the international political economy. Spanning a wide range of theoretical traditions and empirical foci, it explores the multifaceted ways in which gender relations constitute and are shaped by global politico-economic processes. It further interrogates the gendered ideologies and discourses that underpin everyday practices from the local to the global. The chapters in this collection identify, analyse, critique and challenge gender-based inequalities, whilst also highlighting the intersectional nature of gendered oppressions in the contemporary world order.

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This comprehensive Handbook showcases the burgeoning and cutting edge research that has come to constitute the study of gender and International Political Economy (IPE). It surveys the diversity of contemporary feminist IPE research, exploring a range of different theoretical and methodological traditions and reviewing the broad empirical scope of this research. The Handbook also critically interrogates the intersections and points of tension between the different disciplines that have inspired contemporary approaches.

Expert contributors offer insights into how to the categories of ‘masculine’ and ‘feminine’ have been established and maintained globally, while also documenting and challenging the privileging of the former over the latter in different sites and spaces. They further show how gender power relations are shaped by race, nationality, sexuality, class, and more. The Handbook explores and demonstrates how gender operates as a relation of social power in the global political economy.

The Handbook on the International Political Economy of Gender will appeal to undergraduate and post-graduate students of politics and international relations, security studies, development studies, economics, and gender and queer studies, as well as policymakers and practitioners interested in issues of global (in)equality and development.

Critical Acclaim
‘The book makes more than one important contribution. First, it brings together a vast array of scholarship in feminist IPE that demonstrates cutting-edge knowledge. Second, it challenges mainstream IPE and, third, it will become an important teaching tool for those of us who have been looking for a handbook such as this for a long time.’
– Amanda Gouws, South African Journal of International Affairs

‘The book is an invaluable – in fact, unique – resource for those interested in gender and international political economy, and the range of work it showcases is useful for both teaching and research purposes.’
– Kate Bedford, Gender & Development

‘The Handbook on the International Political Economy of Gender is an important and carefully considered intervention aimed to bring in a more plural understanding of gender into the expanding scholarship on IPE.’
– Divya Solomon, Progress in Development Studies

‘This rich collection provides ample evidence that the interdisciplinary field of feminist International Political Economy has come into its own. It showcases the diversity of theoretical influences, methods of analysis, political engagements, and topic areas that make up the field. It also highlights the strength of the feminist revision of IPE for challenging contemporary issues and inequities. Building on the most recent feminist research, this engaging and thought-provoking Handbook is of great value to scholars, students and practitioners alike.’
– Suzanne Bergeron, University of Michigan, Dearborn, US

‘In their Handbook of the International Political Economy of Gender, Juanita Elias and Adrienne Roberts offer a collection that not only provides an overview of the "state of the art" in ongoing IPE gender studies debates, but also highlights avenues for theoretical advance and future research. In addition to offering incisive critiques of conventional IPE approaches, this collection highlights the diversity of Feminist IPE perspectives themselves, across disciplinary, theoretical and subfield divides – and so stands to advance gendered IPE analyses specifically, and IPE debates more generally across, our entire field.’
– Wesley W. Widmaier, Griffith University, Australia

‘Elias and Roberts have pulled off quite a feat: they have made a Handbook exciting. This collection is packed with up-to-the-minute feminist international political economy findings. Each contributor knows the current debates and why every one of these (often fierce) debates matters.’
– Cynthia Enloe, author of The Big Push: Exposing and Challenging Persistent Patriarchy

‘An indispensable reference for understanding the breadth, depth, sophistication, and political robustness of feminist international political economy today by leading scholars in the field. From the political economies of migration, sex and domestic work, industrial labor, incarceration, and privatized security to global governance, globalization, and development and their effects on social reproduction and everyday life, this compendium shows how critical feminist perspectives are to resisting the violences of the contemporary international political economy.’
– Anne Sisson Runyan, University of Cincinnati, US
Contributors: S. Arat-Koç, G. Çaglar, S. Calkin, A. Chisholm, K. Dombroski, J. Elias, L. Ferguson, C. Gregoratti, P. Griffin, S.J. Gunawardana, H.-K. Hoppania, H. Hudson, V.P. Iraola, J.S. Jaquette, S. Kallock, O. Karsio, E. Kofman, R. Kunz, G. LeBaron, M. Luxton, A.B.V. McCracken, K. McKinnon, O. Morrow, S. Nair, H. Onuki, V.S. Peterson, P. Raghuram, S.M. Rai, S.M. Redden, A. Roberts, N. Smith, M.S. Thompson, J. True, T. Vaittinen, K. Wada, S. Wallin, G. Waylen, S. Wöhl, B. Young, Z.P. Young


Introduction: Situating Gender Scholarship in IPE
Juanita Elias and Adrienne Roberts

Part I Theories and Approaches
1. Problematic Premises: Positivism, Modernism and Masculinism in IPE
V. Spike Peterson

2. The Production of Life Itself: Gender, Social Reproduction and IPE
Meg Luxton

3. Postcolonial Feminism
Sheila Nair

4. Liberalism, Feminism and the Global Political Economy of Liberal Feminism
Jane S. Jaquette

5. Constructivist thought in Feminist IPE: Tracking Gender Norms
Gülay Çaglar

6. Gender, IPE and Poststructuralism: Problematizing the Material/Discursive Divide
Penny Griffin

7. Queer theory and feminist political economy
Nicola Smith

8. A Feminist Institutionalist Approach to IPE and Gender
Georgina Waylen

Part II Engagements and Perspectives
9. Close(d) Encounters: Feminist Security Studies Engages Feminist (International) Political Economy and the Return to Basics
Heidi Hudson

10. Gender and Development
Shirin M. Rai

11. Feminist Engagements with ‘Everyday Life’
Stephanie M. Redden

12. Multiple Dimensions of Gender Inequality: Engaging ‘the State’ in IPE
Stefanie Wöhl

13. The Political Economy of Post-Conflict Violence against Women
Jacqui True

14. Perspectives on Private Security: The Myth, the Men and the Markets
Amanda Chisholm

15. Feminist Perspectives on the UN Women’s Empowerment Principles
Catia Gregoratti

16. Social reproduction: From welfare to the global prison?
Victoria Pereyra Iraola

Part III Governing Markets and Economies
17. Financialization, unconventional monetary policy and gender inequality
Brigitte Young

18. Microfinance: Empowering Women and/or Depoliticizing Poverty?
Kenji Wada

19. Remittances in the Global Political Economy
Rahel Kunz

20. Financial Crises in Historical Perspective
Adrienne Roberts and Juanita Elias

21. Feminist Political Economy Perspectives on Gender Expertise
Lucy Ferguson

22. The World Bank and the Challenge of ‘the Business Case’ for Feminist IPE
Sydney Calkin

23. Gender Mainstreaming at the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development
Sara Wallin

24. The Diverse Economy: Feminism, Capitalocentrism and Postcapitalist Futures
Katharine McKinnon, Kelly Dombroski and Oona Morrow

Part IV The Political Economy of People and Things
25. Women and Unfree Labour in the Global Political Economy
Genevieve LeBaron

26. Transnational Care Work and the ‘Care Crisis’
Hironori Onuki

27. Marketization, Commodification and Privatization of Care Services
Tiina Vaittinen, Hanna-Kaisa Hoppania and Olli Karsio

28. Sex Work
Sara Kallock

29. Migrant and Domestic and Care Workers: Unfree Labour, Crises of Social Reproduction, and the Unsustainability of Life under ‘Vagabond Capitalism’
Sedef Arat-Koç

30. Gender, Migration and Social Reproduction
Eleonore Kofman and Parvati Raghuram

31. Industrialization, Feminization and Mobilities
Samanthi J. Gunawardana

32. The Gender Dynamics of Trade
Zoe Pflaeger Young

33. Critical Perspectives on Gender, Food and Political Economy
Merisa S. Thompson

34. The Global Political Economy of Beauty
Angela B. V. McCracken


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