Handbook on Tourism and Social Media


Handbook on Tourism and Social Media

9781800371408 Edward Elgar Publishing
Edited by Dogan Gursoy, Taco Bell Distinguished Professor, School of Hospitality Business Management, Carson College of Business, Washington State University, US and Rahul Pratap Singh Kaurav, Associate Professor, Fortune Institute of International Business (FIIB), New Delhi, India
Publication Date: 2022 ISBN: 978 1 80037 140 8 Extent: 528 pp
This comprehensive Handbook offers an overview of current research on the use of social media within the tourism industry, investigating a range of social media practices and proposing strategies to address key challenges faced by tourist destinations and operators.

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This comprehensive Handbook offers an overview of current research on the use of social media within the tourism industry, investigating a range of social media practices and proposing strategies to address key challenges faced by tourist destinations and operators.
International contributors analyse both conceptual and practical social media topics, addressing cutting-edge social media issues in destination management and marketing. Drawing on empirical case studies and examples, chapters explore dark tourism, gastro-tourism, travel blogs, electronic word-of-mouth, sentiment analysis and a variety of quantitative and qualitative methodologies. The Handbook also defines central social media concepts and explores the impact they have on the success of tourist destinations, setting the stage for a better understanding of the relationship between social media and tourism. Through an examination of current trends in social media, as well as future trajectories, it provides critical insights for the successful development and implementation of social media marketing strategies.
This Handbook will be a critical read for scholars and students of geography and business management, with a specific interest in tourism and hospitality management. Its practical considerations will also be beneficial for planners, policy makers, managers and marketers in the tourism industry.
Critical Acclaim
‘This Handbook on Tourism and Social Media is a valuable resource and must-read for researchers and students of the tourism and hospitality industry and destination marketers and managers. This comprehensive work explores the key social media issues in tourism and allows the reader to explore strategies for tackling current and future challenges in the field.’
– Haywantee Ramkissoon, University of Derby, UK

‘A must-read! This Handbook offers a unique collection of academic and industry practitioner-based insights on the critical relationship between tourism and social media. The first of its kind providing a broad global reach and detailed accounting of the complex nature of social media use in destination marketing. The authors have masterfully assembled both theoretical underpinnings and practical applications of key social media concepts that are easily understood and implemented. The concise and clearly written industry expert case studies are a terrific complement to the scholarly articles establishing the conceptual framework to learn from. Great for anyone interested in a dynamic career in destination marketing and tourism management.’
– Thomas A. Maier, University of San Francisco, US
Contributors: Orhan Akova, Mani Shah Alizadegan, Özlem Altun, Kubra Asan, Ozan Atsiz, Merve Aydogan Cifi, Mehmet Veysi Babayiğit, Prerana Baber, Ruth Bamidele, Cathrine Banga, Kulvinder Kaur Batth, Daniel Binder, Evrim Çeltek, Heena Chauhan, Farah S. Choudhary, Olgun Cicek, Ibrahim Cifci, Mehmet Necati Cizrelioğulları, André F. Durão, Sheereen Fauzel, Francesc Fusté-Forné, Sevinc Goktepe, Pramita Gurjar, Dogan Gursoy, Robert Gutounig, Kathryn Hayat, Mahmoud Hewedi, Komal Kapoor, Rahul Pratap Singh Kaurav, Hasan Kılıç, Olga Rauhut Kompaniets, Kuan-Huei Lee, Seungwon (Shawn) Lee, Yulin Liu, Xander Lub, Sandra Macher, Giulio Maggiore, Salman Majeed, Sarasadat Makian, Vittoria Marino, Pere Masip, Brent McKenzie, Mohamed E. A. Mohamed, Elangkovan Narayanan, Mert Öğretmenoğlu, Ali Ozturen, Piyush Pandey, Birgit Phillips, Letizia Lo Presti, Sonja Radkohl, Haywantee Ramkissoon, Mehmet Altuğ Şahin, Kaede Sano, Nur Syazreema Binte Sazari, Karina Schaffer, Alka Sharma, Si Shi, Pramendra Singh, Heather Skinner, Susan L. Slocum, Verena Tandrayen, K.S Thakur, Gozde Turktarhan, Gulcin Bilgin Turna, Helena A. Williams, Robert L. Williams Jr., Oya Yildirim, Medet Yolal, Zhengkui Wang

1 Introduction to the Handbook on Tourism and Social Media 1
Rahul Pratap Singh Kaurav and Dogan Gursoy

2 Efficacy of social media in influencing consumer adoption intention for
tourism decisions 7
Piyush Pandey
3 Electronic information search and destination satisfaction: a comparison
of website and social media pre-trip planning 22
Susan L. Slocum and Seungwon (Shawn) Lee

4 Social media adoption among DMOs: a systematic review of academic
research 38
Mani Shah Alizadegan and Yulin Liu
5 Understanding online heritage destination image through user-generated
content 53
Ozan Atsiz, Mert Ogretmenoglu and Orhan Akova
6 Online tourism communication in destination image formation 69
Sarasadat Makian
7 Impact of social media-based user-generated content on online
reputation of tourist destinations 82
Komal Kapoor
8 DMOs and social media: challenges and strategies to manage them 97
Mohamed E.A. Mohamed and Mahmoud M. Hewedi
9 Online destination image and user-generated content 111
Heather Skinner
10 Social media and tourists’ behaviors: post-COVID-19 126
Salman Majeed and Haywantee Ramkissoon
11 Smart tourism destinations and social media analysis 140
Gozde Turktarhan and Olgun Cicek

12 The impact of social media and information technology on service
quality and guest satisfaction in the hospitality industry 149
Elangkovan Narayanan
13 Leveraging social media to enhance customer value in tourism and hospitality 161
Robert Gutounig, Birgit Phillips, Sonja Radkohl, Sandra Macher, Karina
Schaffer and Daniel Binder
14 Social media relationship marketing for tourism: key antecedents and outcomes 174
Si Shi
15 The transformative role of social media in the business-to-business
tourism distribution channel 189
Kathryn Hayat
16 How social media transformed tourism marketing: a case study of
Lund, Sweden 198
Olga Rauhut Kompaniets

17 Online hospitality and the collaborative paradigm of communication:
a conceptual understanding of collaborative platform peer-to-peer
interaction experiences 213
André F. Durão and Xander Lub
18 Opinion mining or sentiment analysis of online reviews in tourism 228
Evrim Çeltek
19 Digital communication tools and tourism engagement: instant CRM
strategies through instant messaging apps 243
Letizia Lo Presti, Giulio Maggiore and Vittoria Marino
20 Digitization of word-of-mouth 257
Kulvinder Kaur Batth
21 Digital content marketing practices and implementation in the tourism industry 266
Pramita Gurjar, Rahul Pratap Singh Kaurav and K.S. Thakur
22 The influence of e-WOM via social media platforms on e-Reputation
and the selection of tourist destinations 276
Prerana Baber, Robert L. Williams Jr and Helena A. Williams
23 Do you believe? Online reviews and dark tourism: a sentiment analysis
approach 287
Brent McKenzie
24 Exploring how travel blogs influence Chinese tourists to visit Japan:
a netnographic study of Chinese tourists’ travel blogs 301
Kaede Sano and João Romão
25 Exploring antecedents of electronic word-of-mouth in tourism: a case of
Tripadvisor 322
Farah S. Choudhary and Alka Sharma

26 Impacts of social media on travelers’ decision-making process 338
Hasan Kilic, Ali Ozturen, Cathrine Banga and Ruth Bamidele
27 Impact of social media on millennials’ destination choice behavior:
a study of Delhi NCR 354
Pramendra Singh and Heena Chauhan
28 Travel influencers and influencer marketing in tourism 365
Kubra Asan and Medet Yolal

29 Gastronomy on Twitter: drawing representations from a food event 382
Francesc Fusté-Forné and Pere Masip
30 Components of gastro-tourists’ experiences in culinary destinations:
evidence from sharing economy platforms 395
Ibrahim Cifci and Ozan Atsiz
31 The effects of social media on the food preferences of Generation Z
within the scope of gastronomy tourism 412
Özlem Altun, Mehmet Necati Cizrelioğullari and Mehmet Veysi Babayiğit
32 Uncovering food experience from social media 426
Kuan-Huei Lee, Zhengkui Wang and Nur Syazreema Binte Sazari
33 Sharing photos of food traveler experiences: a case study of foodstagramming 437
Sevinc Goktepe, Merve Aydogan Cifci and Mehmet Altug Sahin

34 The effect of social media on business performance: a case study of
a Turkish travel agency 452
Oya Yildirim
35 Social media and tourism development in Africa: an empirical investigation 464
Sheereen Fauzel and Verena Tandrayen
36 Impact of social media on tourism, hospitality and events 475
Gulcin Bilgin Turna

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