Industry and Society in Europe


Industry and Society in Europe

Stability and Change in Britain, Germany and France

9781852783945 Edward Elgar Publishing
Christel Lane, Lecturer in Sociology, Faculty of Social and Political Sciences, University of Cambridge and Fellow, St John’s College, Cambridge, UK
Publication Date: 1995 ISBN: 978 1 85278 394 5 Extent: 256 pp
Industry and Society in Europe examines changes in industrial organization in Britain, Germany and France from the perspectives of economic sociology and political economy.

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Industry and Society in Europe examines changes in industrial organization in Britain, Germany and France from the perspectives of economic sociology and political economy.

This important new textbook presents a systematic, comparative analysis of recent processes of industrial and social change in these societies and assesses the contribution each country will make to the emerging European social and economic entity. Written in an accessible, jargon-free style, the book covers a wide range of highly topical themes, including the finance–industry nexus, corporate restructuring, the impact of globalization, the role of small and medium-sized firms, state – industry relations and new developments in work organization and industrial relations.

Introducing a sociological perspective to the study of business and economic life, Christel Lane critically engages with some of the main theories in the field including flexible specialization, regulation theory and the new institutionalism in sociology.
Critical Acclaim
‘This book makes an excellent contribution to the growing body of institutional theory in contemporary organizational analysis which is continuing to exert such a powerful intellectual influence within the field.’
– Michael I. Reed, Organizational Studies

‘Christel Lane has brought together a great deal of not easily accessible information and ideas, and organized them around the main issues of current importance in relation to the organization of industry in Britain, France and Germany. . . The book is enormously informative and sustains the tripartite comparisons in an admirably comprehensive and consistent way.’
– Richard Brown, University of Durham, UK

‘Christel Lane has the capacity to organise a vast amount of research material into clearly articulated, well-written summaries which, in addition to synthesising, also develop excellent critiques of the literature and raise new questions . . . the book goes further than being one for students and raises important questions that should interest anyone involved in choices of economic policy or company strategy.’
– Colin Crouch, Work, Employment & Society

‘. . . Dr Lane had offered a serious and stimulating book to a very wide audience.’
– Frances M.B. Lynch, Business History
Contents: Introduction 1. Theories of Industrial Organization and Change 2. Industrial Development in Historical Perspective 3. The Relations Between Financial and Industrial Capital 4. The Restructuring of Large Firms: Towards neo- or Post-Fordism? 5. Internationalization or Globalization of Large Firms? 6. The Small Business Sector: Source of Economic Generation or Victim of Economic Transformation 7. The Transformation of Industrial Relations 8. Changing Patterns of Production Organization: Towards Neo-or Post-Fordism? 9. Industrial Change and the State: Dis-Engagement of Re-Engagement? Conclusion

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