Innovation, Space and Economic Development


Innovation, Space and Economic Development

Selected Essays of Peter Nijkamp, Volume 1

9781843762690 Edward Elgar Publishing
Peter Nijkamp, Adam Mickiewicz University, Poznan, Poland, Jheronimus Academy of Data Science (JADS) in ‘s-Hertogenbosch, the Netherlands and the Universitatea Alexandru Ioan Cuza din Iasi, Iasi, Romania
Publication Date: 2004 ISBN: 978 1 84376 269 0 Extent: 400 pp
This collection brings together Peter Nijkamp’s work in the areas of innovation, entrepreneurship, growth and spatial development.

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More Information
This collection brings together Peter Nijkamp’s work in the areas of innovation, entrepreneurship, growth and spatial development.

The first part comprises work of a theoretical nature and addresses issues such as the micro-economic foundation of spatial development, the relevance of spatial innovation and urban incubation theory, the role of network growth, policy and the importance of novel evolutionary perspectives for understanding regional economic dynamics. The second part focuses attention on empirical macro and meso dimensions of economic development, dealing inter alia with the economic growth impact of public policy, the local factors critical for successful innovation, the importance of networks for regional growth and the implications of the rational expectations paradigm for industrial dynamics. The third part focuses on empirical micro-studies of economic performance and the final part emphasises the scope and effect of public policy for spatial-economic performance, including policies for ICT, regional development, urban sustainability and learning capabilities.

This collection will be essential reading for scholars and students interested in regional science, innovation studies, entrepreneurship and economic development.
Part I: Theory
1. Spatial Perspectives on New Theories of Economic Growth
2. Endogenous Production of R&D and Stable Economic Development
3. Spatial Dispersion of Technological Innovation: A Review
4. Entrepreneurship in a Modern Network Economy
5. Resilience: An Evolutionary Approach to Spatial Economic Systems
Part II: Macro and Regional Studies
6. Growth Effects of Governmental Policies: A Comparative Analysis in a Multi-Country Context
7. Local Opportunities and Innovative Behaviour: A Meta-Analytic Study of European Cities
8. Spatial Dynamics and Government Policy: An Artificial Intelligence Approach to Comparing Complex Systems
9. Regional Variations in Production Network Externalities
10. Industrial Dynamics and Rational Expectations in a Spatial Setting
Part III: Micro Studies
11. Information Use and Company Performance: An Application to the Retail Electrical Appliances Sector
12. Entrepreneurship and Innovation in the SME Sector
13. Investment Expectations of Entrepreneurs: An Empirical Analysis at the Firm Level
14. A Flow Approach to Industrial Sites, Firm Dynamics and Regional Employment Growth: A Case Study of Amsterdam-North
Part IV: Policy
15. Information-Communications Technologies (ICT) and Transport: Does Knowledge Underpin Policy?
16. A Comparative Industrial Profile Analysis of Urban Regions in Western Europe: An Application of Rough Set Classification
17. A Meta-analytical Evaluation of Sustainable City Initiatives
18. Comparative Regional Policy Impact Analysis: Ex Post Evaluation of the Performance of the European Regional Development Fund
19. The Learning Capabilities of Regions: Conceptual Policies and Patterns
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