Institutions and Sustainable Transport


Institutions and Sustainable Transport

Regulatory Reform in Advanced Economies

9781845426286 Edward Elgar Publishing
Edited by the late Piet Rietveld, former Professor of Transport Economics, VU University Amsterdam, the Netherlands and the late Roger R. Stough, formerly School of Policy, Government and International Affairs, George Mason University, US
Publication Date: August 2007 ISBN: 978 1 84542 628 6 Extent: 328 pp
This unique book examines the role of institutions in transport regulation within a sustainability and comparative Trans-Atlantic framework.

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This unique book examines the role of institutions in transport regulation within a sustainability and comparative Trans-Atlantic framework.

With contributions from leading experts in the field, three areas of analysis are provided: barriers to implementation of reforms, regulatory issues and Public–Private Partnerships (PPP). The discussion on barriers focuses on political and public acceptance, as well as equity and environmental justice. Regulatory reform analyses include comparative discussions of railroad and airline deregulation in North America and Europe which are complimented with analyses of EU integration and transport regulation for sustainability, transport pricing and inter country competition. Finally, infrastructure finance and evaluation frameworks for PPP form the topical focus for a comprehensive assessment of PPP within the transport sector.

Scholars and advanced students in engineering, public policy, planning, policy and international business will find Institutions and Sustainable Transport of great interest, as will national and sub-national transport senior planners and policy advisors in Europe and North America, and analysts and strategic planners for logistics organizations.
Critical Acclaim
‘The book treats an important topic in a novel way. The novelty comes to a large extent from the format of having European researchers write together with researchers from North America on an applied topic. This setup provides some interesting perspectives on the differences in problem formulation and scientific analysis on the two sides of the Atlantic.’
– Folke Snickars, Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden

‘This excellent volume is a landmark in the challenging and multifaceted field of institutions and transport. It brings together the work of leading experts from Europe, the United States and Canada to provide a superb overview of transatlantic perspectives on the role of institutional change, regulatory reform and public–private cooperation in supporting efficiency, equity and sustainability, in various transport markets and networks. This prestigious book will serve as an illuminating source of ideas and insights for planners, policy makers and those working on the international research frontier, now and in the future.’
– Aura Reggiani, University of Bologna, Italy

‘This an outstanding and very needed work. Not only is it comprehensive, it links critical infrastructure to management institutions that are essential to its regulation and effective operations. Rietveld and Stough bring a new and fresh perspective to this centrally important issue. I would recommend the book not only to students and faculty but to the thoughtful practitioner who is interested in the broad issue of institutional sustainability in the light of infrastructure management. Transportation is the focus but the broad issues of institutions is the crux of the analysis. It is the best and most up-to-date work in the field that is empirically based.’
– Kingsley E. Haynes, George Mason University, US
Contributors: D. Banister, J.D. Bitzan, K. Button, K. Carlson, E. Deakin, B. De Borger, R.C. Garcia, J.L. Gifford, M. Lee-Gosselin, D. Levinson, S. Lockwood, R. Macário, V. Marchau, C. Nash, F.H. Oosterhuis, S. Proost, J. Pucher, P. Rietveld, C. Rivera-Trujillo, R.R. Stough, J.C.J.M. van den Bergh, E.S. van Leeuwen, E.T. Verhoef, R. Vickerman


1. Institutions and Regulatory Reform in Transport: An Introduction
Piet Rietveld and Roger R. Stough

2. Making Sustainable Transport Politically and Publicly Acceptable: Lessons from the EU, USA and Canada
David Banister, John Pucher and Martin Lee-Gosselin

3. Equity and Environmental Justice in Sustainable Transportation: Toward a Research Agenda
Elizabeth Deakin

4. Successes and Failures in Innovations Toward Sustainable Transport
Jeroen C.J.M. van den Bergh, Eveline S. van Leeuwen, Frans H. Oosterhuis, Piet Rietveld and Erik T. Verhoef

5. US and European Responses to Uncertainty About Intelligent Transportation Systems: A Comparative Analysis
Jonathan L. Gifford and Vincent Marchau

6. Rail Reform in Europe: Issues and Research Needs
Chris Nash and Cesar Rivera-Trujillo

7. US Railroad Productivity and Deregulation: A Brief Summary of Findings
John D. Bitzan

8. Airlines: Sustainable Development in a Transatlantic Context
Kenneth Button

9. Integration: An Instrument for Sustainability of Urban Mobility Systems
Rosário Macário

10. Transport Pricing when Several Governments Compete for Transport Tax Revenue
Bruno De Borger and Stef Proost

11. Public and Private Roles in Transport Network Development
Steve Lockwood

12. Private Sector Finance of Transport Infrastructure: Progress and Prospects
Roger Vickerman

13. A Framework for Assessing Public–Private Partnerships
David Levinson, Reinaldo C. Garcia and Kathy Carlson

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