International Handbook of Maritime Business


International Handbook of Maritime Business

9781847209344 Edward Elgar Publishing
Edited by Kevin Cullinane, University of Gothenburg, Sweden
Publication Date: November 2010 ISBN: 978 1 84720 934 4 Extent: 416 pp
The International Handbook of Maritime Business is a timely, comprehensive and insightful overview of the key contemporary research issues in maritime business.

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The International Handbook of Maritime Business is a timely, comprehensive and insightful overview of the key contemporary research issues in maritime business.

Dynamic changes in recent years have meant that maritime transport is increasingly recognized as a key integrated component of international logistics and a facilitator of global supply chains. With contributions from the world’s leading scholars in the field, the Handbook reflects this new perspective and offers a unique and indispensable source of reference and information.

Thoroughly international in terms of scope and coverage, this original reference work will prove invaluable to postgraduate students of maritime studies, logistics, international business and marine technology. Anyone interested in developing an understanding of contemporary research issues in maritime business should not be without this Handbook.
Critical Acclaim
‘International Handbook of Maritime Business is a brain trust of many of today’s best economists, scholars, and business people as they converge to discuss what it takes to succeed and succeed well in the maritime industry. . . Enhanced with indexes and other useful tools, International Handbook of Maritime Business is a complete and comprehensive guide that should be at hand for any individual or business trying to succeed on the oceans for profit.’
– The Midwest Book Review

‘Topics and issues dealt with in this book are very interesting and timely subjects in terms of the maritime industry, which has long been considered an important part of international logistics. The publication of this book is highly appropriate and recommendable to those who would like to know more about contemporary maritime business – a key part of global supply chains.’
– Daniel Seong-Hyeok Moon, World Maritime University, Sweden

‘Maritime business has grown beyond its traditional areas of shipping and ports to its embedment in international supply chains and logistics systems. The collection of original papers found in this book not only provide a wealth of information on traditional maritime business, but also on its growing role in supply chains and logistics systems. The papers are readable and of consistent quality and should attract academicians and practitioners who seek information about current practices in maritime business and their impacts.’
– Wayne K. Talley, Editor-in-Chief, Transportation Research Part E: Logistics and Transportation Review
Contributors: A. Acciaro, A.J. Baird, A. Beresford, G. Cerit, K. Cullinane, P.W. De Langen, S. Everett, A. Frémont, R. Gray, H.E. Haralambides, K.-S. Hwang, C. Karatas Cetin, M.G. Kavussanos, J.S.L. Lam, E.-S. Lee, H. Leggate McLaughlin, T.E. Notteboom, A.A. Pallis, T. Pawlik, R. Robinson, O. Rodrigues de Araujo Rios, D.-W. Song, I. Theotokas, C. Theys, I.D. Visvikis, M.A. Wagtmann, R. Weston, W.Y. Yap, C. Zheng, P. Zuesongdham

1. Editor’s Introduction: The Maritime Industry Means Business
Kevin Cullinane

2. Business Models, Supply Chain Efficiency and Port Efficiency: New Strategic Imperatives
Ross Robinson

3. Process Modelling: A Method to Increase the Performance of Container Terminals
Thomas Pawlik and Phanthian Zuesongdham

4. Knowledge Management Systems in Maritime Logistics
Eon-Seong Lee and Dong-Wook Song

5. Synchronisation of Seaborne Cold Chains
Jasmine Siu Lee Lam

6. The Multimodal Transport of Flowers between Taiwan and China
Anthony Beresford and Chang Zheng

7. The Logistics Functions of Shipping Lines: Perceptions of International Shippers in South Korea and the UK
Ki-Soon Hwang, Richard Gray and Kevin Cullinane

8. Bundling Transport and Logistics Services in Global Supply Chains
Hercules E. Haralambides and Michele Acciaro

9. Maritime Networks: A Source of Competitiveness for Shipping Lines
Antoine Frémont

10. Organisational Effectiveness in Seaports: A Systems Approach
Cimen Karatas Cetin and Güldem Cerit

11. Unravelling Dynamics in Inter-Container Port Relationships through an Examination of Liner Service Patterns
Wei Yim Yap and Theo E. Notteboom

12. The Economics Behind the Awarding of Terminals in Seaports: Towards a Research Agenda
Christophe Theys, Theo E. Notteboom, Athanasios A. Pallis and Peter W. De Langen

13. Mergers and Acquisitions in the Shipping Industry: The Effect on Corporate Value
Osvaldo Rodrigues de Araujo Rios and Heather Leggate McLaughlin

14. Private Equity Investment in the European Ferry Market
Alfred J. Baird

15. Ownership Equity and Efficiency: The Case of Australian Bulk Ports
Sophia Everett and Rae Weston

16. The Hedging Performance of the Capesize Forward Freight Market
Manolis G. Kavussanos and Ilias D. Visvikis

17. The Potential for the Use of Single- versus Dual-Purpose Officers in Firms: A Theoretical Analysis Based on Resource-based, Transaction Cost and Labour Market Economics
Ioannis Theotokas and Maria Anne Wagtmann

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