International Handbook on Mega-Projects


International Handbook on Mega-Projects

9781781002292 Edward Elgar Publishing
Edited by Hugo Priemus, Professor Emeritus of System Innovation and Spatial Development and Bert van Wee, Professor of Transport Policy, Delft University of Technology, the Netherlands
Publication Date: January 2014 ISBN: 978 1 78100 229 2 Extent: 480 pp
This comprehensive and accessible Handbook presents state-of-the-art research on the decision-making processes in the deliverance of mega-projects – large infrastructure projects for the transportation of people and/or goods.

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This comprehensive and accessible Handbook presents state-of-the-art research on the decision-making processes in the deliverance of mega-projects – large infrastructure projects for the transportation of people and/or goods.

The expert contributors explore how decisions are made at different stages in mega-projects and the multi-actor relationships between public and private partners. They evaluate the perspectives and pitfalls in determining the costs and benefits of a mega-project ex ante, and examine the wider impacts of mega-projects, including issues such as regional growth, energy transition and climate change. Although the focus is on the advanced economies of North America, Europe, and Australia, much of the material is useful for other parts of the world where large transport infrastructure projects are currently underway or will be developed in the coming years.

Providing crucial background information for those who want to understand decision-making processes on large transport infrastructure projects, this fascinating Handbook will prove an important source of information for academics, researchers and students in the fields of transport, infrastructure, project management, management science, economic analysis (cost–benefit analysis), public policy, environmental policy and ethics. Practitioners, politicians and policymakers involved in large transport infrastructure projects will also find this book to be an invaluable reference tool.
Critical Acclaim
‘This book excels in its coverage of political, social, economic and environmental factors affecting megaprojects. Both novices and those experienced in project management will find this a useful resource for understanding the dynamics and decision-making process in megaprojects.’
– M. Mehrubeoglu, Choice

‘This is an invaluable volume for all those engaged in megaproject work. It is presented by two leading academics in the field of transport infrastructure who have managed to pull together a very interesting set of contributions prepared by numerous highly qualified academics from across the globe specializing in the planning, appraisal and evaluation of megaprojects. The art and science of decision-making and assessing the impacts of such projects are thoroughly discussed with a view to offering future decision-makers a better steer on the development of such projects. Likely to be of immense importance to practicing professionals, bureaucrats and academics alike concerned with megaproject development, this book examines with great skill and clarity key issues associated with strategic decision-making, public–private partnership arrangements and the application of cost–benefit analysis to megaprojects. Spurred-on by globalization and increasing in their number, size and complexity, the challenges that megaprojects pose are likely to grow paradoxically both in times of economic growth and austerity. Given these circumstances, the publication of this book is very timely, much needed and highly recommended.’
– Harry T. Dimitriou, University College London, UK
Contributors: J.A. Annema, M. Bosch-Rekveldt, C.C. Cantarelli, K. Dwarka, E. Feitelson, B. Flyvbjerg, M. Giezen, R. Gilbert, C. Greve, G. Hodge, R. Konings, C. Koopmans, M. Leijten, D.R. Lessard, C. Macharis, R. Miller, P. Nijkamp, H. Priemus, P. Rietveld, K. Samset, M. Siemiatycki, L. Tavasszy, E. ten Heuvelhof, A. van Binsbergen, R. van Duin, B. van Wee, R. Vickerman

1. Mega-projects: High Ambitions, Complex Decision-making, Different Actors, Multiple Impacts
Hugo Priemus and Bert van Wee

2. Strategic and Tactical Performance of Mega-projects – Between Successful Failures and Inefficient Successes
Knut Samset

3. The Shaping of Large Engineering Projects
Donald R. Lessard and Roger Miller

4. Real-world Decision-making on Mega-projects: Politics, Bias and Strategic Behaviour
Martijn Leijten

5. Dealing with the Complexity, Uncertainties and Risk of Mega-projects: Redundancy, Resilience and Adaptivity
Hugo Priemus, Marian Bosch-Rekveldt and Mendel Giezen

6. New Public Management and the New Features of Strategic Behaviour
Ernst ten Heuvelhof and Martijn Leijten

7. Public–Private Partnerships in Mega-projects: Successes and Tensions
Matti Siemiatycki

8. The Political Economy of Urban Infrastructure
Kevin Dwarka and Eran Feitelson

9. Public–Private Partnership in Developing and Governing Mega-projects
Graeme Hodge and Carsten Greve

10. Mega-projects in Intermodal Freight Transport: Innovation Adoption
Arjan van Binsbergen, Rob Konings, Lóri Tavasszy and Ron van Duin

11. Multi-actor and Multi-criteria Analysis in Evaluating Mega-projects
Cathy Macharis and Peter Nijkamp

12. CBA: Ex Ante Evaluation of Mega-projects
Bert van Wee and Piet Rietveld

13. The Use of CBA in Decision-making on Mega-projects: Empirical Evidence
Jan Anne Annema

14. Long-term Impacts of Mega-projects: The Discount Rate
Carl Koopmans and Piet Rietveld

15. Mega-projects’ Cost Performance and Lock-in: Problems and Solutions
Chantal C. Cantarelli and Bent Flyvbjerg

16. Ethics and the Ex Ante Evaluation of Mega-projects
Bert van Wee

17. The Wider Economic Impacts of Mega-projects in Transport
Roger Vickerman

18. Mega-projects: New Challenges to Cope with Climate Change and Energy Transition
Jan Anne Annema and Hugo Priemus

19. Road Vehicle Automation: Elephant in the Infrastructure Room
Richard Gilbert

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