Introduction to Regional Economic Development


Introduction to Regional Economic Development

Major Theories and Basic Analytical Tools

9781785361340 Edward Elgar Publishing
Mustafa Dinc, the World Bank, US
Publication Date: 2016 ISBN: 978 1 78536 134 0 Extent: 224 pp
This is a relatively simple and easy to read introduction of major regional and local economic development theories, their theoretical evolution and other relevant topics such as governance, institutions and local leadership within the globalization context. It also discusses some basic analytical tools and provides a template for them in an easy to use MS Excel spreadsheet application. It introduces conflict management procedures into regional development process and provides a regional decision support framework.

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In this easy-to-follow, one-stop reference, Dinc discusses a new and dynamic endogenous regional development approach that delves deeply into a variety of topics: the globalization process and its impact on local and regional economies; theoretical evolution of economic development; the role of governance; and institutions and local leadership in the development process.

The book reviews major traditional local and regional development theories from their origins and early applications as well as regional agglomerations and industrial clusters. It also introduces conflict management procedures into the regional development process and provides a regional decision support framework that can be used for informed development policymaking. Another advantage of this book is its discussion of basic analytical tools and the inclusion of a template in an easy-to-use MS Excel spreadsheet application. Though the book follows a logical narrative, each chapter can be read individually without a loss of meaning, making it perfect for classrooms.

Introduction to Regional Economic Development will prove to be an invaluable resource for teachers and students of regional science, regional development, and planning, as well as regional and local development practitioners, regional development agency staff, and local government officials.
Critical Acclaim
‘This book by Dr. Mustafa Dinc of The World Bank is powerful, insightful and one of the most valuable presentations of practical steps in doing regional economic development. It links theory and practice in an operation step by step process that helps the practitioner do and not just think about regional development. He does not ignore theory or long-term strategies but focuses on the practical and functional steps which help a practitioner carry out the regional development process for his or her region. He also identifies steps for benchmarking regions and for monitoring progress. The practitioner and new professional will find it a key reference and standard for guiding the analytic process of regional development and the seasoned manager will also see the excellent value of this development tool. It is a great honor to have the opportunity to recommend such a penetrating, useful and outstanding contribution to the literature in this field.’
– Kingsley Haynes, George Mason University, US

‘Introduction to Regional Economic Development is one of the first examinations of the field that not only introduces advanced undergraduate and masters students to the field but also serves as a useful guide to planners and practitioners responsible for building and implementing strategy in developing and emerging national and regional economies. The author’s many years of experience in development planning and implementation in Central Asia, Middle East, South and East Asia provide a theoretical and methodologically-balanced treatment of the tools and concepts that dominate the field. Through the lens of globalization as a driver of change Dr. Dinc provides a new and fresh treatment of the material that defines regional economic development planning and practice.’
– Roger Stough, George Mason University, US
Contents: 1. Globalization and Regional Economies 2. Theoretical Evolution of Economic Development 3. Governance: Institutions, Local Leadership and the Role of Regional Development Agencies 4. Conflict Management in Regional Development 5. Traditional Regional Economic Development Theories 6. Regional Agglomeration and Industrial Clusters 7. Traditional Methods for Local and Regional Economic Analysis 8. A Regional Decision Support System 9. Concluding Remarks References Annex 1: Local and Regional Economic Analysis Tools User Guide Annex 2: Productivity, Output and International Trade Extensions of Shift-Share Index

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