Italian Mafias Today


Italian Mafias Today

Territory, Business and Politics

9781789904130 Edward Elgar Publishing
Edited by Felia Allum, Senior Lecturer, Department of Politics, Languages and International Studies, University of Bath, UK, Isabella Clough Marinaro, Associate Professor of Italian Studies, John Cabot University, Rome, Italy and Rocco Sciarrone, Professor of Economic Sociology, Department of Culture, Politics and Society, University of Turin, Italy
Publication Date: 2019 ISBN: 978 1 78990 413 0 Extent: 304 pp
Despite a rapidly changing economic and legal landscape, Italian mafias remain prominent actors in the global criminal underworld. This book provides an extensive and up-to-date view of how they adapt to shifting economic opportunities and intensifying legal and civic backlash.

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Despite a rapidly changing economic and legal landscape, Italian mafias remain prominent actors in the global criminal underworld. This book provides an extensive and up-to-date view of how they adapt to shifting economic opportunities and intensifying legal and civic backlash.

Surveying the main Italian mafias active today – Cosa Nostra, the ’Ndrangheta, the Camorra and the Sacra Corona Unita – the contributors provide a broad overview of key themes and research findings, offering new theoretical and methodological lenses for analysing how Italy’s four native mafias have adapted to recent challenges. Investigating their global and national impact, this book analyses new insights into the operations and trajectories of Italian mafias in the 21st century.

Employing fresh empirical material, this book is essential reading for students of Italian studies at all levels, as well as those of criminology, security, political science, sociology and organised crime studies. Policy-makers and practitioners tackling organised crime will also benefit from this book’s critical insight into the history, operation and pathways of Italian mafias today.
Critical Acclaim
‘This book should appeal, in primis, to criminologists and social scientists. However, I would strongly recommend it to anyone who may have an academic or personal interest in understanding recent Italian history. Above all, I would recommend it to law- and policy-makers internationally, for Italyʼs long tug-of-war with the mafias has many useful lessons to teach to countries and communities that have not yet experienced the scourge of criminal power syndicates operating in their midst, or that collude with such syndicates by offering far-from-transparent financial services—hence contributing to the enormous human suffering and grave social devastation that the mafias have been causing since the 19 century.’
– Giorgio Baruchello, Nordicum-Mediterraneum

‘By merit of its scope, topics of inquiry and analytical rigor, Italian Mafias Today: Territory, Business and Politics makes valuable, unique contributions to the diversified field of studies on the Italian mafias.’
– Robin Pickering-Iazzi, Journal of Modern Italian Studies

‘Overall, the significant contribution of this book is to represent a landmark in the organised crime literature. It provides theoretical insights into this complex issue which extends the reader’s knowledge and provides a critical understanding of the phenomenon. The language is clear, and the variety of empirical and fresh data presented makes it intriguing for readers. It is highly recommended for students interested in this topic and for academics/practitioners intending to expand their understanding further.’
– Emanuele Sclafani, Criminal Law and Criminal Justice Books

''This book is a welcome exposure to research on four Italian mafias – the already well-studied Sicilian Cosa Nostra and the Neapolitan Camorra; the less familiar, although hyper-dangerous, Calabrian ’Ndrangheta; and the somewhat peripheral mafia of Puglia, emergent in the 1970s and ‘80s. We are beholden to the editors of this volume for making this material accessible to English language readers, organizing it so effectively, and providing a comprehensive overview of Italian scholarship on the Italian mafias.''
– Jane Schneider, The Graduate Center CUNY, US

‘This is not a book that lingers long on individual characters. It is a documented assessment of the history and evolution of the four major Italian-based criminal organizations. This is a well-researched and compellingly argued book.’
– Antonio Nicaso, Queen’s University, Canada
Contributors: F. Allum, L. Brancaccio, D. Bright, E. Ciconte, I. Clough Marinaro, A. Colletti, G. Corica, J. Dagnes, N. dalla Chiesa, A. Dino, D. Donatiello, M. Giuditta Borselli, A. La Spina, V. Martone, M. Massari, R. Merlino, V. Mete, S. Sberna, R. Sciarrone, L. Storti, A. Vannucci

1. Introduction: Thinking about Italian mafias today
Felia Allum, Isabella Clough Marinaro and Rocco Sciarrone

2. Waiting for a new leader: Eras and transitions in Cosa Nostra
Alessandra Dino

3. The Camorras in Naples and Campania: Business, groups and families
Luciano Brancaccio and Vittorio Martone

4. ’Ndrangheta: A (post-)modern mafia with ancient roots
Enzo Ciconte

5. The Sacra Corona Unita: The birth and decline of the fourth mafia?
Monica Massari

6. The economic dimension of mafias, social capital and the ‘grey area’
Rocco Sciarrone

7. Mafias and political corruption in Italy
Salvatore Sberna and Alberto Vannucci

8. The welfare system of Italian mafias
Alessandro Colletti

9. Pizzini: Sicilian mafia culture between continuity and change
Rossella Merlino

10. Lombardy, the long march of the ’Ndrangheta: Old history and new stories
Nando dalla Chiesa

11. Mafias in Emilia Romagna
Graziana Corica and Vittorio Mete

12. Rome ‘open city’? Camorra expansions into the Italian capital
Isabella Clough Marinaro and Maria Giuditta Borselli

13. Italian mafias across Europe
Joselle Dagnes, Davide Donatiello and Luca Storti

14. Italian mafias in Australia: The dominance of the Calabrian ’Ndrangheta
Felia Allum and David Bright

15. The anti-mafia fight in Italy and abroad
Antonio La Spina


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