Limited Government, Individual Liberty and the Rule of Law


Limited Government, Individual Liberty and the Rule of Law

Selected Works of Arthur Asher Shenfield

9781858987880 Edward Elgar Publishing
Edited by the late Norman Barry, formerly Professor of Social and Political Theory, University of Buckingham, UK
Publication Date: 1998 ISBN: 978 1 85898 788 0 Extent: 384 pp
This volume offers a selection of the works of one of the most persuasive and sophisticated theorists of the free economy and the free society, Arthur Asher Shenfield.

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This volume offers a selection of the works of one of the most persuasive and sophisticated theorists of the free economy and the free society, Arthur Asher Shenfield.

Arthur Asher Shenfield was a classical liberal and an astute critic of misguided government intervention in a free economy. He produced sophisticated refutations of both full-blooded socialism and the milder varieties of collectivism and welfarism pioneered in Scandinavia and Western Europe. He was a keen observer of American affairs and included here is a selection of his essays on constitutionalism and law in the United States. These essays trace the decline in legal protection that America has given economic agents and examine the rise of socialist influences in the American judiciary system. Shenfield also offers a robust account of the legal and economic effect of US and European anti-trust law, as well as discussing the adverse effect on economic efficiency caused by trade unions.

In these essays, Arthur Asher Shenfield has made the law and economics of a free society accessible to businessmen and policymakers as well as to scholars and students of classical liberal philosophy and law.
Critical Acclaim
‘There is far more wisdom on a broad array of subjects to be found in this book than a review can possibly do justice to. Shenfield’s writings will prove to be worthwhile reading for anyone who is a friend of liberty.’
– William Peterson, Ideas on Liberty

‘This remarkable book is an essential read for the specialist, as well as the general reader who wants a really clear account of the law and economics of a free society. . . . this beautifully produced edition must surely go a long way towards achieving the recognition which is so much his due. . . . Arthur Shenfield’s stimulating views on competition law alone are enough to make this book an indispensable read.’
– Allister Heath, Economic Affairs

‘A rare combination of the scholar and practitioner, learned in both law and economics, Arthur Shenfield’s writings range widely yet are all illuminated by a deep understanding of the requirements of a free society. A pleaure to read, they can be highly recommended to everyone interested in understanding how to achieve and preserve a free society.’
– Milton Friedman, Hoover Institution, US

‘Classical liberalism needs more barristers like Arthur Asher Shenfield, who was a genuine master in the give-and-take of oral argument. It is useful to have his written essays available to those who cannot share his persuasive presence more directly. And, for those of us who remember him, we can read these essays as we listen to Arthur Shenfield in our memory.’
– James M. Buchanan, Center for Study of Public Choice, George Mason University, Virginia, US
Contents: 1. A Biography (Charles K. Rowley) Part I: Law, Economy and the State 2. Friedrich A. von Hayek 3. The New Thought of F.A.Hayek 4. Hayek on Law 5. Equality before the Law 6. Must we Abolish the State? 7. The New Deal and the Supreme Court Part II: The Meaning of the Market 8. The Nature of Competition 9. The Economic System – Rules versus Authorities 10. Conservatism and the Liberal Economy 11. Myth and Reality in Anti-trust Part III: Socialism: The Fatal Conceit 12. Myth and Reality in Economic Systems 13. The Failure of Socialism Part IV: Trade Unions: Above the Law 14. The Rise of Trade Union Power in Britain 15. What About the Trade Unions? 16. Unions and National Politics 17. Thatcher’s Reform of Britain’s Labour Unions 18. Big Government, Big Labour and Big Business Part V: The Spirit of Capitalism 19. Capitalism under the Tests of Ethics 20. Sense and Nonsense about the Corporation 21. The Businessman and the Politician 22. The Roots of American Discontent 23. The Ideological War Against Western Society 24. The Ugly Intellectual
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