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  1. Add to Wish List Neoliberal Social Justice

    Neoliberal Social Justice

    Nick Cowen
    ‘Neoliberal Social Justice is a remarkable book. Nick Cowen shows that John Rawls’s normative commitments, if complemented by institutional and market-process economics, actually support classical liberal public policies. This is a uniqu...
    Hardback (2021)

    List price $125.00

    Member price $112.50

  2. Add to Wish List Plato's Economics

    Plato's Economics

    David Reisman
    ‘Historians of economic thought have traditionally questioned whether the ancient Greek philosophers understood the market system. In this highly perceptive book David Resiman argues that Plato appreciated how markets could set prices; h...
    Hardback (2021)

    List price $120.00

    Member price $108.00

  3. Add to Wish List After Brexit, What Next?

    After Brexit, What Next?

    Patrick Minford, David Meenagh
    ‘Brexit offers the UK the opportunity to shake off the shackles of its EU past and rejuvenate its economy. In this book, Patrick Minford and David Meenagh set out the reforms needed – deregulation, free trade, and fiscal and monetary re...
    Paperback (2020)

    List price $30.95

    Member price $24.76

    Hardback (2020)

    List price $105.00

    Member price $94.50

  4. Add to Wish List MNCs in Global Politics

    MNCs in Global Politics

    Edited by John Mikler, Karsten Ronit
    ‘The role of multinational corporations in global politics has been neglected for many decades, after a first wave of scholarship during the 1970s. Mikler and Ronit bring together authors with various specializations, united in their att...
    Hardback (2020)

    List price $130.00

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  5. Add to Wish List Global Justice, Markets and Domination

    Global Justice, Markets and Domination

    Fausto Corvino
    ‘Fausto Corvino’s book is an original, engaging and enjoyable read. It is also erudite and wide-ranging. By bringing the extensive literatures on domination, distributive justice, and cosmopolitanism to bear on questions of commodificati...
    Hardback (2020)

    List price $110.00

    Member price $99.00

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