Public Sector Leadership


Public Sector Leadership

International Challenges and Perspectives

9781848440890 Edward Elgar Publishing
Edited by Jeffrey A. Raffel, Charles P. Messick Professor of Public Administration, University of Delaware, US, Peter Leisink, Utrecht University School of Governance, The Netherlands and Anthony E. Middlebrooks, Assistant Professor of Leadership, University of Delaware, US
Publication Date: 2009 ISBN: 978 1 84844 089 0 Extent: 432 pp
The authors of this book define the issues facing public authorities and organizations in a range of developed nations as they address the challenges of the 21st century. They examine an array of ways leaders across these nations are addressing these challenges. The result is a comprehensive analysis of ways to improve leadership in the public sector and of the role of political and administrative leaders in shaping the future of the public sector. The overriding question addressed by this volume is how public leadership across the globe addresses new challenges (e.g., security, financial, demographic), new expectations of leaders (e.g., New Public Management, multi-sector service provision), and what leadership means in the new public sector.

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A truly international examination of public sector leadership, this book explores the ways leaders of developed nations are addressing current challenges. The overriding question explored by the authors is how public leadership across the globe addresses new challenges (such as security, financial, demographic), new expectations of leaders, and what public sector leadership means in the new era. The book allows the reader to view a large number of situations across the globe to better understand the relation between context and leadership. It integrates the two fields of leadership and public administration, providing a wide-ranging and complementary empirical context to the topic.

Transcending state-centered perspectives, the authors include new developments in governance and public–private sector collaboration while retaining a focus on the public values involved. The chapters address public sector leadership issues in a wide array of nations, integrating international perspectives with a globally diverse authorship. Several chapters address issues of collaboration across sectors, changing roles in the New Public Management paradigm, and corresponding new visions of leadership. Several of the chapters are explicitly comparative, including a study of mental health leadership training topics in eight nations, central banking in Europe, and efficiency studies in Britain, Denmark, and Norway. The chapters can be used as thought-provoking case studies as part of a supplemental text, and are accompanied by substantial bibliographies.

Scholars, students, and practitioners in leadership, public policy and administration, and organization studies will find this volume a useful reference.
Contributors: G.B. Adams, D.L. Balfour, R.H. Beinecke, F.S. Berry, G.B. Burke, R.B. Denhardt, J.R. Gil-Garcia, S. Gudergan, M.E. Guy, M. Holzer, A. Hondeghem, S. Horton, I. Illiash, P.W. Ingraham, J. Johnston, J.B. Justice, R. Keast, P. Leisink, M.P. Mandell, M. Marcussen, S.H. Mastracci, T.A. Mau, A.E. Middlebrooks, M.A. Newman, T.A. Pardo, J.A. Raffel, H. Sætren, C.K. Skelcher, J. Spencer, T. Steen, J.H. Svara, F.M. Van der Meer, K. Vanmullem, A. Wille

Robert B. Denhardt

1. Introduction
Jeffrey A. Raffel, Peter Leisink and Anthony E. Middlebrooks

2. Government Reform and Public Service Values in Democratic Societies
Frances Stokes Berry

3. Explaining Radical Policy Change Against All Odds: The Role of Leadership, Institutions, Program Design and Policy Windows
Harald Sætren

4. Leading Central Banking in Europe
Martin Marcussen

5. Dutch Civil Service Leadership: Torn Between Managerial and Policy-Oriented Leadership Roles
Trui Steen and Frits M. Van der Meer

6. Are Elected Executives Needed to Achieve Accountability to Citizens? Performance Issues and Form of Government in Large US Cities
James H. Svara

7. Political and Administrative Leadership in a Reinvented European Commission
Anchrit C. Wille

8. Russian Bureaucracy as an Alternative Model of Leadership
Marc Holzer and Iryna Illiash

9. A New Look at Leadership in Collaborative Networks: Process Catalysts
Myrna P. Mandell and Robyn Keast

10. Executive Involvement and Formal Authority in Government Information-Sharing Networks: The West Nile Virus Outbreak
J. Ramon Gil-Garcia, Theresa A. Pardo and G. Brian Burke

11. Business Improvement Districts and the Design of Third-Party Governance: Framing Business Leadership in Urban Subdistrict Regeneration
Jonathan B. Justice and Chris K. Skelcher

12. Leadership in the Unglued Organization
Patricia Wallace Ingraham

13. Beyond Cognition: Affective Leadership and Emotional Labor
Meredith A .Newman, Mary E. Guy and Sharon H. Mastracci

14. Leadership Diversity in an Ageing Workforce
Kathleen Vanmullem and Annie Hondeghem

15. Ethical Leadership in Public-Private Partnerships: Learning from an Australian ‘Great Controversy’?
Judy Johnston and Siegfried Gudergan

16. Leadership, Administrative Evil and the Ethics of Incompetence: The Failed Response to Hurricane Katrina
Guy B. Adams and Danny L. Balfour

17. Is Public Sector Leadership Distinct? A Comparative Analysis of Core Competencies in the Senior Executive Service
Tim A. Mau

18. Examination of Mental Health Leadership Competencies Across IIMHL Countries
Richard H. Beinecke and Justin Spencer

19. Evaluation of Leadership Development and Training in the British Senior Civil Service: The Search for the Holy Grail?
Sylvia Horton

10. Conclusion
Jeffrey A. Raffel, Peter Leisink and Anthony E. Middlebrooks

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