Recent Developments in the Economics of Transport


Recent Developments in the Economics of Transport

9781781006498 Edward Elgar Publishing
Edited by Roger Vickerman, Professor of European Economics, University of Kent, UK
Publication Date: December 2012 ISBN: 978 1 78100 649 8 Extent: 1,284 pp
This comprehensive two-volume collection provides a selection of key writings on the economics of transport published since 1990. Topics covered include transport, economic activity and the spatial economy; demand and activity-based approaches; costs, scale and scope; external costs, efficiency and the wider impacts of transport; and competition and regulation.

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This comprehensive two-volume collection provides a selection of key writings on the economics of transport published since 1990. Topics covered include transport, economic activity and the spatial economy; demand and activity-based approaches; costs, scale and scope; external costs, efficiency and the wider impacts of transport; and competition and regulation.

Along with a new and original introduction, the editor has brought together 59 seminal papers which demonstrate a continuing vitality in transport economics research. This set of papers will be a valuable aid to all involved in transport research and provide encouragement to advanced students of the many unresolved issues needing further study.
Critical Acclaim
‘This volume contains a set of readings which cover the main themes of efficiency, regulation, land use and regional development. This selection provides the concepts, theory, methodology and applications in some of the main fields of transport economics. The introduction to the collection gives an excellent overview of new developments as well as to the readings themselves. This book contains a selection of recent contributions and it shows the vitality of transport economics and the interplay between theory and empirical work. This is an excellent handbook for economic researchers and for postgraduate courses in transport economics.’
– Ginés de Rus, University of Las Palmas de G.C. and University Carlos III de Madrid, Spain
59 articles, dating from 1990 to 2010
Contributors include: A. Anas, S. Anderson, K. Behrens, P. Buckley, M. Fosgerau, D. Levinson, C. Nash, J. Nilsson, T. Oum, A. Venables

Volume I


Introduction Roger Vickerman

1. Takatoshi Tabuchi (1998), ‘Urban Agglomeration and Dispersion: A Synthesis of Alonso and Krugman’
2. Alex Anas, Richard Arnott and Kenneth A. Small (1998), ‘Urban Spatial Structure’
3. Robert E. Lucas and Esteban Rossi-Hansberg (2002), ‘On the Internal Structure of Cities’
4. Patrick H. Buckley (1992), ‘A Transportation-oriented Interregional Computable General Equilibrium Model of the United States’
5. Paul Waddell (2002), ‘UrbanSim: Modeling Urban Development for Land Use, Transportation, and Enviromental Planning’
6. Alex Anas and Yu Liu (2007) ‘A Regional Economy, Land Use, and Transportation Model (RELU-TRAN©): Formulation, Algorithm Design and Testing’

7. Piet Rietveld and Roger Vickerman (2004), ‘Transport in Regional Science: the “Death of Distance” is Premature’
8. Pierre-Phillipe Combes and Miren Lafourcade (2005), ‘Transport Costs: Measures, Determinants, and Regional Policy Implications for France’
9. Edward L. Glaeser and Janet E. Kohlhase (2004), ‘Cities, Regions and the Decline of Transport Costs’
10. Jean Cavailhès, Carl Gaigné, Takatoshi Tabuchi and Jacques-François Thisse (2007), ‘Trade and the Structure of Cities’
11. Kristian Behrens, Carl Gaigné, Gianmarco I.P. Ottaviano and Jacques-François Thisse (2006), ‘Is Remoteness a Locational Disadvantage?’
12. Kristian Behrens, Carl Gaigné and Jacques- François Thisse (2009), ‘Industry Location and Welfare When Transport Costs are Endogenous’
13. Roger Vickerman, Klaus Spiekermann and Michael Wegener (1999), ‘Accessibility and Economic Development in Europe’
14. Dominique Peeters, Jacques-François Thisse and Isabelle Thomas (2000), ‘On-High Speed Connections and the Location of Activities’
15. David Hummels (2007), ‘Transportation Costs and International Trade in the Second Era of Globalization’
16. Anne-Celia Disdier and Keith Head (2008), ‘The Puzzling Persistence of the Distance Effect on Bilateral Trade’

17. T.E. Galvez and S.R. Jara-Diaz (1998), ‘On the Social Valuation of Travel Time Savings’
18. David A. Hensher (2001), ‘Measurement of the Valuation of Travel Time Savings’
19. Mark Wardman (1998), ‘The Value of Travel Time: A Review of British Evidence’
20. Mogens Fosgerau (2006), ‘Investigating the Distribution of the Value of Travel Time Savings’
21. Mogens Fosgerau (2010), ‘On the Relation Between the Mean and Variance of Delay in Dynamic Queues with Random Capacity and Demand’
22. Mogens Fosgerau and Anders Karlstrom (2010), ‘The Value of Reliability’
23. Phil Goodwin, Joyce Dargay and Mark Hanly (2004), ‘Elasticities of Road Traffic and Fuel Consumption with Respect to Price and Income: A Review’

24. Daniel McFadden (2007), ‘The Behavioral Science of Transportation’
25. Kay W. Axhausen and Tommy Garling (1992), ‘Activity-based Approaches to Travel Analysis: Conceptual Frameworks, Models, and Research Problems’
26. Richard H.M. Emmerink, E.T. Verhoef, P. Nijkamp and Piet Rietveld (1996), ‘Information Provision in Road Transport with Elastic Demand: A Welfare Economic Approach’
27. J.L. Bowman and M.E. Ben-Akiva (2001), ‘Activity-based Disaggregate Travel Demand Model System with Activity Schedules’
28. David Levinson (2003), ‘The Value of Advanced Traveler Information Systems for Route Choice
29. Thomas de Graaff and Piet Rietveld (2007), ‘Substitution between Working at home and Out-of-Home: The Role of ICT and Commuting Costs’

Volume II


An Introduction by editor appears in volume I

1. Sergio R. Jara-Diaz and Cristian Cortes (1996), ‘On the Calculation of Scale Economies from Transport Cost Functions’
2. Tae Hoon Oum and W.G. Waters, II (1996), ‘A Survey of Recent Developments in Transportation Cost Function Research’,
3. Tae Hoon Oum and Yimin Zhang (1997), ‘A Note on Scale Economies in Transport’
4. Jan K. Brueckner and Pablo T. Spiller (1994), ‘Economies of Traffic Density in the Deregulated Airline Industry’
5. Leonardo J. Basso and Sergio R. Jara-Diaz (2005), ‘Calculation of Economies of Spatial Scope from Transport Cost Functions with Aggregate Output with an Application to the Airline Industry’
6. Arunarajan Bhattacharyya, Subal Kumbhaker and Anjana Bhattacharyya (1995), ‘Ownership Structure and Cost Efficiency: A Study of Publicly Owned Passenger-bus Transportation Companies in India’
7. Bruno De Borger, Kristiaan Kerstens and Alvaro Costa (2002), ‘Public Transit Performance: What Does One Learn from Frontier Studies?’
8. Robert Gagné (1990), ‘On the Relevant Elasticity Estimates for Cost Structure Analysis of the Trucking Industry’
9. Donald J. Harmatuck (1991), ‘Economies of Scale and Scope in the Motor Carrier Industry: An Analysis of the Cost Functions for Seventeen Large LTL Common Motor Carriers’
10. Daniel Graham, Antonio Couto, William E. Adeney and Stephen Glaister (2003), ‘Economies of Scale and Density in Urban Rail Transport: Effects on Productivity’
11. Mehdi Farsi, Aurelio Fetz and Massimo Filippini (2007), ‘Economies of Scale and Scope in Local Public Transportation’

12. David M. Levinson and David Gillen (1998), ‘The Full Cost of Intercity Highway Transportation’
13. Inge Mayeres, Sara Ochelen and Stef Proost (1996), ‘The Marginal External Costs of Urban Transport’
14. S. Proost, K. Van Dender, C. Courcelle, B. De Borger, J. Peirson, D. Sharp, R. Vickerman, E. Gibbons, M.O. Mahony, Q. Heaney, J. Van den Bergh and E. Verhoef (2002), ‘How Large is the Gap Between Present and Efficient Transport Prices in Europe’
15. Daniel J. Graham (2007), ‘Agglomeration, Productivity and Transport Investment’
16. Yukihiro Kidokoro (2004), ‘Cost–Benefit Analysis for Transport Networks: Theory and Applications’
17. Anthony J. Venables (2007), ‘Evaluating Urban Transport Improvements: Cost–Benefit Analysis in the Presence of Agglomeration and Income Taxation’
18. Johannes Bröcker, Artem Korzhenevych and Carsten Schürmann (2010), ‘Assessing Spatial Equity and Efficiency Impacts of Transport Infrastructure Projects’

19. Jose M. Viegas (2001), ‘Making Urban Road Pricing Acceptable and Effective: Searching for Quality and Equity in Urban Mobility’
20. Simon P. Anderson and André de Palma (2004), ‘The Economics of Pricing Parking’
21. Simon P. Anderson and André de Palma (2007), ‘Parking in the City’
22. Simon P. Anderson and Wesley W. Wilson (2008), ‘Spatial Competition, Pricing, and Market Power in Transportation: A Dominant Firm Model’
23. Joyce M. Dargay and Mark Hanly (2002), ‘The Demand for Local Bus Services in England’
24. Philippe Gagnepain and Marc Ivaldi (2002), ‘Incentive Regulatory Policies: The Case of Public Transit Systems in France’
25. Martijn Brons, Peter Nijkamp, Eric Pels and Piet Rietveld (2005), ‘Efficiency of Urban Public Transit: A Meta Analysis’
26. Alejandro Micco and Tomás Serebrisky (2006), ‘Competition Regimes and Air Transport Costs: The Effects of Open Skies Agreements’
27. Chris Nash (2005), ‘Rail Infrastructure Changes in Europe’
28. Chris Nash (2008), ‘Passenger Railway Reform in the Last 20 Years-European Experience Reconsidered’,
29. Tae Hoon Oum and Chunyan Yu (1994), ‘Economic Efficiency of Railways and Implications for Public Policy: A Comparative Study of the OECD Countries Railways’
30. Jan-Eric Nilsson (2002), ‘Restructuring Sweden’s Railways: The Unintentional Deregulation’
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