Research Companion to Building Information Modeling


Research Companion to Building Information Modeling

9781839105517 Edward Elgar Publishing
Edited by Weisheng Lu, Professor, Department of Real Estate and Construction, The University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong SAR and Chimay J. Anumba, Professor and Dean, College of Design, Construction, and Planning, University of Florida, US
Publication Date: 2022 ISBN: 978 1 83910 551 7 Extent: 768 pp
Offering critical insights to the state-of-the-art in Building Information Modeling (BIM) research and development, this book outlines the prospects and challenges for the field in this era of digital revolution. Analysing the contributions of BIM across the construction industry, it provides a comprehensive survey of global BIM practices.

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Offering critical insights to the state-of-the-art in Building Information Modeling (BIM) research and development, this book outlines the prospects and challenges for the field in this era of digital revolution. Analysing the contributions of BIM across the construction industry, it provides a comprehensive survey of global BIM practices.

Accessible and thorough, the chapters explore the theory behind and facilitators of BIM, covering knowledge management around BIM, the development of ontologies and language in the area, holistic implementations, and BIM ecosystems. The book further discusses the technological developments of BIM, including scan-to-BIM, 3D digital reconstruction and AI and robotics techniques. Critical analysis of BIM-enabled construction and engineering management innovations are also examined, highlighting prospects and challenges in the area.

This will be a critical read for engineering, construction management and architecture students looking for a comprehensive study of BIM. It will also be beneficial to practitioners working in the Architecture, Engineering, Construction, Owner & Operation (AECOO) industry wanting a better understanding of the benefits and future developments of BIM.
Critical Acclaim
‘Research Companion to Building Information Modeling is comprised of thirty-five informative articles by experts in the field and must be considered an essential curriculum textbook for professional, college and university level Engineering Project Management, Technical Project Management, and Civil Engineering curriculums.’
– Midwest Book Review

‘The ongoing development and adoption of Building Information Modelling has led to many valuable innovative practices in the construction industry. This exciting compilation of leading research on BIM by experts from around the world is essential reading for all those seeking to transform the construction industry.’
– Keith Hampson, President, International Council for Research and Innovation in Building and Construction (CIB)

‘This book is a timely collection covering the current state-of-the-art research and emerging trends in Building Information Modeling (BIM). The roles of BIM for a broad range of important applications, from robotics, safety management, energy and waste management, block chain to digital twins, are covered. With contributions by eminent researchers across the globe, the collection highlights the prospects of digital technology for the building industry of tomorrow. The Research Companion to Building Information Modeling is a definitive reference for researchers and practitioners in building and construction engineering.’
– Kincho H. Law, Stanford University, US

‘This book integrates the wisdom of many experts and scholars, combines theory with practice, shows the cutting-edge achievements in the field of Building Information Modeling (BIM), and allows us to see the latest progress in theoretical research, technological development, and project application of BIM. The book includes the integrated application of BIM and emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence and robotics, as well as the innovations of BIM in industrialized buildings, prefabricated design, and safety management. Meanwhile, it also foresees the future of integrating BIM with blockchain, CIM, and other technologies. I believe that the book will definitely have a positive impact on the industry–academic exchanges of BIM and the practical application of construction projects.’
– Diao Zhizhong, Chairman, Glodon Company Ltd., China

‘Having worked with serial builders for over 25 years I have witnessed how Building Information Modeling has helped deliver significantly better project outcomes. With such a wide range of perspectives regarding this technology, the Research Companion to Building Information Modeling is a must read for anyone who plays a role in the design and construction process.’
– Jon Antevy, Founder of e-Builder
Contributors: Chimay J. Anumba, Somayeh Asadi, Zhikang Bao, Daniel Castro-Lacouture, Rabia Charef, Jingdao Chen, Ke Chen, Keyu Chen, Weiwei Chen, Jack C.P. Cheng, H.H. Cheung, Yong Kwon Cho, Aaron Costin, Thomas Czerniawski, Nora El-Gohary, Cheng Fan, Dongping Fang, Yihai Fang, Ada Yin Suen Fung, Angel Gigante-Barrera, Hongling Guo, Yilong Han, Luo Hanbin, Yuqing Hu, Guoquan Huang, Ivanka Iordanova, Raja R.A. Issa, Young Joo Kim, Congwen Kan, Kai Kang, Bimal Kumar, Vikrom Laovisutthichai, Sarel Lavy, Ghang Lee, Fernanda Leite, Ming Li, Xiao Li, Yongkui Li, Qiuchen Lu, Jong Won Ma, Mouloud Messaoudi, Grant Mills, Nawari O. Nawari, Mehran Oraee, Xiyu Pan, Eleni Papadonikolaki, Pieter Pauwels, Roger-Bruno Richard, Darshan Ruikar, Kirti Ruikar, Sanaz Saeidi, Gao Shang, Soroosh Sharifi, Ravi Shankar Srinivasan, Miroslaw J. Skibniewski, Yakang Sun, Tan Tan, Ralph Tayeh, Evelyn Ai Lin Teo, Saratu Terreno, Jing Wang, Lulu Wang, Wei Wu, Fu Xiao, Jinying Xu, Fan Xue, Xingliang Yuan, Zhihang Yuan, Ruichuan Zhang, Xiaoling Zhang, Runyang Zhong, Yimin Zhu

Foreword I xvi
Patrick MacLeamy
Foreword II xix
Ada Y. S. Fung
1 Introduction to the Research Companion to Building Information Modeling 1
Weisheng Lu and Chimay J. Anumba

2 Building information modeling and ontologies: overview of shared representations 12
Aaron Costin and Pieter Pauwels
3 A grounded theory based framework for level of development
implementation within the Information Delivery Manual 35
Angel Gigante-Barrera, Darshan Ruikar, Soroosh Sharifi and Kirti Ruikar
4 Building information modeling and knowledge management 60
Ghang Lee
5 An integrated model of factors and barriers influencing building
information modeling and lean construction adoption 80
Gao Shang and Mehran Oraee
6 Building information modeling adoption and localization 102
Jing Wang and Weisheng Lu
7 Building information modeling for built asset and environment: pioneers
and facilitators in Hong Kong 124
Ada Yin Suen Fung
8 Building information modeling ecosystem: an overview 150
Bimal Kumar

9 Automated scan-to-building information modeling 169
Jong Won Ma, Thomas Czerniawski and Fernanda Leite
10 As-built building information modeling: joint effort of 3D reconstruction
and semantic enrichment 190
Fan Xue
11 Rapid scan-to-building information modeling using robotics and artificial
intelligence for construction applications 212
Jingdao Chen and Yong Kwon Cho
12 Intelligent clash detection in building information modeling 230
Yuqing Hu and Daniel Castro-Lacouture
13 Building information modeling, natural language processing, and artificial
intelligence for automated compliance checking 248
Ruichuan Zhang and Nora El-Gohary
14 Interactive holograms for collaborative visualization of building information models 268
Ralph Tayeh and Raja R. A. Issa
15 Building information modeling, smart construction objects, and pervasive
technologies integration 294
Jinying Xu, Weisheng Lu and Xiao Li
16 Extending BIM with multi-sensory immersive virtual environments: fusing
human experiences into design 313
Sanaz Saeidi and Yimin Zhu

17 Complicities between Industrialized Building Systems and Building
Information Modeling 333
Roger-Bruno Richard and Ivanka Iordanova
18 Building information modeling and the virtual permitting process 359
Nawari O. Nawari and Mouloud Messaoudi
19 Building information modeling-enabled platform approach to design for
manufacture and assembly 373
Tan Tan, Grant Mills and Eleni Papadonikolaki
20 A case study of building information modeling-enabled prefab logistics for
smart construction supply chain management 395
Kai Kang, Ming Li, Wei Wu, H. H. Cheung, Ray Y. Zhong and George Q. Huang
21 An intelligent system for determining productivity and safety index using
building information modeling: a case study of IPASS in Singapore 415
Evelyn Teo Ai Lin
22 Building information modeling-enabled construction safety management 436
Hongling Guo, Dongping Fang and Yakang Sun
23 4D building information modeling-enabled safety management for metro
construction 460
Hanbin Luo, Lulu Wang and Ke Chen
24 Value delivery of building information modeling in facilities management 476
Saratu Terreno, Chimay J. Anumba and Somayeh Asadi
25 Dynamic-building information modeling workbench for low/net zero
energy buildings 502
Ravi Shankar Srinivasan
26 Building information modeling and building automation systems data
integration and big data analytics for building energy management 525
Fu Xiao and Cheng Fan
27 Building information modeling-enabled design for construction waste minimization 550
Vikrom Laovisutthichai, Weisheng Lu and Zhikang Bao
28 Circular economy and building information modeling 572
Rabia Charef and Weisheng Lu
29 From building information modeling to hospital information modeling 593
Yongkui Li, Xiyu Pan, Yilong Han and Sarel Lavy

30 Building information modeling on blockchain: basic principles,
development tools, an application scenario, and future directions 615
Young Joo Kim and Miroslaw J. Skibniewski
31 Security-aware data management in building information modeling
processes using blockchain 635
Yihai Fang and Xingliang Yuan
32 Beyond building information modeling: the role of cyber-physical systems
and digital twins 650
Chimay J. Anumba, Qiuchen Lu and Congwen Kan
33 From building information modeling to digital twin: the core for sustainable
smart campus at HKUST 671
Weiwei Chen, Keyu Chen and Jack C. P. Cheng
34 City information modeling and the sustainable city: now and beyond 697
Zhihang Yuan and Xiaoling Zhang
35 Conclusion to Research Companion to Building Information Modeling 717
Chimay J. Anumba and Weisheng Lu

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