Research Handbook of Diversity and Careers


Research Handbook of Diversity and Careers

9781839100505 Edward Elgar Publishing
Edited by Adelina M. Broadbridge, Stirling Management School, University of Stirling and Sandra L. Fielden, Honorary Senior Lecturer in Organisational Psychology, Alliance Manchester Business School, University of Manchester, UK
Publication Date: 2019 ISBN: 978 1 83910 050 5 Extent: 576 pp
This unique Research Handbook covers a wide range of issues that affect the careers of those in diverse groups: age, disability, gender, race, religion, sexuality and transgender, as well as appearance. International experts from a variety of backgrounds contribute chapters in their given fields, reviewing current thinking, practices, initiatives and developments within the field, as well as presenting a wide-ranging and holistic coverage of the topic.

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This unique Research Handbook covers a wide range of issues that affect the careers of those in diverse groups: age, appearance, disability, gender, race, religion, sexuality and transgender.

This work includes cross-disciplinary contributions from over 50 international academics, researchers, policy-makers, managers and psychologists, who review current thinking, practices, initiatives and developments within diversity and careers research on an international scale. They also consider the implication of diversity legislation for organizations and the individual, providing an insight into the future direction of research and practice. Unlike other research in the field, this work presents wide-ranging and holistic coverage of diverse groups in addition to considering the implication of individuals who appear in multiple categories.

Students, academics and researchers in the fields of human resources, management and employment as well as those whose study encompasses diversity, development and equality will find this Research Handbook to be a useful and insightful read.
Critical Acclaim
‘It stands proudly and reliably as a source of reference and practical guidance to researchers and explorers in the field of human diversity.’
– Keith Jackson, Asia Pacific Business Review

‘This comprehensive Research Handbook provides an in-depth analysis of thinking and research in the field of diversity and careers. With original contributions from key international scholars, it addresses contemporary issues around individual career development based on eight diversity themes that include “core” areas of gender, age, disability and race as well as new, emergent areas of relevance: appearance, sexuality, religion and transgender. In bringing together scholarship from a range of national contexts and of disciplinary backgrounds, it provides a wide-ranging view of contemporary thinking on diversity and careers and future directions of research.’
– Ruth Simpson, Brunel University, UK

‘This Research Handbook offers a wide cover of the intersection between career studies and diversity management. The collection pulls together available knowledge written by experts in the field. This is a much needed Research Handbook for scholars in these fields, edited by two scholarly leaders, with high level of rigor and relevance.’
– Yehuda Baruch, University of Southampton, UK
Contributors: E.O. Achola, T. Agarwala, N. Arshad-Mather, D. Atewologun, G.L. Bend, A.M. Broadbridge, T. Calvard, S.M. Carraher, E.T. Chan, S. Chaudhry, F. Colgan, A. Elluru, S.L. Fielden, D. Foley, F. Gavin, L. Gutmann Kahn, K. Hirano, L.L. Huberty, M. Hynd, S. Javed, H. Jepson, S.K. Johnson, J. Jones, M. Jyrkinen, K. Karl, K. Keplinger, R. Kilpatrick, J.F. Kirk, T. Köllen, L. Lindstrom, J. McGregor, L. McKie, M.E. Moore, D. Nickson, M.B. Ozturk, E. Parry, E. Pio, T. Povenmire-Kirk, T. Pratt, V. Priola, M.V. Roehling, P.V. Roehling, N. Rumens, Y.M. Sidani, S.E. Sullivan, J. Syed, S.A. Tate, A. Tatli, R. Thomas, F. Tomlinson, R. Turner, J. Van Eck Peluchette, H. Woodruffe-Burton

Adelina M. Broadbridge and Sandra L. Fielden

1. Age and generational diversity in careers
Emma Parry

2. to mid-career women managers: experiences of gendered age, care and work
Linda McKie and Marjut Jyrkinen

3. Older women and career development: double (triple) jeopardy or endless opportunities?
Judy McGregor

4. The last career transition? A gendered perspective on retirement
Frances Tomlinson

PART II Appearance
5. The importance of how you look for getting in and getting on in the workplace
Dennis Nickson

6. Size does matter: the impact of size on career
Patricia V. Roehling, Mark V. Roehling and Austin Elluru

7. ‘She’s got the look’: examining feminine and provocative dress in the workplace
Joy Van Eck Peluchette and Katherine Karl

8. The perils of pretty: effects of personal appearance on women’s careers
Stefanie K. Johnson, Ksenia Keplinger, Jessica F. Kirk and Elsa T. Chan

PART III Disability
9. Diversity orientation and disability in organizational leadership
Mark E. Moore and Lana L. Huberty

10. Career development for individuals with disabilities: examining issues of equity, access and opportunity
Lauren Lindstrom, Kara Hirano and Richie Thomas

11. Career development for young adults with disabilities: an intersectional analysis
Laurie Gutmann Kahn, Edwin Obilo Achola, and Tiana Povenmire-Kirk

12. What about a career? The intersection of gender and disability
Gemma L. Bend and Vincenza Priola

PART IV Gender
13. Impostor syndrome as a way of understanding gender and careers
Thomas Calvard

14. Using the Kaleidoscope Career Model to create cultures of gender equity
Sherry E. Sullivan and Shawn M. Carraher

15. Bullying and career consequences in the academy: experiences of women faculty
Tanuja Agarwala

16. Career issues for women in the banking sector
Melissa Hynd and Adelina M. Broadbridge

17. Minority ethnic careers in professional services firms
Doyin Atewologun

18. Visioning Muslim women leaders and organisational leadership in the 21st century
Shirley Anne Tate and Naheed Arshad-Mather

19. Aboriginal entrepreneurship: is it a career or a lifestyle change?
Dennis Foley

20. Gender, employment and careers in Pakistan
Sammar Javed, Jawad Syed and Royce Turner

PART VI Religion
21. Glass doors or sealed borders? Careers of veiled Muslim women in Lebanon
Yusuf M. Sidani

22. Muslim women at work 
Edwina Pio

23. Veiling careers: comparing gendered work in Islamic and foreign banks in Pakistan
Shafaq Chaudhry and Vincenza Priola

24. Religion and callings: the divine in careers
Edwina Pio, Robert Kilpatrick and Timothy Pratt

PART VII Sexuality
25. Sexuality, gender identity and career journeys
Mustafa Bilgehan Ozturk and Ahu Tatli

26. Out at Work?
Fiona Gavin

27. Coming out of the closet? The implications of increasing visibility and voice for the career development of LGB employees in UK private sector organisations
Fiona Colgan

28. Lesbian career experiences
Sandra L. Fielden and Hannah Jepson

PART VIII Transgender
29. Transpeople, work and careers: a queer theory perspective
Nick Rumens

30. Declining career prospects as ‘transition loss’? On the career development of transgender employees
Thomas Köllen

31. Brothers are doing it for themselves: transmen and the creation of boundaryless and protean career choices
Helen Woodruffe-Burton

32. ‘Trans-ferring in the workplace
Jackie Jones


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