Research Handbook on Boards of Directors


Research Handbook on Boards of Directors

9781786439741 Edward Elgar Publishing
Edited by Jonas Gabrielsson, Professor, Halmstad University, Sweden, Wafa Khlif, Toulouse Business School, Spain and Sibel Yamak, Professor of Management, Wolverhampton Business School, University of Wolverhampton, UK
Publication Date: 2019 ISBN: 978 1 78643 974 1 Extent: 488 pp
Boards of directors are complex systems, and it is imperative to understand what the contextual forces are that shape the direction and make-up of boards. This Research Handbook provides inspiration for researchers and practitioners interested in the manifold dimensions and facets of context surrounding boards of directors.

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Boards of directors are complex systems, and it is imperative to understand what the contextual forces are that shape the direction and make-up of boards. This Research Handbook provides inspiration for researchers and practitioners interested in the manifold dimensions and facets of context surrounding boards of directors.

The contributions identify the complexity and multiplicity of contexts in which boards of directors work and operate, as well as indicating how board members interact with, and influence their contexts. The chapters explore national and institutional differences, divergent understandings of board requirements, climate change and boards’ duties, transformation due to digitalisation, family firms, and micro-contextual dynamics affecting boards and their decisions. This Research Handbook promotes board accountability, questions the relative position of companies in society, and reconsiders governance from a multiple context, multi-actor perspective.

Building a greater understanding of the main issues and theories surrounding boards of directors, this Research Handbook will be ideal for
students and scholars of business and governance. Practitioners and policy makers can also find material for their evolving frameworks.
Critical Acclaim
‘The book is a reference point for international corporate governance scholars. In particular, the heterogeneity of the topics represents a key strength of the book, especially for young researchers.’
– Domenico Rocco Cambrea, Journal of Management and Governance

‘The 21st century global systems dynamics calls for the development of radical new perspectives on corporate governance. The Research Handbook on Boards of Directors edited by Jonas Gabrielsson, Wafa Khlif and Sibel Yamak brings together a great collection of themes and topics provided by experts in their fields that will set the agenda for corporate governance research for the years to come.’
– Hans van Ees, University of Groningen, the Netherlands
Contributors: L. Baines, B.K. Boyd, X. Castañer, M. Cikaliuk, A. Cirillo, T. Clarke, S.-O.Y. Collin, L. Eraković, S.S. Farquhar, P. Gabaldón, J. Gabrielsson, M.A. Geletkanycz, V. Grinevich, K. Hellerstedt, M. Huse, C. Ingley, M. Izquierdo Barriuso, B. Jackson, S. Jahn, A. Kakabadse, N.K. Kakabadse, M. Karataş-Özkan, N. Kavadis, W. Khlif, E.S. Le Bruyn Goldeng, S. Machold, A. Meineke, E. Molleman, F. Morais, A. Moyeen, D. Mussolino, C. Noonan, M. Nordqvist, M. Ogunseyin, D. Pittino, J. Pousset, A. Pugliese, A. Rigolini, K.A. Seny Kan, E. Smith, T. Steger, B. Usdiken, D.B. Veltrop, F. Visintin, S. Watson, P. Wells, D. Yar Hamidi, S. Yamak, O. Yildirim-Oktem, A. Zattoni

1. “When in Rome, do as the Romans do”? A call for more context sensitive research on boards of directors
Jonas Gabrielsson, Wafa Khlif and Sibel Yamak

Part I The inside
Board behaviour and performance
2. Board informal hierarchy and board performance
Dennis B. Veltrop and Eric Molleman

3. Dealing with strategic tensions on the board: The role of the chair in fostering engagement and debate
Filipe Morais, Andrew Kakabadse and Nada K. Kakabadse

4. The determinants of trust in the boardroom
Michael A. Ogunseyin, Stuart S. Farquhar and Silke Machold

5. Narcissism: A covert threat to functional board dynamics
Joanna Pousset

6. Opening the black box of boards of directors: Taking stock of recent studies on board dynamics
Alessandro Zattoni and Amedeo Pugliese

Boards in family firms
7. Family directors monitoring non-family managers: The impact of family representation in the board of directors on CEO replacement decisions after poor performance
Daniel Pittino and Francesca Visintin

8. Analysing the board of directors in family firms: An integrated framework for future research directions
Alessandro Cirillo and Donata Mussolino

Part II The outside
Re-visiting the concept of independence
9. Independent directors: Experience and value in contrasting economic contexts
Philippa Wells, Abdul Moyeen and Coral Ingley

10. The management of independent directors: A praxis hypothesis
Sven-Olof Yrjö Collin and Elin Smith

Interconnections and impacts
11. Board of Directors: Building Relationships with Non-Shareholder Stakeholders
Monique Cikaliuk, Ljiljana Eraković, Brad Jackson, Chris Noonan and Susan Watson

12. The changing role of the chairperson of the board: An analysis of business press articles in UK, USA and Germany
Alexander Meineke, Karin Hellerstedt and Mattias Nordqvist

13. Multiple board memberships and the inner circle in family business groups
Behlül Üsdiken and Özlem Yildirim-Öktem

14. The effect of the introduction of the gender quota regulation among public limited companies’ boards in Norway: Taking stock, looking ahead
Eskil Sønju Le Bruyn Goldeng, Alessandra Rigolini and Patricia Gabaldon

Part III The environments
National contexts
15. Governance research and practice in the 21st century: Taking stock of board reforms
Marta A. Geletkanycz and Brian K. Boyd

16. Institutions, governance, and strategy in a changing global landscape: The case of boards of directors in large listed firms in France
Nikolaos Kavadis and Xavier Castañer

17. Board of directors within African contexts: Current perspectives and key directions for future research
Konan Anderson Seny Kan

18. Roles and tasks of German supervisory boards: An exploratory view
Thomas Steger and Steffen Jahn

Global trends
19. Corporate governance and climate change: The new zeitgeist of sustainability for boards of directors
Thomas Clarke

20. Digitalisation and the role of the board
Linda Baines, Vadim Grinevich and Mine Karatas-Ozkan

21. On value and value creation: Perspectives from board research and practice in SMEs
Daniel Yar Hamidi

22. Rethinking boards and governance in the digital era: Implications for practice and research
Alessandra Rigolini, Jonas Gabrielsson, Mirian Izquierdo Barriuso and Morten Huse

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