Research Handbook on Climate Change Adaptation Law


Research Handbook on Climate Change Adaptation Law

2nd edition

9781800371484 Edward Elgar Publishing
Edited by Jonathan Verschuuren, Tilburg Law School, the Netherlands
Publication Date: 2022 ISBN: 978 1 80037 148 4 Extent: 448 pp
This thoroughly revised Research Handbook on Climate Change Adaptation Law brings together leading scholars in the field to summarise and assess key topics including tort and insurance law, disaster law, water law and marine law as well as biodiversity law and pollution control.

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This thoroughly revised Research Handbook on Climate Change Adaptation Law brings together leading scholars in the field to summarise and assess key topics including tort and insurance law, disaster law, water law and marine law as well as biodiversity law and pollution control.
Providing a comprehensive review of new challenges faced as a result of a changing climate, this Second Edition considers the adaptation necessary to address the ongoing impacts from the warming of the Earth’s atmosphere at international, regional and domestic levels. It also analyses the legal instruments that go beyond helping societies to adapt to the changing climate, and assist in compensating victims of climate change damage. Chapters suggest forward-thinking approaches for how future policies and laws could help to create more climate resilient and stable societies, and offer a new insight into how climate change can affect both the local and international dimensions of security.
With its transnational and multilevel approach, this Research Handbook is an essential resource for academics in the field of climate change policy and law as well as policy makers, NGOs and other government officials working in the field of climate change.
Critical Acclaim
‘With this second edition of the Research Handbook on Climate Change Adaptation Law, Jonathan Verschuuren and colleagues offer the necessary legal tools for the indispensable legal framework countries need to adapt to climate change. It was, is and remains the definitive text on climate change adaptation law for the coming years.’
– Kurt Deketelaere, KU Leuven, Belgium and University of Helsinki, Finland

‘The significantly updated second edition of this Research Handbook remains an indispensable resource on this important topic. It brings together leading experts on adaptation to consider a long list of key sectors and on critical cross-cutting issues, such as climate justice, displacement, and compensation. It does so at a level that is meaningful and insightful, without getting lost in the subtleties of the diverse legal systems challenged to deal with adaptation.’
– Meinhard Doelle, Dalhousie University, Canada

‘This is a very significant book dealing with climate change adaptation law, especially since under the Paris Agreement national and local adaptation planning is becoming more mainstream. The great value of this book is that it encompasses climate change adaptation in a holistic manner dealing with the following fields, which are affected by climate change and extreme weather conditions: tort law, property law, insurance law, disaster law, water law, marine law, planning law, biodiversity law, building and construction law, environmental law, migration law, agricultural law, and energy law. This book presents the most complete analysis of the problem of climate change adaptation and is a very important recent contribution to general knowledge concerning climate change.’
– Malgosia Fitzmaurice, Queen Mary University of London, UK
Contributors: Robert W. Adler, Sophie Pieternel de Bruin, Daniel A. Farber, Michael Faure, Keith H. Hirokawa, Tuula Honkonen, Nicola Jägers, Rosemary Lyster, Seita Romppanen, Jonathan Rosenbloom, Tim Stephens, Arie Trouwborst, Dewald van Niekerk, Robert R.M. Verchick, Jonathan Verschuuren, Lindsay F. Wiley, Michelle C. Zaludek

Preface xii
1 Introduction to climate change adaptation 1
Jonathan Verschuuren
2 Climate change adaptation under the United Nations
Framework Convention on Climate Change and related documents 14
Jonathan Verschuuren
3 Adaptation, loss and damage and climate justice 30
Rosemary Lyster
4 Climate change-induced displacement, migration and
international law 67
Nicola Jägers
5 Climate change adaptation and compensation 104
Michael Faure
6 Climate change adaptation and disaster law 134
Dewald van Niekerk
7 Climate change adaptation and public health law 157
Lindsay F. Wiley
8 Climate change adaptation and agricultural and forestry law 197
Robert W. Adler
9 Climate change adaptation and water law 233
Jonathan Verschuuren
10 Climate change adaptation in marine and coastal areas and
international law 253
Tim Stephens
11 Climate change adaptation and biodiversity law 274
Arie Trouwborst
12 Climate change adaptation and land use law 298
Keith H Hirokawa, Jonathan Rosenbloom and Michelle Zaludek
13 Climate change adaptation and green building 330
Tuula Honkonen and Seita Romppanen
14 Climate change adaptation and environmental and pollution
control law 349
Jonathan Verschuuren
15 Climate-induced disasters and electricity infrastructure 356
Rosemary Lyster, Daniel A. Farber and Robert M. Verchick
16 Security dimensions of climate change adaptation 390
Sophie Pieternel de Bruin

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