Research Handbook on Complex Project Organizing


Research Handbook on Complex Project Organizing

9781800880276 Edward Elgar Publishing
Edited by Graham M. Winch, Professor of Project Management, Alliance Manchester Business School, UK, Maude Brunet, Assistant Professor, Department of Management, HEC Montréal, Canada and Dongping Cao, Associate Professor, Department of Construction Management and Real Estate, School of Economics and Management, Tongji University, China
Publication Date: 2023 ISBN: 978 1 80088 027 6 Extent: 422 pp
This Research Handbook provides a cutting-edge review of complex project organizing (CPO), and suggests fruitful avenues for future research with a focus on grand challenges and a sustainable future.

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This Research Handbook provides a cutting-edge review of complex project organizing (CPO), and suggests fruitful avenues for future research with a focus on grand challenges and a sustainable future.

Split into four sections, this Research Handbook addresses transitions within the field of CPO that could, and should, take place to achieve our shared aspirations for a better future. Featuring a team of contributors that is both interdisciplinary and geographically widespread, chapters provide a clarification of core concepts of complex project organizing, comprehensive coverage of leading theoretical perspectives for CPO, as well as a discussion of key empirical research themes. In particular, special attention is given to the implications of Industry 4.0 for complex project organizing.

The Research Handbook on Complex Project Organizing develops a guiding path to help academics – both established and early career – and research students in the fields of business leadership, operations management, and knowledge management navigate through these important topics, and envision how to respond to the grand challenges we all face.
Critical Acclaim
‘Modern projects, whether undertaken by public organizations for societal benefit or private firms for commercial advantage, pose a genuine challenge for their sponsors, who often discover belatedly that their technical challenges are quickly eclipsed by other layers of complexity involved in managing myriad stakeholders (team members, cooperating organizations, public advocacy groups, and so forth). The more we can identify – in advance – the combination of technical and behavioral challenges to be addressed and begin to formulate the best means to respond to these challenges, the greater the likelihood our projects will realize their often lofty goals. Professors Winch, Brunet, and Cao have created a singularly valuable book that comes at a welcome and opportune moment, as public and private sector money to be spent on projects continues to balloon. The work of three acknowledged, world-class thinkers on project management, Research Handbook on Complex Project Organizing is destined to be an immediate and significant addition to the literature and current managerial practice. Its arrival is both timely and of critical importance to our deeper understanding of project management challenges in the twenty-first century.’
– Jeffrey K. Pinto, The Pennsylvania State University, US
Contributors: KirPintosi Aaltonen, Fran Ackermann, Monique Aubry, Sihem Ben Mahmoud-Jouini, Tyson R. Browning, Maude Brunet, Dongping Cao, Lisa Carlgren, Stewart Clegg, Pierre A. Daniel, Eric Daniel, Therese Dille, David John Edwards, Faris Elghaish, Juliette Engelhart, Karim Farghaly, Hans Georg Gemünden, Burak Gozluklu, Markus Hällgren, Tor Hernes, M. Reza Hosseini, Pierre-André Hudon, Martina Hueman, Lavagnon A. Ika, Klaudia Jaskula, Anne Keegan, Christof Kier, Alexander Kock, Jere Lehtinen, Roine Leiringer, Weisheng Lu, David Lowe, Stephan Manning, Igor Martek, Miia Martinsuo, Eunice Maytorena-Sanchez, Ata Ul Musawir, Johan Ninan, Eleni Papadonikolaki, Nicolas Paquet, Peerasit Patanakul, Jeffrey K. Pinto, Julien Pollack, Jens K. Roehrich, Luca Sabini, Natalya Sergeeva, Shiting Shao, Qian Shi, Gilbert Silvius, Anders Söderholm, Jonas Söderlund, Brian Squire, John Sterman, Jörg Sydow, Rodney Turner, Anne Live Vaagaasar, Alfons van Marrewijk, Guangbin Wang, Graham M. Winch, Jennifer Whyte, Chao Xiao, Jinying Xu, Huijin Zhang, Shanjing Zhou

Foreword xv
Rodney Turner
Acknowledgements xvii
1 Introduction to the Research Handbook on Complex Project Organizing 1
Graham M. Winch, Maude Brunet and Dongping Cao

2 Uncertainty 17
Graham M. Winch
3 Complexity 26
Tyson R. Browning
4 Projectivity 36
Graham M. Winch
5 Temporality 46
Anne Live Vaagaasar, Therese Dille and Tor Hernes

6 Contingency theory and its applications to complex project organizing 60
Peerasit Patanakul
7 System dynamics to understand and improve the performance of
complex projects 70
Burak Gozluklu and John Sterman
8 Transaction cost economics: governing the commercial interface 78
David Lowe
9 Organizing complex projects from neo-institutional perspectives 89
Jörg Sydow and Jonas Söderlund
10 Foucault’s governmentality and the issue of project collaboration 99
Stewart Clegg and Johan Ninan
11 Projects-as-practice: taking stock and moving on 107
Markus Hällgren and Anders Söderholm
12 Uncovering the role of non-human actors in projects 117
Julien Pollack and Stewart Clegg
13 Project organizing in network contexts 127
Stephan Manning
14 Multi-level project organizing: a complex adaptive systems perspective 138
Pierre A. Daniel and Eric Daniel
15 From duality to dualism in complex project organizing: structuration
and morphogenetic theory 148
Graham M. Winch
16 The contribution of design thinking to complex project organizing 158
Sihem BenMahmoud-Jouini and Lisa Carlgren

17 Project-based organizations: an overview of an emerging field of research 172
Jonas Söderlund
18 Project governance: conceptual and practical challenges in complex
project organizing 183
Ata Ul Musawir
19 Addressing the challenges of new product development by
Triple-A project management 193
Alexander Kock and Hans Georg Gemünden
20 Four research strategies for studying organizational project management 203
Monique Aubry
21 Governing inter-organisational relationships in large projects: a review
and future research agenda 213
Juliette Engelhart, Jens K. Roehrich and Brian Squire
22 Public-private partnerships as vectors of complexity 223
Pierre-André Hudon, Maude Brunet and Nicolas Paquet
23 Megaprojects: XL challenges in project organizing 233
Alfons van Marrewijk
24 A complexity perspective on project stakeholder management 243
Jere Lehtinen, Christof Kier, Kirsi Aaltonen and Martina Huemann
25 Teaming for complex project organizing: a review of key concepts,
project teaming studies and questions for future research 254
Anne Keegan
26 Increasing the effectiveness of project management: using causal
mapping to integrate risk, uncertainty, and stakeholders 264
Fran Ackermann and Eunice Maytorena-Sanchez
27 Project narratives: directions for research 274
Natalya Sergeeva and Johan Ninan
28 Project value creation: sensemaking, shaping, and monitoring in
a project network 283
Miia Martinsuo
29 Nothing succeeds like success, but what is it anyway?
Reconceptualizing project success 293
Lavagnon A. Ika and Jeffrey K. Pinto
30 Owner project capabilities for complex project organising 303
Roine Leiringer
31 Embracing complexity in sustainable project management 312
Luca Sabini and Gilbert Silvius

32 Model-based definition and project organising: towards digital and
integrated project delivery 327
Dongping Cao, Shiting Shao and Guangbin Wang
33 Has the Internet of Things made a real difference to the management of
projects? 335
Igor Martek, M. Reza Hosseini, David John Edwards and Faris Elghaish
34 Artificial intelligence in project organizing 344
Chao Xiao, Qian Shi and Huijin Zhang
35 Taming complexity in project organising through blockchain 353
Eleni Papadonikolaki and Klaudia Jaskula
36 Big data analytics and project organizing 366
Weisheng Lu and Jinying Xu
37 A management flight simulator to catalyse learning about complex projects 375
Burak Gozluklu and John Sterman
38 The digital revolution and complex project organizing: towards Project
Management 4.0? 383
Jennifer Whyte, Karim Farghaly and Shanjing Zhou (Alexander)

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