Research Handbook on Democracy and Development


Research Handbook on Democracy and Development

9781788112642 Edward Elgar Publishing
Edited by Gordon Crawford, Centre for Trust, Peace and Social Relations, Coventry University, UK and Abdul-Gafaru Abdulai, Department of Public Administration & Health Services Management, University of Ghana Business School, Ghana
Publication Date: 2021 ISBN: 978 1 78811 264 2 Extent: 576 pp
Exploring and updating the controversial debates about the relationship between democracy and development, this Research Handbook provides clarification on the complex and nuanced interlinkages between political regime type and socio-economic development. Distinguished scholars examine a broad range of issues from multidisciplinary perspectives across Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America and the Middle East.

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Exploring and updating the controversial debates about the relationship between democracy and development, this Research Handbook provides clarification on the complex and nuanced interlinkages between political regime type and socio-economic development. Distinguished scholars examine a broad range of issues from multidisciplinary perspectives across Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America and the Middle East.
Analysing the relationship between political regime types, including varieties of democracies and autocracies, and broader development indicators, chapters cover economic growth, poverty and human development, inequality, corruption, conflict, human rights, and environmental sustainability. The Research Handbook examines longstanding and unresolved debates in the field over the past 60 years, as well as investigating contemporary issues of rising global inequalities, the resurgence of authoritarian populism, and the crisis of liberal democracy.

Thorough and invigorating, this will be an essential read for social science scholars and students, particularly those studying sociology, politics, economics and global development studies. Policy makers and government officials dealing with foreign affairs and international development will appreciate the detailed case studies the Research Handbook offers.   
Critical Acclaim
‘Democracy and development as inclusive pursuits do not come naturally to humans as self-interested actors. They require institutionalization and rules of practice to balance between autonomy and responsibility, the self and the collective. This impressive book, rich in theory and substantiation, reminds us why we must not give up on the imperatives of democracy and development despite the phenomenal challenges to their fulfillment.’
– Francis B. Nyamnjoh, University of Cape Town, South Africa

‘This is a volume of unusual quality, substantive breadth, and grounding in social science. The editors and contributors embed cutting-edge findings in the past two or three decades of scholarship on development and democracy, and on the relationship between the two. The volume will be valuable both as a resource and as a launching point for new research.’
– Catherine Boone, London School of Economics, UK

‘Too often it is taken for granted that democracy translates into development. The variety of reflections in this volume go beyond this convenient but far too easy equation. They offer valuable food for thought, motivating further deliberations in search and support of promoting and strengthening democracy as an ingredient to meaningful development.’
– Henning Melber, President of the European Association for Development Research and Training Institutes, Germany

‘Two of the most contested subjects in contemporary scholarship – democracy and development—are boldly unpacked, re-packaged, and (re)connected in this refreshing new text. The Handbook answers your foremost questions and foregrounds the timeliness and timelessness of these phenomena and their perplexities.’
– Olajumoke Yacob-Haliso, Babcock University, Nigeria

‘Crawford and Abdulai have brought together a wonderful slate of illustrious scholars to address central questions about the relationships between democracy, development, and sustainability. This brilliant handbook is a “must-have” guide alike for new learners looking for an introduction to seasoned researchers seeking a ready reference. An invaluable resource for political scientists, sociologists, anthropologists, economists, and many multidisciplinary scientists among others.’
– Arun Agrawal, University of Michigan, US and Editor-in-Chief, World Development
Contributors: A.-G. Abdulai, B.A. Andreassen, L.F. Angosto-Ferrández, G. Bauer, S.I. Bergh, B. Bukenya, Y. Cabannes, G. Carbone, A. Cassani, G. Crawford, A. Croissant, L. Cvetanoska, R.K. Edozie, M. Evans, A.K. Fosu, D.J. Kjosavik, C.H. Knutsen, I. Kubbe, T. Lodge, A. McCulloch, S. Ozel, A. Özerdem, L. Pelke, A. Pellegata, E. Ranta, J. Ribot, A. Rocha Menocal, M.T. Rock, M.H. Ross, I. Salamey, S.-E. Skaaning, P. Söderbaum, F. Stewart

Introduction to Research Handbook on Democracy and Development : an
overview of the debates 1
Abdul-Gafaru Abdulai and Gordon Crawford

1 Democracy: contested concept with a common core 27
Svend-Erik Skaaning
2 Development: a multidimensional concept 45
Eija Ranta
3 Democracy and development: moving beyond the conundrum 60
Alina Rocha Menocal
4 Sen and development as freedom 79
Darley Jose Kjosavik

5 Neoliberal democracy vs neoliberal authoritarianism: capitalism and
democracy’s global contest in the twenty-first century 99
Rita Kiki Edozie
6 Autocracy and variations in economic development outcomes 117
Carl Henrik Knutsen
7 Varieties of autocracy and human development 135
Andrea Cassani

8 Democracy and growth in Africa 152
Michael T. Rock and Marc Howard Ross
9 Democracy and development in Africa 174
Augustin Kwasi Fosu
10 Leaders, multiparty elections and developmental performances in
sub-Saharan Africa 194
Giovanni Carbone and Alessandro Pellegata
11 Democracy and development in Latin America 212
Luis F. Angosto-Ferrández
12 Democracy and development in Asia 228
Aurel Croissant and Lars Pelke
13 Democracy and development in the MENA 250
Imad Salamey
14 Democracy, development and Islam 263
Michael T. Rock and Soli Ozel

15 Corruption, democracy and development: the role of the European Union 293
Ina Kubbe and Liljana Cvetanoska
16 Human rights and development: civic engagement, approaches and outcomes 313
Bård A. Andreassen

17 Consociational democracy: compromise or collapse? 331
Allison McCulloch
18 Post-conflict reconstruction and democracy promotion 347
Alpaslan Özerdem
19 Transitional justice, transformative justice, democracy and development 359
Matthew Evans
20 South Africa: democracy and development in the post-apartheid era 372
Tom Lodge

21 Why inequality is democracy’s catch-22 392
Alina Rocha Menocal
22 Gender inequality and democracy in Africa 408
Gretchen Bauer
23 Horizontal inequalities and democracy 420
Frances Stewart

24 Participatory budgeting: contributions to reversing social and spatial priorities 442
Yves Cabannes
25 NGOs and the democratic space within Uganda’s emerging oil sector 462
Badru Bukenya
26 Democratic decentralization and local development: insights from
Morocco’s advanced regionalization process 482
Sylvia I. Bergh

27 Representation, citizenship and the public domain: choice and
recognition in natural resource decentralization 503
Jesse Ribot
28 Democracy, ideological orientation and sustainable development 522
Peter Söderbaum

Index 536
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