Research Handbook on EU Agriculture Law


Research Handbook on EU Agriculture Law

9781781954614 Edward Elgar Publishing
Edited by Joseph A. McMahon, Full Professor of Commercial Law, University College Dublin, Ireland and Michael N. Cardwell, Professor of Agricultural Law, University of Leeds, UK
Publication Date: December 2015 ISBN: 978 1 78195 461 4 Extent: 608 pp
Following the conclusion of the latest round of reforms to the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) in 2013, the Research Handbook on EU Agriculture Law provides an up-to-date discussion of these reforms and the changing landscape in which the CAP now operates.

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Following the conclusion of the latest round of reforms to the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) in 2013, the Research Handbook on EU Agriculture Law provides an up-to-date discussion of these reforms and the changing landscape in which the CAP now operates.

Adopting an interdisciplinary approach, and with international contributors from across Europe and the United States, the Handbook commences with analyses of the legal instruments which implement the reformed CAP, before moving on to consider questions of land use, the role of agriculture within the wider food chain and the international dimension. In these contexts, particular issues identified include: the environmental impact of past, present and future farming practices; the ability of the food chain to accommodate consumer preferences and scientific innovation; and the hurdles to be cleared before international consensus can be reached on a whole range of agricultural imperatives.

As well as providing a state-of-the-art point of reference for academics, this comprehensive book will be of great interest to students, scholars and policymakers dealing with these new challenges faced by agriculture in the EU.
Critical Acclaim
‘This volume covers an impressively wide ground of issues related to (and originating from) the EU''s Common Agricultural Policy, from both a domestic and an international perspective. Legal, economic and political matters are treated by top-class scholars. Each individual chapter is worth reading, and collectively they constitute a treasure chest of highly valuable insights into the operation and deficits of the CAP.’
– Stefan Tangermann, former OECD Director for Trade and Agriculture
Contributors: J. Antón, D. Baldock, D. Blandford, L. Bodiguel, M.N. Cardwell, M.G. Desta, A. Di Lauro, M. Dobbs, C. Häberli, D. Harvey, K. Hassapoyannes, W. Howarth, B. Jack, T. Josling, I. Kireeva, C. MacMaoláin, A. Matthews, J.A. McMahon, B. O’Connor, R. O’Gorman, C. Potter, C. Rodgers, F. Smith, S. Switzer, J. Vandenberghe


1. What does the History of the Common Agricultural Policy Tell Us?
David Harvey

2. The Direct Payments Regime: Delivering ‘a Fair Standard of Living for the Agricultural Community’?
Michael N. Cardwell

3. The Single Common Market Organization Regulation
Jan Vandenberghe

4. Risk Management in Agriculture: What Role for Policy in the New Common Agricultural Policy?
Jesús Antón

5. Agricultural Multifunctionality, Working Lands and Public Goods: Contested Models of Agri-environmental Governance under the Common Agricultural Policy
Clive Potter

6. Twisted Together: European Agriculture, Environment and the Common Agricultural Policy
David Baldock

7. Environmental Governance and Land Use Policy in Tension? Applying Environmental Impact Assessment to Intensive Agriculture
Christopher Rodgers

8. The Common Agricultural Policy in 2020: Responding to Climate Change
David Blandford and Katharina Hassapoyannes

9. European Union Biofuels Policy: Past, Present and Future?
Stephanie Switzer

10. Agriculture and Water Pollution
Brian Jack

11. Integrated Water Resources Management and the European Union’s Common Agricultural Policy
William Howarth

12. Food Labelling Requirements in European Union Law: Creating the Right Package of Measures to Achieve the Aims of Common Agricultural Policy 2020
Caoimhín MacMaoláin

13. The New European Regulation on Quality Schemes for Agricultural Products and Foodstuffs
Irina Kireeva

14. Organic Food and Farming in the European Union
Tim Josling

15. Of Eggs, and Seals, and Leghold Traps: Internal and External Public Morality as a Factor in European Union Animal Welfare Legislation
Roderic O’Gorman

16. Co-existence of Genetically Modified Organisms in the European Union: a Veritable Choice for Whom?
Mary Dobbs

17. Food Safety Policy in a Time of Technofoods: Risk, Governance and Legal Issues Relating to Nanofoods
Luc Bodiguel and Alessandra Di Lauro

18. The Impact of the Doha Round on the European Union’s Common Agricultural Policy
Bernard O’Connor

19. Mind the Gap: ‘Greening’ Direct Payments and the World Trade Organization
Fiona Smith

20. The Story of Community Preference for Food Security
Christian Häberli

21. The European Union Common Agricultural Policy: Contributing towards the Millennium Development Goal on the Reduction of Hunger?
Melaku Geboye Desta

22. The Common Agricultural Policy and Development
Alan Matthews

23. Implementing the European Consensus on Development: Trade and Agriculture
Joseph A. McMahon

24. Looking Back to Look Forward
Michael N. Cardwell and Joseph A. McMahon


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