Research Handbook on Export Marketing


Research Handbook on Export Marketing

9781784710804 Edward Elgar Publishing
Edited by Craig C. Julian, Senior Lecturer in Marketing, Southern Cross University, Queensland, Australia
Publication Date: 2016 ISBN: 978 1 78471 080 4 Extent: 448 pp
The Research Handbook on Export Marketing profiles the main theoretical frameworks used in export marketing, the contingency approach; the eclectic paradigm; industrial organization approach; resource-based view and relational exchange theory. Through the exploration of these salient theoretical outlooks, this Handbook outlines the development of export marketing theory from its inception to current day.

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There has been a proliferation of research published in the area of export marketing in the last four decades. As research output has grown, some previous research has noted that poor conceptualization of performance measures can produce weak theoretical foundations that may eventually become irrelevant in practice. This Handbook aims to inject rigour into this debate and will act as a starting point for future research on export marketing.

The Research Handbook on Export Marketing profiles the following main theoretical frameworks used in export marketing: contingency theory; the eclectic paradigm; industrial organization theory; resource-based theories; relational exchange theory; internationalization process theory; network theory; agency theory and transaction cost economics. The different measures of export marketing performance cited in the literature, together with the nature of the relationships between antecedent variables and dependent variables of export marketing performance, are also examined. With expert contributions, this book outlines the development of export marketing theory from its inception to the current day and explores the utility of export marketing theory in assessing export marketing performance.

Giving prominence to theoretical approaches in export marketing, this book will provide a necessary reference point for academics and students alike researching export marketing. Practitioners engaged in the pursuit of export management will also benefit from this insight.
Critical Acclaim
‘The Research Handbook on Export Marketing provides a wealth of vital knowledge from scholars who are experts in their fields from around the world. The book emphasizes the most topical issues in international marketing today – small and medium enterprises, exporting performance, the services sector, new products, and dynamic capabilities. The articles are well written and informative. The volume makes an excellent contribution to this important literature.’
– Gary Knight, Willamette University, US
Contributors: Y. Ali, M. Amin, S. Arora, Y. Asseraf, B. Aykol, V. Bamiatzi, D.L. Dean, F. Durrieu, I. Ferreira, J. Heyl, A. Hinterhuber, C.C. Julian, E.T. Kahiya, I. Kardes, O.T. Koc, L.C. Leonidou, L.-Y. Li, S.M. Liozu, J. Liu, T.K. Madsen, G.O. Ogunmokun, J.C. Pinho, S. Rezaei, Md. A. Saleh, S. Samiee, A.K. Shamsuddoha, A. Shoham, C.A. Solberg, A.A.C. Teixeira

1. Impact of Export Promotion Programs on SME Export Performance: Empirical Evidence from an Emerging Nation
M. Y. Ali and A. K. Shamsuddoha

2. Dynamic Capabilities and International Performance of SMEs: The Interaction Effect of Relational Social Capital
José Carlos Pinho

3. The Impact of Strategic Orientations on Export Marketing Strategy: New Classification and Typology
Yoel Asseraf and Aviv Shoham

4. Organizational Characteristics and Performance of Public Export Promotion Agencies: Portugal and Ireland Compared
Inês Ferreira and Aurora A. C. Teixeira

5. Internationalization Processes of Professional Service Firms
Tage Koed Madsen

6. Pricing Capabilities: Design, Development and Validation of a Scale and Implications for Export
Stephan M. Lizou and Andreas Hinterhuber

7. The Impact of Globalization Drivers on Strategy-Performance Relationships in International Markets
Carl Arthur Solberg and François Durrieu

8. Antecedents and Consequences of SME Importers’ Relationship with Foreign Suppliers: A Transaction Cost Approach
Md. Abu Saleh, M. Yunus Ali and Craig C. Julian

9. The Dynamic Nature of the Export Development Undertaking: Implications for Researchers and Practitioners
Eldrede T. Kahiya, David L. Dean and Jeff Heyl

10. A Capacity Building Framework for the Internationalisation of Firms from Emerging Economies
Soma Arora

11. The Effect of Prior Assessment of New Product Ideas on the Performance of New Product Export Ventures in International Marketing
Gabriel O Ogunmokun and Ling-yee Li (Esther)

12. Using the Eclectic Paradigm as a Theoretical Lens to Examine the Performance Outcomes of Financial Services Exporters
Craig C. Julian

13. The Resource-Based View (RBV) and the Industrial Organization Theoretical Frameworks: Are Both Required to Explain Export Marketing
Craig C. Julian

14. The Impact of Knowledge Management, Brand Orientation and Global Marketing Strategy on Performance
Craig C. Julian, Sajad Rezaei and Muslim Amin

15. Evolution of the Export Marketing Literature Through Cavusgil’s Seminal Writings
Ozlem Tuba Koc and Jingting Liu

16. Cavusgil’s Contribution to Export Marketing Management and Strategy
Vassiliki (Vicky) Bamiatzi and Ilke Kardes

17. Exploring the Theoretical Foundations of the Exporter-Importer Relationship Research
Saeed Samiee, Leonidas C. Leonidou and Bilge Aykol


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