Research Handbook on International Law and Terrorism


Research Handbook on International Law and Terrorism

9781783476305 Edward Elgar Publishing
Edited by Ben Saul, Challis Chair of International Law, University of Sydney, Australia; Associate Fellow, Chatham House, Associate Fellow, International Centre for Counter-Terrorism in The Hague and a Consultant for the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (Terrorism Prevention Branch), UK
Publication Date: 2016 ISBN: 978 1 78347 630 5 Extent: 832 pp
This Handbook brings together leading scholars and practitioners to examine the prolific body of international laws governing terrorism. It exhaustively covers the global response to terrorism in transnational criminal law, the international law on the use of force, international humanitarian law, international human rights law, the law of State responsibility, the United Nations Security Council, General Assembly, UN specialised bodies, and regional organisations. It also addresses special legal issues in dealing with terrorism such as gender, religion, victims of terrorism, weapons of mass destruction, and customary law.

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This landmark Handbook provides a comprehensive overview of all major areas of international counter-terrorism law and practice, both before and after the terrorist attacks of 11 September 2001. The specially commissioned, original chapters assess how international law addresses terrorism from the perspectives of human rights, the law of armed conflict, the law on use of force, and international criminal law.

With contributions from leading scholars and practitioners in the field, the book addresses the major controversies in the global legal response to terrorism, including the war on terror, drone strikes and targeted killings, torture and renditions, indefinite detention, military trials, UN Security Council measures and sanctions, judicial supervision, the issue of gender, and the role of Islam. Each chapter provides a succinct overview and critical commentary of the law. The law of regional organisations and selected national practice are also examined.

International law scholars and practitioners, as well as government and United Nations legal advisers, will find this an invaluable reference on a complex area of legal inquiry.
Critical Acclaim
‘This landmark book is for scholars and practitioners seeking an authoritative source on current international counter-terrorism law and practice.’
– Asian Journal of International Law

‘The 40 experts assembled by Ben Saul who are addressing the many-faceted legal issues connected to the ever-expanding meaning of “terrorism” are remarkable. Even after 50 years of scholarship on the subject, a book like this one is both relevant and useful.’
– Cherif Bassiouni, DePaul University, College of Law, US
Foreword by Georges Abi-Saab
Contributors: K. Ambos, R. Arnold, J. Atwell, I. Bantekas, S. Borelli, I. Bottigliero, J. Boulden, E. Chadwick, S. Chesterman, G. Cheung, J. Cockayne, E. Crawford, F. de Londras, M. Di Filippo, A. du Plessis, H. Duffy, M. Ewi, D. Fidler, M. Flanagan, C. Forcese, G. Gilbert, L. Ginsborg, E. Guild, R. Gunaratna, L.M. Hinojosa-Martínez, J. Huckerby, D. Kretzmer, A. Lynch, G. Mettraux, C. Murphy, E. Papastavridis, A.R. Perera, M. Porret, J. Rehman, M. Requena, Y. Ronen, K. Samuel, B. Saul, M. Sossai, L.S. Sunga, A. Timmermann, K. Trapp, D. Vagts, C. Walker, S. Witten, M. Wood, A. Zwitter

Ben Saul

1. The Definition(s) of Terrorism in International Law
Marcello Di Filippo

2. Terrorism and Customary International Law
Kai Ambos and Anina Timmermann

3. Terrorism and the International Law of State Responsibility
Kimberley Trapp

4. Aviation and International Terrorism
Juliet Atwell

5. Maritime Terrorism in International Law
Efthymios Papastavridis

6. Nuclear, Chemical and Biological Terrorism in International Law
David Fidler

7. The International Law on Terrorist Financing
Ilias Bantekas

8. The International Convention for the Suppression of Terrorist Bombings
Samuel Witten

9. The Draft United Nations Comprehensive Convention on International Terrorism
Amrith Rohan Perera

10. Gender, Counter-Terrorism and International Law
Jayne Huckerby

11. Islam, Terrorism, and International Law
Javaid Rehman

12. Terrorism and the International Law on the Use of Force
Michael Wood

13. Terrorism and International Humanitarian Law
Ben Saul

14. Terrorism and the International Law of Occupation
David Kretzmer

15. Terrorism and Targeted Killings in International Law
Emily Crawford

16. Terrorism and Military Trials
Detlev Vagts

17. Terrorism, War Crimes and the International Criminal Court
Roberta Arnold

18. Terrorism and Self-Determination
Elizabeth Chadwick

19. Humanitarian Action, Development, and Terrorism
Andrej Zwitter

20. International Human Rights Law and Terrorism: An Overview
Helen Duffy

21. Extraordinary Rendition, Counter-Terrorism, and International Law
Silvia Borelli

22. Torture and Counter-Terrorism
Ben Saul and Mary Flanagan

23. Counter-Terrorism Detention and International Human Rights Law
Fiona de Londras

24. Terrorism Prosecutions and the Right to a Fair Trial
Clive Walker

25. Terrorism and Freedom of Expression in International Law
Yaël Ronen

26. Terrorism, Surveillance and Privacy
Simon Chesterman

27. Terrorism and International Refugee Law
Geoff Gilbert

28. Terrorism and Migration Law
Elspeth Guild

29. Special Measures: Terrorism and Control Orders
Andrew Lynch

30. Judicial Supervision of Anti-Terrorism Laws in Comparative Democracies
Craig Forcese

31. Victims’ Redress Amidst Terrorism’s Changing Tactics and Strategies
Ilaria Bottigliero and Lyal S Sunga

32. The United Nations General Assembly and Terrorism
Jane Boulden

33. The Role of the United Nations Counter-Terrorism Implementation Task Force and the United Nations Counter-Terrorism Centre
Marc Porret

34. The Role of the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime’s Terrorism Prevention Branch
Marta Requena

35. The United Nations Security Council’s Counter-Terrorism Al-Qaida Sanctions Regime: Resolution 1267 and the 1267 Committee
Lisa Ginsborg

36. A Critical Assessment of the United Nations Security Council Resolution 1373
Luis Miguel Hinojosa-Martínez

37. The United Nations Special Tribunal for Lebanon: Prosecuting Terrorism
Guénaël Mettraux

38. Challenges in United Nations Counter-Terrorism Coordination
James Cockayne

39. The Legal Response to Terrorism of the European Union and Council of Europe
Cian Murphy

40. The Legal Response of the Organisation of American States in Combating Terrorism
Mirko Sossai

41. The Legal Response to Terrorism of the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation
Katja Samuel

42. Counter-Terrorism and Pan-Africanism: From Non-action to Non-indifference
Martin A. Ewi and Anton Du Plessis

43. Regional Legal Responses to Terrorism in Asia and the Pacific
Rohan Gunaratna and Gloria Cheung

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