Research Handbook on Motivation in Public Administration


Research Handbook on Motivation in Public Administration

9781789906790 Edward Elgar Publishing
Edited by Edmund C. Stazyk, Associate Professor, Rockefeller College of Public Affairs & Policy, Department of Public Administration and Policy, University at Albany, State University of New York and Randall S. Davis, Associate Professor, School of Management and Marketing, College of Business and Analytics, Southern Illinois University, US
Publication Date: 2022 ISBN: 978 1 78990 679 0 Extent: 448 pp
This cutting-edge Research Handbook brings together international scholars to provide a comprehensive overview of motivation within and beyond the field of public administration. Discussing the implications of contemporary research for theory and practice, it offers suggestions for the development of future research in the field.

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Critical Acclaim
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This cutting-edge Research Handbook brings together international scholars to provide a comprehensive overview of motivation within and beyond the field of public administration. Discussing the implications of contemporary research for theory and practice, it offers suggestions for the development of future research in the field.
Contributions offer cross-disciplinary and interdisciplinary insights into the theories that underpin motivation research and how motivation drives decisions across public, nonprofit, and private sector settings, highlighting key sector differences that influence decision-making. Covering a wide range of core motivational topics and subfields relevant to the study of public and nonprofit administration, chapters emphasize the key motivational factors that affect employee recruitment, selection, and retention and how they affect – and are affected by – employee behavior.
Providing a wide-ranging coverage of the field, this Research Handbook is critical reading for scholars, researchers, and upper-level students of public administration and policy. It will also benefit practitioners in public and nonprofit organizations in need of a deeper understanding of the links between motivation and employee behavior.
Critical Acclaim
‘This book is a breath of fresh air illuminating the theory and practice of motivating, cultivating, and caring for the public sector workforce at all levels of government. It is a must-read for scholars, practitioners, and students interested in building and sustaining a well-run public service.’
– Rosemary O’Leary, University of Kansas, US

‘Stazyk and Davis have assembled an all-star cast of public sector motivation researchers, from rising stars to revered veterans. This compendium of cutting-edged knowledge will surely become the bible for public sector motivation researchers.’
– Leisha DeHart-Davis, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, US

‘This comprehensive reader provides an inclusive and sweeping examination of the issues on the topic of motivation in public administration. It takes a broad view of motivation, with some coverage of public service motivation (PSM), but the book also addresses other critical topics surrounding and affecting employee motivation that are often overlooked, including non-monetary compensation, unionization, public pensions, job designs, and organizational justice. The coverage of both theoretical and applied applications, and the prominent scholars contributing to the reader make it a significant contribution to the literature addressing motivational issues in public administration. It goes beyond the standard fare and is a must-read for those interested in the research and practice of motivation in the field.’
– Norma M. Riccucci, Rutgers University, US

‘Every once in a while, an edited collection reframes and revitalizes the state of the art! Edmund C. Stazyk and Randall S. Davis have edited such a masterful collection by bringing together leading international scholars on public and nonprofit employee motivation, who provide an expansive and in-depth account of motivation theory, public sector context, key human resource management processes, and employee behavior.’
– Sanjay K. Pandey, George Washington University, US
Contributors: Yongjin Ahn, Michelle Allgood, Rick T. Borst, Neil M. Boyd, Jessica Breaugh, Gene A. Brewer, Leonard Bright, Jesse W. Campbell, Brian C. Chapman, Gang Chen, Randall S. Davis, Trent Engbers, Morgan Farnworth, Mary K. Feeney, Heather Getha-Taylor, David Giauque, Adam Green, John A. Hamman, Alexander C. Henderson, Stephen B. Holt, Ulrich Thy Jensen, Hyewon Kang, Minsung Michael Kang, Jisang Kim, J. Edward Kellough, Kai Xiang Kwa, Laura Langbein, Julie Langer, Branda Nowell, Jeremy N. Phillips, Jaclyn Piatak, Christian Pliscoff, Warefta Rahman, Hal G. Rainey, William G. Resh, Guillem Ripoll, Fei W. Roberts, Ellen V. Rubin, Pablo Sanabria-Pulido, Carina Schott, Jessica E. Sowa, Edmund C. Stazyk, LaShonda M. Stewart, Justin M. Strich, Rafaël Weissbrodt

1 Introduction to the Research Handbook on Motivation in Public
Administration 1
Edmund C. Stazyk and Randall S. Davis

2 The political economy of bureaucratic motivation 10
Yongjin Ahn and William Resh
3 Behavioral public administration and employee motivation 27
Carina Schott
4 The ins and outs of motivational crowding 39
Trent Engbers
5 Self-determination theory and public employee motivation research 57
Justin M. Stritch, Ulrich Thy Jensen and Michelle Allgood
6 Goals as a driver of public sector motivation 71
Edmund C. Stazyk and Jisang Kim
7 What do we know yet about public service motivation in Latin
America? A review of the evolution of empirical research 89
Pablo Sanabria-Pulido and Cristian Pliscoff
8 Experiments and qualitative methods: towards a methodological framework 105
Kai Xiang Kwa

9 Employee motivation across job sectors 122
Jaclyn Piatak
10 Monetary and non-monetary compensation in for-profit, nonprofit, and
public organizations: comparison and competition 137
Laura Langbein and Fei W. Roberts
11 Unionization and the motivational context in public management 154
Randall S. Davis and Warefta Rahman
12 Public pensions and employment in the public sector 168
Gang Chen and Hyewon Kang
13 Unreserved fund balance management practices in US counties 183
John A. Hamman, LaShonda M. Stewart, Brian C. Chapman and
Jeremy N. Phillips

14 Responsibility toward others is vital in public and non-profit
organizations: can we recruit, hire, and cultivate it? 201
Neil M. Boyd and Branda Nowell
15 Merit system integrity and public service motivation in the US federal
civil service: evidence on the importance of merit principles 219
Gene A. Brewer, J. Edward Kellough, and Hal G. Rainey
16 Job design and motivation: crafting the work of the public sector 234
Alexander C. Henderson and Jessica E. Sowa
17 Job design and public employee work motivation: towards an
institutional reading 249
David Giauque and Rafaël Weissbrodt
18 For the children? Teachers’ motivation and systems for recruitment,
retention, and evaluation 264
Stephen B. Holt
19 Public service motivation education and government career preferences:
a teaching agenda 284
Leonard Bright

20 Linking justice and employee performance in public organizations 293
Ellen V. Rubin and Minsung Michael Kang
21 Ethics, prosocial and public service motivation: disentangling their
relationship and identifying the implications for the public and
nonprofit sectors 307
Jessica Breaugh and Guillem Ripoll
22 Organizational identity orientation: a public sector research agenda 321
Julie Langer and Mary K. Feeney
23 Change-oriented organizational citizenship behavior in public
organizations: appropriateness, opportunity, risk, and public service
motivation 336
Jesse W. Campbell
24 Stressed versus motivated public employees: a systematic review
of the motivation and stress literatures through a contextualized job
demands-resources model 354
Rick T. Borst
25 Worked to a crisp: ‘realistic’ and ‘symbolic’ stressor effects on burnout 376
Adam C. Green
26 What happened to you? Understanding trauma and motivation in the
public service workplace 386
Heather Getha-Taylor and Morgan D. Farnworth

27 Conclusions: where does motivation research in public administration
go from here? 401
Randall S. Davis and Edmund C. Stazyk

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