Research Handbook on the Law of Professional Football Clubs


Research Handbook on the Law of Professional Football Clubs

9781802206968 Edward Elgar Publishing
Edited by Robby Houben, Professor of Sports Enterprise Law, Faculty of Law, University of Antwerp, Belgium
Publication Date: 2023 ISBN: 978 1 80220 696 8 Extent: 444 pp
This original Research Handbook examines the key legal aspects of a professional football club’s actions. Reflecting also on the role of key governing bodies such as UEFA, the Handbook informs and contributes to the ongoing debate surrounding the governance and behaviours of professional football clubs.

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This original Research Handbook examines the key legal aspects of a professional football club’s actions. Reflecting also on the role of key governing bodies such as UEFA, the Handbook informs and contributes to the ongoing debate surrounding the governance and behaviours of professional football clubs.

By placing professional clubs at the centre of the analysis, the Handbook offers an extensive overview of how law, particularly at a European level, is applied to professional football. Chapters explore key actors within the industry, from prominent governing bodies to players, examining how significant club changes such as transfers affect the economic and legal management of clubs. At a time when professional football is coming under increasing scrutiny, this Handbook will encourage critical thinking on the future of clubs’ design, organisation and function.

This illuminating Research Handbook will be of interest to law and business students endeavouring to investigate sports law and governance. It will additionally be beneficial to policymakers, along with legal and business actors, who are working with professional football clubs and seeking to reflect critically on industry features and legalities.
Critical Acclaim
‘This Research Handbook offers a thoughtful and systematic analysis of the most relevant issues surrounding professional football clubs’ law and governance. It is a timely and original work, which will enable academics, professionals and students to approach a wide range of topics from a multidisciplinary group of leading scholars and practitioners.’
– Carmen Pérez González, Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, Spain

‘Football law involves increasingly complex considerations. This legal handbook reflects the challenges of a legal nature that arise as a result of the commercialization and internationalization of professional football and is a must-read for football lawyers and others involved in the football industry.’
– Espen Auberg, formerly Head of Legal at the Norwegian FA and Attorney-at-Law, Advokatfirmaet NOVA DA, Oslo, Norway

‘With three cases pending before the Court of Justice of the EU in 2023, professional football''s governance confronts a perfect storm. The judges can pave the way for reform of football''s governance. This book and its editor deserve praise for their approach, highlighting the importance of the law for professional football and clubs in particular, and inspiring critical thinking.’
– Jean-Louis Dupont, Lawyer and Member of the Barcelona Bar, Dupont-Hissel, Spain

‘This book is a must have for all those interested in football and the law. It covers all material aspects relevant to professional football clubs. Importantly, it critically assesses professional football''s governance and elucidates its complex relationship with the EU rule of law, whilst at the same time providing food for thought on what sustainable professional football for the future could look like.’
– José Ángel Sánchez, Chief Executive Officer, Real Madrid, Spain

‘This Handbook, which focuses on the Law of Professional Football Clubs, features contributions from leading experts on various aspects of professional football, including organization, licensing, financial fair play, finances, players and compliance, corporate social responsibility, and dispute resolution. As we approach a crucial year for the future of European football, it is important to consider these topics from different academic perspectives.’
– Sergio González García, University Rey Juan Carlos, Spain
Contributors: Niels Appermont, Tom Bason, William W. Berry III, Priscilla Bortolin, William Bull, Andrea Cattaneo, Michele Colucci, Steve Cornelius, Michiel De Muynck, F.M. (Frans) de Weger, Christopher Flanagan, Hallgeir Gammelsæter, Annette Greenhow, Robby Houben, D.J. (Dannick) Luckson, William N. Morris, Richard Parrish, Siniša Petrović, Katarina Pijetlovic, Lennert Poelmans, Benoit Senaux, Shaun Star, Karolina Tetłak, Jacopo Tognon, Anne Van de Vijver, Wino van Veen, Roy Vermeer, Joost Vynckier, Stephen Weatherill

Introduction to the Law of Professional Football Clubs 1
Robby Houben

1 The football industry 7
Tom Bason and Benoit Senaux
2 Organisation of European professional football: A stakeholder theory analysis 29
Richard Parrish
3 The European football competition model (under stress) 48
Katarina Pijetlovic
4 Scoring across the pond—a comparison of football governance models 72
William W. Berry III and William N. Morris

5 Professional football club licensing in Europe 90
Wino van Veen
6 Owning a football club 116
Siniša Petrović
7 Financial fair play and financial monitoring in Europe 135
Christopher Flanagan
8 Managing more than a football club 161
Hallgeir Gammelsæter

9 The football club as media supplier: Media rights 176
Steve Cornelius
10 Commercial contracts: Sponsoring and ticketing 194
Shaun Star and Joost Vynckier
11 The football stadium 218
Andrea Cattaneo
12 The listed football club 237
Michiel De Muynck and Lennert Poelmans

13 The status and role of players in the football industry 259
Michele Colucci and Roy Vermeer
14 Player transfers 275
F.M. (Frans) de Weger and D.J. (Dannick) Luckson
15 Football agents 305
Stephen Weatherill
16 Taxation of professional football players and football clubs 326
Anne Van de Vijver and Karolina Tetłak

17 Compliance and money laundering in professional football: An evolving field 349
Niels Appermont and William Bull
18 Social responsibility, stakeholders and professional football clubs: From
‘window-dressing’ to civic wealth creation 370
Annette Greenhow
19 Dispute resolution in professional football 394
Jacopo Tognon and Priscilla Bortolin

Concluding remarks 408
Robby Houben

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