Research Handbook on Transnational Crime


Research Handbook on Transnational Crime

9781784719432 Edward Elgar Publishing
Edited by Valsamis Mitsilegas,Professor of European and Global Law, Dean of the School of Law and Social Justice, University of Liverpool, UK; Co-coordinator of the European Criminal Law Academic Network (ECLAN), Saskia Hufnagel, Senior Lecturer in Criminal Law, Queen Mary University of London and Anton Moiseienko, Research Fellow at the Centre for Financial Crime and Security Studies, Royal United Services Institute, London, UK
Publication Date: 2019 ISBN: 978 1 78471 943 2 Extent: 544 pp
This Research Handbook on Transnational Crime is an interdisciplinary, up-to-date guide to this growing field, written by an international cohort of leading scholars and experts. It covers all the major areas of transnational crime, providing a well-rounded, detailed discussion of each topic, and includes chapters focusing on responses to transnational crime in specific regions.

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The increasing prevalence of transnational crime in a mobile and interconnected world presents serious challenges, both in terms of analysing these issues and attempting to tackle and prevent them. This Research Handbook on Transnational Crime is an interdisciplinary, up-to-date guide to this growing field, written by an international cohort of leading scholars and experts.

The multifaceted nature of the problem is reflected in the structure of this innovative Research Handbook, covering all the major areas of transnational crime, including terrorism, money laundering, environmental crime, migration-related crime, human trafficking, drug trafficking, cybercrime and heritage crime. Each sector is examined through three dedicated chapters that consider in turn legal responses to a given crime, its current criminological understanding, and the practical challenges of policing and prosecution, providing a well-rounded, detailed discussion of each topic. This timely Research Handbook also includes chapters focusing on responses to transnational crime in specific regions, including the EU, the African Union, Asia, South America and ex-Soviet Union countries.

This Research Handbook will be crucial reading for academics and students with an interest in criminal justice and criminology, particularly those working on international and transnational crime. Policymakers and practitioners will also find its insights into practical challenges in the field invaluable.
Critical Acclaim
‘The publication of the Research Handbook on Transnational Crime is of significant interest. It is a strongly-formed and substantively mellifluous text that makes a significant scholarly contribution in the transnational crime space. They have produced a wide-ranging, balanced and useful resource for those who wish to study transnational crime from a variety of perspectives.’
– Robert J Currie, New Journal of European Criminal Law

‘The authors of this book have done an outstanding service to the body of knowledge on the topic by bringing together in one volume so many diverse viewpoints and interdisciplinary perspectives. The clearly structured narration, well-explained concepts, and landmark cases presented in a straightforward language, combined with an up-to-date interdisciplinary view of the challenges and risks posed by transnational crime, make this book indispensable for undergraduate and graduate students in courses on international criminal justice, contemporary issues of global security, and transnational security threats. The volume combines breadth with depth, enabling students to understand vital aspects of what constitutes transnational crime and the counteracting measures against it today.’
– Yuliya Zabyelina, Criminal Law and Criminal Justice Books

‘Since its first appearance in the 1990s, the theme of transnational crime has expanded its scope. Today it is a hugely diverse field of inquiry, analysis and action, with numerous challenges for contemporary researchers. This Research Handbook is exactly what is needed to prepare this fuzzy field for the future. It provides innovative perspectives, and a clear structure that helps to carve out common strands without losing out on diversity. For the first time regional perspectives below the global gaze help to capture difference and commonality, analysis and action. Congratulations to the three editors on an invaluable guide to theorizing, research and action that will help us to explore and navigate an increasingly difficult terrain.’
– Susanne Karstedt, Griffith University, Australia

‘This Research Handbook is a very innovative, perhaps even unique, trilateral (from a legal, criminological and policing perspective) analysis of important types of organised and professional crime in our globalised world like terrorism, migration crime, drug trafficking and cybercrime. Its well-organised collection of case studies is complemented by pieces on the manifestation and containment of transnational crime in a number of (sub)continents. In this way, the Research Handbook does justice to the global and local dimensions of this complicated and diversified phenomenon.’
– Cyrille Fijnaut, KU Leuven, Belgium

‘The editors have assembled a stellar list of scholars to provide a systematic introduction to current research on transnational crime. Structured in a unique way that draws together the work of specialists on legal responses, criminological perspectives and policing and prosecution in respect of each of the most important transnational crimes, the Research Handbook on Transnational Crime brings together in one volume a matchless interdisciplinary resource.''
– Neil Boister, University of Canterbury, New Zealand
Contributors: M. Bergström, N.l. Bhatia, L.Y.-C. Chang, D. Chappell, M. den Boer, J. Ferwerda, R. Fortson, F. Galli, P. Gottschalk, M.l. Grewcock, A. Grymaneli, M.J. Guia, R.V. Gundur, S.A. Hardy, Y. Holiday, S. Hufnagel, J. Lindley, A. Marks, S. Mehlbaum, V. Mitsilegas, A. Moiseienko, D. Mystris, E. Papastavridis, M. Peters, K. Polk, R.D. Pucci, W.E. Purvis, K. Roach, J. Sheptycki, M.-L. Skilbrei, E. Smith, T. Spapens, J. Ulph, G. Urbas, G.M. Vagliasindi, G. van Bueren, C. Walker, R.W.Y. Wong, S.N.M. Young


1 Introduction to the Research Handbook on Transnational Crime 1
Valsamis Mitsilegas, Saskia Hufnagel and Anton Moiseienko

2 Legal responses to transnational crime: a global perspective 5
Valsamis Mitsilegas
3 Criminological perspectives on transnational crime: interdisciplinary criminology and transnational crime 17
Nabil Bhatia and James Sheptycki
4 Policing and prosecution of transnational crime 32
Saskia Hufnagel

5 Legal perspectives on terrorism: is Europe unprepared? EU counter-terrorism policies to address the foreign fighters and returnees’ phenomena 52
Francesca Galli
6 Criminological perspectives on terrorism 66
Kent Roach and Clive Walker
7 Policing and prosecuting transnational terrorism: a comparative European perspective 81
Monica Den Boer
8 Legal perspectives on money laundering 98
Maria Bergström
9 Criminological perspectives on money laundering: the efficiency of anti-money laundering policies 112
Joras Ferwerda
10 Policing and prosecution of money laundering 122
Simon NM Young
11 Legal perspectives on environmental crime: the transnational dimension of environmental crime 142
Grazia Maria Vagliasindi
12 Criminological perspectives on environmental crime 162
Rebecca WY Wong
13 Policing and prosecution of transnational environmental crime 171
Toine Spapens and Shanna Mehlbaum
14 Legal perspectives on migration crime 183
Yewa Holiday
15 Criminological perspectives on migration crime: the policing of people smuggling and the abuse of refugees 199
Michael Grewcock
16 Policing and prosecution of migration crime: the Daedalus puzzle of European immigration policies: law in books and law in action in a corner of the EU 212
Maria João Guia
17 Legal perspectives on human trafficking 223
Geraldine Van Bueren QC
18 Criminological perspectives on human trafficking 236
May-Len Skilbrei
19 Policing and prosecution of human trafficking 247
Jade Lindley
20 Legal perspectives on drug trafficking 261
Amber Marks
21 The drug trade at a glance 272
WE Purvis and RV Gundur
22 Policing and prosecution of drug trafficking 300
Rudi Fortson QC
23 Legal perspectives on cybercrime 316
Gregor Urbas
24 Criminological perspectives on cybercrime: risk, routine activity, and cybercrime 327
Lennon Yao-Chung Chang
25 Policing and prosecution of cybercrime 344
Petter Gottschalk
26 Legal perspectives on heritage crime: reviewing due diligence measures for the art market 356
Janet Ulph
27 Criminological perspectives on heritage crime 383
Samuel Andrew Hardy
28 Policing and prosecution of heritage crime: revisiting the ‘Cordata’ – just how organised is the international traffic in cultural heritage? 403
Kenneth Polk and Duncan Chappell

29 Transnational crime in the European Union 414
Efthymios Papastavridis and Aikaterini Grymaneli
30 Transnational crime in the Meuse-Rhine Euroregion 436
Maaike Peters
31 Transnational crime in ex-Soviet countries 455
Anton Moiseienko
32 Transnational crime in Asia: causes, effects, challenges 472
Emiline Smith
33 Transnational crime in the African Union 482
Dominique Mystris
34 Transnational crime in South America 494
Rafael Diniz Pucci

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