Sustainable Land Management


Sustainable Land Management

Strategies to Cope with the Marginalisation of Agriculture

9781845429027 Edward Elgar Publishing
Edited by Floor Brouwer, Senior Research Scholar, Wageningen Research, the Netherlands, Teunis van Rheenen, Special Assistant to the Director General and Secretary to the Board of Trustees, International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI), US, Shivcharn S. Dhillion, Independent Consultant of ENVIRO-DEV, Norway and Anna Martha Elgersma, former Researcher, Norwegian University of Life Sciences (UMB), Department of Ecology and Natural Resource Management, Norway
Publication Date: 2008 ISBN: 978 1 84542 902 7 Extent: 264 pp
In large parts of the world, the reduction in viability of agriculture and rural areas is an escalating problem. Driven by a range of factors, including insufficient economic returns from land used agriculturally, ageing populations in rural areas and limited economic perspectives from agriculture and other land-based activities, marginalisation could induce harmful abandonment of the land or the loss of biodiversity and landscape features. New perspectives arise in rural areas and multifunctionality is often seen as a strategy to cope with marginalisation. This important book offers a contemporary overview of strategies employed to cope with marginalisation of the land and improve viability of the rural countryside. The study is based on detailed case studies undertaken in Europe, the USA, Japan and a number of developing countries.

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In large parts of the world, the reduction in the viability of agriculture and rural areas is an escalating problem. Sustainable Land Management offers a contemporary overview of the strategies employed to cope with the marginalisation of agriculture, through analyses of case studies and regional trends in marginalisation.

The authors argue that complexities and driving forces governing marginalisation are not always the same across nations and regions due to climate, geography, economics, legislation and political status. This book illustrates in what form these complexities exist, and how these unravel at the national and regional levels. As the need to understand and cope with marginalisation processes has developed, the concept of multi-functionality has also gained a vital place in the string of coping strategies. This work contributes essential knowledge for the development of marginalisation mitigation policy actions across the globe.

Informative and well-documented, this book will appeal to those researching and working in the fields of agricultural and resource economics, rural geography, environmental governance and sustainable development.
Contributors: A. Arnoldussen, E. Bouckníková, B. Breman, F. Brouwer, D. Cairol, P. Caron, T. Dax, S.S. Dhillion, M. Duffy, A.M. Elgersma, J. Fanta, A. Fehér, Y. Matsuki, M. Nagamatsu, T. Pinto-Correia, J. Rosell, G. Szabó, M.-L. Tapio-Biström, T. van Rheenen, H. Vihinen, L. Viladomiu, G. Wiesinger, A. Zamora, F. Zemek


1. Introduction
Floor Brouwer and Teunis van Rheenen

2. Understanding Marginalisation in the Periphery of Europe: A Multidimensional Process
Teresa Pinto-Correia and Bas Breman

3. Multifunctionality: What Do We Know of it?
Patrick Caron and Dominique Cairol

4. The Clock is Ticking for Rural America
Michael Duffy

5. Northern European Features and Vulnerability to Marginalisation: Exploring Indicators and Modes of Coping
Shivcharn S. Dhillion, Anna Martha Elgersma, Marja-Liisa Tapio-Biström and Hilkka Vihinen

6. Marginalisation of Rural Economies in the Czech Republic and Hungary
Alajos Fehér, Josef Fanta, Gábor Szabó and Frantisek Zemek

7. Rural Amenities in Mountain Areas
Thomas Dax and Georg Wiesinger

8. Marginalisation in Spanish Dry Areas: The Case of Villafáfila Lagoons Reserve
Jordi Rosell, Lourdes Viladomiu and Anna Zamora

9. How Visible is Marginalisation in Europe?
Teunis van Rheenen and Floor Brouwer

10. High Nature Value Farming and the Agri-food Chain in Japan
Yoichi Matsuki and Miki Nagamatsu

11. Social Capital: A Dynamic Force Against Marginalisation?
Georg Wiesinger, Hilkka Vihinen, Marja-Liisa Tapio-Bistrom and Gábor Szabó

12. Understanding the Quality of Agricultural Land Use Systems
Anna Martha Elgersma, Shivcharn S. Dhillion, Arnold Arnoldussen, Josef Fanta and Eva Boucníková

13. Emerging Perspectives on Changing Land Management Practices
Floor Brouwer, Teunis van Rheenen and Shivcharn S. Dhillion

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