The Economics of Copyright


The Economics of Copyright

Developments in Research and Analysis

9781843762638 Edward Elgar Publishing
Edited by Wendy J. Gordon, Professor of Law and Paul J. Liacos Scholar in Law, Boston University School of Law, US and Richard Watt, Associate Professor of Economics and Finance, University of Canterbury, New Zealand
Publication Date: 2003 ISBN: 978 1 84376 263 8 Extent: 232 pp
Presenting a selection of innovative research contributions written by some of the best-known academics in the field, The Economics of Copyright covers issues that are at the forefront of the implementation and management of copyright.

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Presenting a selection of innovative research contributions written by some of the best-known academics in the field, The Economics of Copyright covers issues that are at the forefront of the implementation and management of copyright.

The book touches on all aspects of copyright management including the effects of copyright piracy, optimal contractual arrangements between authors and publishers, copyright and antitrust issues, and collective management of copyright. This selection of papers not only shows how fruitful the study of copyright from an economic theory perspective has been, but they also clearly indicate the directions (and analytical tools) that will be of principal interest over the next few years, as research in this area flourishes.

Both legal scholars specialising in intellectual property and applied economics scholars will find this book of importance, as will organisations dealing with the management and protection of intellectual property rights. The book will also be good reading for any advanced university course dealing with the economics of copyright.
Critical Acclaim
‘With references to numerous works and covering latest developments in the field of copyright, the authors of this book propose solutions inspired by economic theory. It is a complex and interesting work, both for lawyers and economists, permitting a greater understanding of the economics of copyright.’
– e-Copyright Bulletin

‘In this book, the editors have assembled ten well-researched, insightful and accessible papers which cover the important issues relating to economics and copyright. In doing so, they have created a rich resource on current theories, which also indicates future areas of research. Due to the intensity of the subject matter and subsequent theoretical debates, the book would be of interest to those in academic circles or with a keen interest and understanding of the area.’
– Catherine Lee, Copyright Reporter

‘In contrast to patent law, copyright law has been rather neglected by economists, and the book edited by Gordon and Watt will go a distance toward righting the balance. The topics are varied, the economic analysis in them both rigorous and accessible.’
– Richard A. Posner, United States Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit and University of Chicago Law School, US

‘A valuable and intelligent compendium of analyses of an issue that is likely to prove increasingly crucial for economic efficiency and the general welfare. To those not conversant with the literature, the book is full of surprising and stimulating insights and analytic avenues. It takes us well beyond the obvious tradeoff between the benefits of stimulus of creativity and ease of dissemination that is the central issue, but by no means the only important issue for rules designed to protect intellectual property.’
– William J. Baumol, New York University and Princeton University, US
Contributors: J. Alonso, P. Belleflamme, B. Depoorter, J. Farchy, W.J. Gordon, S. Liebowitz, F. Parisi, G.B. Ramello, T. Regner, F. Rochelandet, L.N. Takeyama, R. Towse, R. Watt
Contents: Preface by Richard Watt Introduction by Wendy J. Gordon 1. Back to the Future: Can Copyright Owners Appropriate Revenues in the Face of New Copying Technologies? 2. Pricing Information Goods in the Presence of Copying 3. Piracy, Asymmetric Information and Product Quality 4. Copyright Policy, Cultural Policy and Support for Artists 5. Efficient Distribution of Copyright Income 6. Innovation of Music 7. Copyright and Antitrust Issues 8. Self-help Systems: Good Substitutes for Copyright or New Barriers to Competition? 9. The Market for Intellectual Property: The Case of Complementary Oligopoly 10. Are Copyright Collecting Societies Efficient Organisations? An Evaluation of Collective Administration of Copyright in Europe Index
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