The Economics of Pollution Control in the Asia Pacific


The Economics of Pollution Control in the Asia Pacific

9781858983073 Edward Elgar Publishing
Edited by Robert Mendelsohn, Edwin Weyerhaeuser Davis Professor of Forestry Policy, School of Forestry and Environmental Sciences and Professor of Economics, Department of Economics and School of Management, Yale University, New Haven, US and Daigee Shaw, Academia Sinica, Taiwan
Publication Date: 1996 ISBN: 978 1 85898 307 3 Extent: 384 pp
The Economics of Pollution Control in the Asia Pacific adapts environmental economics to the special conditions of the region.

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The Economics of Pollution Control in the Asia Pacific adapts environmental economics to the special conditions of the Asia Pacific region, emphasizing the importance of local conditions and culture.

Global warming, air pollution and water pollution are all addressed by a distinguished group of authors who rigorously apply economics to the analysis of pollution control in societies undergoing rapid industrialization. As this pioneering volume demonstrates, citizens of rapidly developing Taiwan and Korea are willing to pay substantial amounts for the protection and improvement of air and water quality, and face potentially huge losses from global climate change. A number of the papers also point to some cost effective alternatives for helping to reduce global greenhouse gas emission.

As this major book reveals, the make-up of Asian politico-economic systems has a direct impact on environmental policies, from benefit estimation to instrument choice. As the authors argue, policymakers and researchers in the Asia Pacific cannot draw on European and American methods, arguments and conclusions without considerable modification for regional conditions.
Critical Acclaim
‘The coverage is balanced in terms of applied work, theoretical work and political economy. In the chapters devoted to theory, there are useful illustrations of modelling economic actors in the environmental scene. . . . A number of interesting and valuable insights can be obtained from reading the book. . . . In sum, this is a good collection of papers covering both theory and empirical work on environment economics with a strong focus on countries in East Asia. The book can be used by senior undergraduates or graduates taking an environmental economics course. It is highly recommended.’
– Euston Quah, The Manchester School

‘This is an excellent book which, because of its mathematical content, will be of most value to environmental economists.’
– Terence P. Curran, Journal of Asian Business

‘. . . a useful book which effectively discusses the application of traditionally western valuation techniques in nonwestern societies . . . this book will provide empirically minded readers of Kyklos a lot to be enthused about.’
– Amitrajeet Batabyal, Kyklos
Contributors: R.C. Bishop, P. Chang, K.-L. Chen, Y. Chun, J. Coppel, L.-A. Fu, T.-T. Fu, J. Geaun, W. Harrington, W.-H. Hsieh, C.-H. Huang, V.T.Y. Hung, A. Krupnick, S.-J. Kwak, G.-P. Lee, H. Lee, J.-T. Liu, A.Y. Lu, R. Mendelsohn, W.H. Pan, C.S. Russell, D. Shaw, M.P. Welsh, H. Wu, P.-I. Wu, C.-H. Yang
Contents: 1. Asia Pacific Environmental Economics 2. The Impact of Global Warming on Pacific Rim Countries 3. The Framework Convention and Climate Change Policy in Asia 4. The Impact of Climate Change on Rice Yield in Taiwan 5. Acute Health Effects of Major Air Pollutants in Taiwan 6. What is the Value of Reduced Morbidity in Taiwan? 7. Hedonic Housing Values and Benefits of Air Quality Improvement in Taipei 8. Estimation of the Benefit of Air Quality Improvement: An Application of Hedonic Price Technique in Seoul 9. Measuring the Benefits of Air Quality Improvement in Taipei: A Comparison of Contingent Valuation Elicitation Techniques 10. Exploring the Value of Drinking Water Protection in Seoul, Korea 11. Demand for Environmental Quality: Comparing Models for Contingent Policy Referendum Experiments 12. Hierarchical Government, Environmental Regulations, Transfer Payments and Incomplete Enforcement 13. Political Economy and Pollution Regulation: Price Regulation in Open Lobbying Economies 14. Doubtful Merits of Equal-rate Pigovian Taxes and Tradeable Permits in Controlling Global Pollution 15. Difficulty in Enforcing Efficient Prices for Regulating Shiftable Externalities 16. Optimal Environmental Quality Improvement in a Multi-Goods R&D Growth Model Index
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