The Economics of Sport and the Media


The Economics of Sport and the Media

9781845427436 Edward Elgar Publishing
Edited by Claude Jeanrenaud, Professor of Public Economics, University of Neuchâtel, Switzerland and the late Stefan Késenne, formerly University of Antwerp and KU Leuven, Belgium
Publication Date: 2006 ISBN: 978 1 84542 743 6 Extent: 224 pp
The relationship between sport and the media raises numerous issues and problems. This book outlines the current major policy concerns relating to the commercialization of sports broadcasting rights.

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The relationship between sport and the media raises numerous issues and problems. This book outlines the current major policy concerns relating to the commercialization of sports broadcasting rights.

What is the impact of marketing arrangements between content owners and media companies – a combination of joint selling with exclusivity – on fans, big-city and small-city clubs, TV markets, and finally on consumer welfare? Do consumers in Europe and the USA receive good value for the fees they pay to broadcasters? And does the way programs are delivered to the viewers (free-to-air, pay-TV or pay-per-view) have a positive or negative influence on the deal consumers receive? These are some of the central issues discussed within this book by the international team of contributors.

Providing a comprehensive view on the relations between the sports media rights market, the sports market and the different partakers in the process (club, leagues, events organisers, TV operators, intellectual property owners), this book will be of great interest to academics and sports economists alike. With its clear and simple presentation, The Economics of Sport and the Media will also be accessible to sport federations, leagues, clubs, and policy makers at governmental and non-governmental agencies.
Critical Acclaim
‘. . . this is a fascinating and informative volume and the bulk of it is accessible to readers without an economics background. It will be of interest to students of sport and the media and those interested in the commercialisation of leisure in general.’
– A.J. Veal, Leisure Studies

‘This volume of 10 chapters, each penned by a respected sports economist or sport-policy analyst, is of particular importance because it provides a constructive comparison with perspectives from both Europe and North America. The material is presented in a straightforward manner, largely free of economic jargon, and comprehensible to academics from a variety of fields, as well as interested professionals. . . The Economics of Sport and the Media sheds light on the important policy issues facing the sport-broadcast industry. . . This volume brings together a very useful comparison of European and North American systems and corresponding research perspectives. The book should serve as an important reference that will drive scholars and policy analysts to conduct important research in this crucial segment of the sports industry.’
– Joel G. Maxcy, International Journal of Sport Communication
Contributors: W. Andreff, J.-F. Bourg, B. Buraimo, M. Desbordes, A. Fikentscher, D. Forrest, B. Gerrard, C. Jeanrenaud, S. Késenne, R. Simmons, H.A. Solberg, P.D. Staudohar, S. Szymanski, A. Zimbalist

1. Sport and the Media: An Overview
Claude Jeanrenaud and Stefan Késenne

2. Competitive Balance and the Sports Media Rights Market: What are the Real Issues?
Bill Gerrard

3. Broadcasting Rights and Competition in European Football
Wladimir Andreff and Jean-François Bourg

4. Joint Purchasing of Sports Rights: A Legal Viewpoint
Adrian Fikentscher

5. Broadcaster and Audience Demand for Premier League Football
David Forrest, Robert Simmons and Babatunde Buraimo

6. International Television Sports Rights: Risky Investments
Harry Arne Solberg

7. The Relationship between Sport and Television: The Case of TF1 and the 2002 Football World Cup
Michel Desbordes

8. Why Have Premium Sports Rights Migrated to Pay-TV in Europe but not in the US?
Stefan Szymanski

9. Economic Perspectives on Market Power in the Telecasting of US Team Sports
Andrew Zimbalist

10. Baseball and the Broadcast Media
Paul D. Staudohar

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