The Elgar Companion to the OECD


The Elgar Companion to the OECD

9781800886865 Edward Elgar Publishing
Edited by Fabrizio De Francesco, Senior Lecturer in Public Policy, School of Government and Public Policy, University of Strathclyde, UK and Claudio M. Radaelli, Professor of Comparative Public Policy, School of Transnational Governance (EUI), Italy and Professor of Public Policy, University College London, UK
Publication Date: 2023 ISBN: 978 1 80088 686 5 Extent: 308 pp
This comprehensive Companion analyses the relevance of the OECD as a transnational policy maker, idea broker and standard setter. Bringing together diverse disciplines and methodologies, it establishes the influence of the OECD on modern understandings of governance.

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This comprehensive Companion analyses the relevance of the OECD as a transnational policy maker, idea broker and standard setter. Bringing together diverse disciplines and methodologies, it establishes the influence of the OECD on modern understandings of governance.

Through scholarly reviews and original empirical analyses, this Companion covers the evolution and structure of the OECD, its role in transnational policy making and its domestic impact. It consolidates work from disciplines including economics, social policy, history, international relations and legal studies to critically analyse the concepts, methods and tools of governance in global policy making. Contributors explore the comparative impact of the OECD in developed and developing countries, the OECD’s work in various policy sectors and emerging issues on the OECD’s agenda such as governance reform, cyber-security and sustainability. Ultimately, the Companion advances inter-disciplinary knowledge of the OECD’s methods of governance and position in global politics.

Providing in-depth insight on the structure and impact of the OECD, The Elgar Companion to the OECD will be an authoritative and original reference text for scholars and students of global governance, international relations, political economy and public policy. It will also be essential reading for practitioners seeking to better understand modern global governance and public policy.
Critical Acclaim
‘The Elgar Companion to the OECD provides a comprehensive scholarly overview of one of our most important, yet relatively understudied, international organisations. The editors, De Francesco and Radaelli, have provided us with a great public good in assembling a stellar cast of contributors to discuss various dimensions of the OECD’s work and politics. This includes the organisation’s claims to expertise, its relationship to other international organisations, how it conducts peer review and fosters benchmarking, and how it draws on a network of regulators. The contributors also provide a range of policy-focused chapters, including on education, environment and taxation, among others. To identify not only how policies are made but received, the book provides a range of cases on the reception of OECD ideas, frames and policies. It also identifies emerging issues, such as cybersecurity and the SDGs, that will prompt the OECD to adapt further. This is an excellent contribution for all those interested in international organisations, the crafting of economic policy and key mechanisms of change in the international political economy.’
– Leonard Seabrooke, Copenhagen Business School, Denmark, and Norwegian Institute of International Affairs, Norway

‘The OECD represents one of the most policy-consequential and therefore frequently studied international organisations. Yet the scholarly debate on its policy consequences has been fragmented. With this masterfully edited volume, Fabrizio De Francesco and Claudio Radaelli make an important step forward in integrating the different literatures and producing accumulative knowledge.’
– Jale Tosun, Heidelberg University, Germany
Contributors: Fayçal Ait Abdellouhab, Marco Amici, Denita Cepiku, Alice Chessé, Thomas Conzelmann, Anthony J. S. Craig, Fabrizio De Francesco, Mauricio I. Dussauge-Laguna, Sotiria Grek, Saltanat Janenova, Stefanie Khoury, Colin Knox, Matthias Kranke, Markku Lehtonen, Matthieu Leimgruber, Bob Lingard, Hadjiisky Magdaléna, Martin Marcussen, Leslie A. Pal, George Papaconstantinou, Fabiola O. Perales-Fernández, B. Guy Peters, Osmany Porto de Oliveira, Claudio M. Radaelli, Matthias Schmelzer, Diane Stone, Jarle Trondal, Francesca Pia Vantaggiato, Amy Verdun, David Whyte, Ulrike Zeigermann

1 Introduction to the Elgar Companion to the OECD 1
Fabrizio De Francesco and Claudio M. Radaelli

2 The historical transformations of the OECD 9
Matthieu Leimgruber and Matthias Schmelzer
3 International political economy 23
Alice Chessé and Amy Verdun
4 Corporate consensus and the OECD’s human rights mechanism 37
Stefanie Khoury and David Whyte
5 The politics of the OECD 50
Magdaléna Hadjiisky
6 Public management 67
Denita Cepiku and Marco Amici

7 The OECD as an international bureaucracy 81
Martin Marcussen and Jarle Trondal
8 The OECD in the ecosystem of international organization 95
Diane Stone
9 Peer reviews 105
Thomas Conzelmann
10 Indicators and benchmarking 116
Matthias Kranke
11 The network of economic regulators 126
Francesca Pia Vantaggiato

12 Development assistance and cooperation 137
Joren Verschaeve
13 Education 146
Sotiria Grek and Bob Lingard
14 Environment 154
Markku Lehtonen
15 Regulation 166
Fabrizio De Francesco and Claudio M. Radaelli
16 International taxation 173
Fayçal Ait Abdellouhab and Claudio M. Radaelli
17 Economic policy 184
George Papaconstantinou

18 Australia: Varieties of policy impacts 198
Peter Carroll
19 Mexico: From the diffusion of ideas to the making of policy changes 208
Fabiola Perales-Fernández and Mauricio I. Dussauge-Laguna
20 Brazil: Cooperation, policy transfer and resistance 220
Osmany Porto de Oliveira
21 Kazakhstan: In search of international legitimacy 231
Colin Knox and Saltanat Janenova

22 Public governance 245
Leslie A. Pal
23 Good governance 255
B. Guy Peters
24 Cyber security 265
Anthony J. S. Craig
25 Sustainable development 278
Ulrike Zeigermann

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