The Handbook of Evolutionary Economic Geography


The Handbook of Evolutionary Economic Geography

9781847204912 Edward Elgar Publishing
Edited by Ron Boschma, Professor, Department of Economic Geography and the Urban and Regional Research Centre Utrecht (URU), Utrecht University, The Netherlands and Ron Martin, Professor of Economic Geography, Director of Research and Fellow of St Catharine''s College, University of Cambridge, London, UK
Publication Date: 2010 ISBN: 978 1 84720 491 2 Extent: 576 pp
This wide-ranging Handbook is the first major compilation of the theoretical and empirical research that is forging the new and exciting paradigm of evolutionary economic geography.

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This wide-ranging Handbook is the first major compilation of the theoretical and empirical research that is forging the new and exciting paradigm of evolutionary economic geography.

The book’s distinguished contributors set out the theoretical, methodological and empirical foundations of an evolutionary perspective on the economic landscape. In so doing, they explore the interplay between organizational dynamics, industrial dynamics and space; analyse the nature and spatial evolution of networks; address the evolution of institutions in territorial contexts; and explore the evolution of agglomerations and clusters.

This original reference work will undoubtedly play an important and formative role in influencing the future research agenda of evolutionary economic geography. It will strongly appeal to scholars, researchers and students in economic geography, regional economics, evolutionary economics, industrial economics, management and organizational studies, and related fields.
Critical Acclaim
‘The Handbook of Evolutionary Economic Geography represents an important and authoritative statement of the “state of the art” in the field of EEG. It can be recommended as key resource for researchers in economic geography and spatial economics. . .’
– Danny Mackinnon, Regional Studies

‘. . . the Handbook is a very significant achievement in that it provides a thorough and detailed overview of the EEG project through the insights of its leading thinkers and practitioners. As such, it is crucial reading both for scholars who are already using evolutionary ideas in their research and for ones curious about what EEG is and why other economic geographers and regional scientists should pay attention to it.’
– James T. Murphy, Journal of Regional Science

‘The Handbook of Evolutionary Economic Geography is a comprehensive collection of topics in the newly emerging paradigm of evolutionary economic geography. . . The introduction, like those in any good collection, links up the papers in this Handbook by the basis of an evolutionary thinking behind the wide scales of topics. . . the 24 articles included in The Handbook of Evolutionary Economic Geography have a wide coverage of varying angles, all of which shed light on this emerging paradigm from different aspects. . . this book has definitely achieved its goal of “playing a formative role in influencing the future research agenda in this area”. It is therefore highly recommended to researchers who want to dip further into evolutionary economic geography or those who simply want to get an overall profile of its development.’
– Tian Miao, Growth and Change
Contributors: C. Antonelli, R. Boschma, G. Bottazzi, S. Breschi, U. Cantner, G. Cioccarelli, P. Cooke, M.S. Dahl, B. Dalum, C. de Laurentis, S. Denicolai, P. Dindo, J. Essletzbichler, L. Fleming, K. Frenken, E. Giuliani, J. Glückler, H. Graf, R. Hassink, S. Iammarino, J. Lambooy, C. Lenzi, F. Lissoni, A. Malmberg, R. Martin, P. Maskell, P. McCann, C.R. Østergaard, D.L. Rigby, J.W. Rivkin, E.W. Schamp, J. Simmie, O. Sorenson, U. Staber, E. Stam, S. Strambach, P. Sunley, A. Vezzulli, A. Zucchella 

Introduction: The New Paradigm of Evolutionary Economic Geography

1. The Aims and Scope of Evolutionary Economic Geography
Ron Boschma and Ron Martin

2. Generalized Darwinism and Evolutionary Economic Geography
Jürgen Essletzbichler and David L. Rigby

3. The Place of Path Dependence in an Evolutionary Perspective on the Economic Landscape
Ron Martin and Peter Sunley

4. Complexity Thinking and Evolutionary Economic Geography
Ron Martin and Peter Sunley

5. The Spatial Evolution of Innovation Networks: A Proximity Perspective
Ron Boschma and Koen Frenken

6. Entrepreneurship, Evolution and Geography
Erik Stam

7. Pecuniary Externalities and the Localized Generation of Technological Knowledge
Cristiano Antonelli

8. The Relationship between Multinational Firms and Innovative Clusters
Simona Iammarino and Philip McCann

9. Emergence of Regional Clusters: The Role of Spinoffs in the Early Growth Process
Michael S. Dahl, Christian R. Østergaard and Bent Dalum

10. A Social-Evolutionary Perspective on Regional Clusters
Udo Staber

11. Evolutionary Economic Geography: Regional Systems of Innovation and High-tech Clusters
Philip Cooke and Carla de Laurentis

12. Clusters, Networks and Economic Development: An Evolutionary Economics Perspective
Elisa Giuliani

13. Reputation, Trust and Relational Centrality in Local Networks: An Evolutionary Geography Perspective
Stefano Denicolai, Antonella Zucchella and Gabriele Cioccarelli

14. The Evolution of a Strategic Alliance Network: Exploring the Case of Stock Photography
Johannes Glückler

15. Complexity, Networks and Knowledge Flows
Olav Sorenson, Jan W. Rivkin and Lee Fleming

16. The Geography of Knowledge Spillovers: The Role of Inventors’ Mobility Across Firms and in Space
Stefano Breschi, Camilla Lenzi, Francesco Lissoni and Andrea Vezzulli

17. Growth, Development and Structural Change of Innovator Networks: The Case of Jena
Uwe Cantner and Holger Graf

18. An Evolutionary Approach to Localized Learning and Spatial Clustering
Anders Malmberg and Peter Maskell

19. Path Dependence and Path Plasticity: The Co-evolution of Institutions and Innovation – the German Customized Business Software Industry
Simone Strambach

20. On the Notion of Co-evolution in Economic Geography
Eike W. Schamp

21. Locked in Decline? On the Role of Regional Lock-ins in Old Industrial Areas
Robert Hassink

22. The Evolution of Spatial Patterns over Long Time-Horizons: The Relation with Technology and Economic Development
Jan Lambooy

23. The Information Economy and its Spatial Evolution in English Cities
James Simmie

24. An Evolutionary Model of Firms’ Location with Technological Externalities
Giulio Bottazzi and Pietro Dindo

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