The Provision of Public Services in Europe


The Provision of Public Services in Europe

Between State, Local Government and Market

9781848448094 Edward Elgar Publishing
Edited by Hellmut Wollmann, Professor Emeritus of Public Administration, Social Science Institute, Humboldt University of Berlin, Germany and Gérard Marcou, Professor of Public Law, Université Paris 1 Panthéon–Sorbonne and Director, GRALE, Paris, France
Publication Date: 2010 ISBN: 978 1 84844 809 4 Extent: 288 pp
The book is the first of its kind to provide a comparative analysis of the provision of social and public services in France, Italy, Germany, the UK and Norway.

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The book is the first of its kind to provide a comparative analysis of the provision of social and public services in France, Italy, Germany, the UK and Norway.

This volume, co-authored by leading national experts, topically examines whether, when, how and why the delivery of social and public services, which was historically a responsibility of local authorities, has been significantly shifted to marketized and commodified forms. However, despite this considerable change, there have been recent indications of remunicipalization in some sectors. Combining both cross-country and cross-policy comparisons in a broad range of pertinent service fields, this volume fills a noticeable gap in the international literature currently available.

Mirroring the underlying interdisciplinary approach of the book, the findings will be useful and attractive to students of law and economics as well as political science and sociology. Academic researchers and politicians on all intergovernmental levels will also find this book insightful and stimulating.
Critical Acclaim
‘This book gives a comprehensive analysis and explanation of social and public services in five European countries. Despite Norway not being a member of the EU, these policy areas deliver a keen lesson in the Europeanization of public policy and the convergence of European states’ approach to governance. It is a book that will become required reading on MPAs and public administration/public management courses.’
– Andrew Massey, University of Exeter, UK
Contributors: E. Balboni, H. Baldersheim, F. Bönker, G. Citroni, M. Dreyfus, P. Fedele, J.-P. Gaudin, G. Grossi, D. Grunow, M. Hill, C. Iannello, S. Kuhlmann, M. Long, F. Longo, J. McEldowney, G. Marcou, A. Marzanati, C. Reichard, A.E. Töller, H. Wollmann


1. Introduction
Hellmut Wollmann and Gérard Marcou

2. The Multi-level Institutional Setting in Germany, Italy, France and the UK: A Comparative Overview
Hellmut Wollmann, Enzo Balboni, Jean-Pierre Gaudin and Gérard Marcou

3. New Public Management in Continental Europe: Local Government Modernization in Germany, France and Italy from a Comparative Perspective
Sabine Kuhlmann and Paolo Fedele

4. The Local Government Role in Pre-school Child Care Policy in France, Germany, Italy and the UK
Michael Hill, Martine Long, Anna Marzanati and Frank Bönker

5. Towards Marketization and Centralization? The Changing Role of Local Government in Long-term Care in England, France, Germany and Italy
Frank Bönker, Michael Hill and Anna Marzanati

6. Health Services: Issues and Trends in Italy, France and Germany
Dieter Grunow, Francesco Longo and Martine Long

7. Comparative Study of a Local Service: Waste Management in France, Germany, Italy and the UK
Magali Dreyfus, Annette Elisabeth Töller, Carlo Iannello and John McEldowney

8. From Public Service to Commodity: The Demunicipalization (or Remunicipalization) of Energy Provision in Germany, Italy, France, the UK and Norway
Hellmut Wollmann, Harald Baldersheim, Giulio Citroni, Gérard Marcou and John McEldowney

9. Neither State nor Market: Municipalities, Corporations and Municipal Corporatization in Water Services – Germany, France and Italy Compared
Giulio Citroni

10. Comparative Aspects of Institutional Variants for Local Public Service Provision
Giuseppe Grossi, Gérard Marcou and Christoph Reichard

11. From Public Sector-based to Privatized Service Provision. Is the Pendulum Swinging Back Again? Comparative Summary
Hellmut Wollmann and Gérard Marcou

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