The Sociology of Race and Ethnicity


The Sociology of Race and Ethnicity

9781858985695 Edward Elgar Publishing
Edited by Malcolm Cross, formerly of City University London, UK
Publication Date: 2001 ISBN: 978 1 85898 569 5 Extent: 1,696 pp
The Sociology of Race and Ethnicity is a comprehensive collection of the most significant articles to appear in the last thirty years. It presents the major ideas and approaches in this branch of sociology and covers the main themes in European debates as well as race-related questions in North America.

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The Sociology of Race and Ethnicity is a comprehensive collection of the most significant articles to appear in this field. It presents the major ideas and approaches in this branch of sociology and covers the main themes in European debates as well as race-related questions in North America.

Topics covered are: theories of racial and ethnicity division including rational choice, sociobiology and class approaches; the sociology of race, nationalism and colonialism; migration and ethnicity; the nature and causes of prejudice and racial discrimination; inter-ethnic conflict; racialisation and ethnic identity; race and social class in urban areas; multiculturalism and the problem of the political integration of immigrants.
81 articles, dating from 1922 to 1997
Contributors include: M. Banton, S. Castles, R. Cohen, S. Hall, R. Miles, B. Parekh, J. Rex, G. Runciman, M. Weber

Volume I
Introduction Malcolm Cross
1. Max Weber (1922/1978), ‘Race Relations’
2. John Rex (1980), ‘The Theory of Race Relations – A Weberian Approach’
3. Stuart Hall (1980), ‘Race, Articulation and Societies Structured in Dominance’
4. Edna Bonacich (1980), ‘Class Approaches to Ethnicity and Race’
5. Michael Banton (1991), ‘The Race Relations Problematic’
6. Michael Banton (1994), ‘Modelling Ethnic and National Relations’
7. M.G. Smith (1985), ‘Race and Ethnic Relations as Matters of Rational Choice’
8. Stanford M. Lyman (1991), ‘Civilization, Culture, and Color: Changing Foundations of Robert E. Park’s Sociology of Race Relations’
9. J. Milton Yinger (1983), ‘Ethnicity and Social Change: The Interaction of Structural, Cultural, and Personality Factors’
10. Pierre L. van den Berghe (1978), ‘Race and Ethnicity: A Sociobiological Perspective’
11. Iris Klein (1985), ‘Three Models of Explaining Ethnic Strife: Sociobiology, Neo-Marxism, and Rational Choice’
12. Anthony D. Smith (1988), ‘The Myth of the “Modern Nation” and the Myths of Nations’
13. Daniele Conversi (1995), ‘Reassessing Current Theories of Nationalism: Nationalism as Boundary Maintenance and Creation’
14. Robert Miles (1993), ‘The Articulation of Racism and Nationalism: Reflections on European History’
15. Fred W. Riggs (1994), ‘Ethnonationalism, Industrialism, and the Modern State’
16. Nira Yuval-Davis (1993), ‘Gender and Nation’
17. Peter Hill (1993), ‘National Minorities in Europe’
18. André Liebich (1995), ‘Nations, States, Minorities: Why is Eastern Europe Different?’
19. Jakob Rosel (1995), ‘Ethnic Nationalism and Ethnic Conflict’
20. John Solomos (1986), ‘Trends in the Political Analysis of Racism’
21. Aristide R. Zolberg (1991), ‘Bounded States in a Global Market: The Uses of International Labor Migrations’
22. Robin Cohen (1991), ‘East–West and European Migration in a Global Context’
23. Robert Miles (1990), ‘Whatever Happened to the Sociology of Migration?’
24. Bhikhu Parekh (1994), ‘Three Theories of Immigration’
25. Mary C. Waters and Karl Eschbach (1995), ‘Immigration and Ethnic and Racial Inequality in the United States’
26. Anthony H. Richmond (1990), ‘Race Relations and Immigration: A Comparative Perspective’
27. Roger Waldinger (1989), ‘Immigration and Urban Change’
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Volume II
An introduction by the editor to all three volumes appears in volume I

1. Herbert Blumer (1958), ‘Race Prejudice as a Sense of Group Position’
2. Andreas Wimmer (1997), ‘Explaining Xenophobia and Racism: A Critical Review of Current Research Approaches’
3. Patricia G. Devine (1989), ‘Stereotypes and Prejudice: Their Automatic and Controlled Components’
4. Herbert J. Gans (1979), ‘Symbolic Ethnicity: The Future of Ethnic Groups and Cultures in America’
5. Russell H. Weigel and Paul W. Howes (1985), ‘Conceptions of Racial Prejudice: Symbolic Racism Reconsidered’
6. Gerrard Kleinpenning and Louk Hagendoorn (1993), ‘Forms of Racism and the Cumulative Dimension of Ethnic Attitudes’
7. Louk Hagendoorn (1993), ‘Ethnic Categorization and Outgroup Exclusion: Cultural Values and Social Stereotypes in the Construction of Ethnic Hierarchies’
8. Martin Patchen (1995), ‘Attitudes and Behaviors Toward Ethnic Outgroups: How Are They Linked?’
9. Paul M. Sniderman, Thomas Piazza, Philip E. Tetlock and Ann Kendrick (1991), ‘The New Racism’
10. Michael Banton (1992), ‘The Nature and Causes of Racism and Racial Discrimination’
11. Frank Bovenkerk, Robert Miles and Gilles Verbunt (1991), ‘Comparative Studies of Migration and Exclusion on the Grounds of “Race” and Ethnic Background in Western Europe: A Critical Appraisal’
12. Tariq Modood (1994), ‘Political Blackness and British Asians’
13. Joe R. Feagin (1991), ‘The Continuing Significance of Race: Antiblack Discrimination in Public Places’
14. Dietrich Thränhardt (1995), ‘The Political Uses of Xenophobia in England, France and Germany’
15. Robin M. Williams, Jr. (1994), ‘The Sociology of Ethnic Conflicts: Comparative International Perspectives’
16. Richard H. Shultz, Jr. (1995), ‘State Disintegration and Ethnic Conflict: A Framework for Analysis’
17. David Carment (1993), ‘The International Dimensions of Ethnic Conflict: Concepts, Indicators, and Theory’
18. A.N. Yamskov (1991), ‘Ethnic Conflict in the Transcausasus: The Case of Nagorno-Karabakh’
19. Valery Stepanov (2000), ‘Ethnic Tensions and Separatism in Russia’
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Volume III
An introduction by the editor to all three volumes appears in volume I

1. Fredrick Barth (1969), ‘Introduction’
2. William L. Yancey, Eugene P. Ericksen and Richard N. Juliani (1976), ‘Emergent Ethnicity: A Review and Reformulation’
3. Joane Nagel (1994), ‘Constructing Ethnicity: Creating and Recreating Ethnic Identity and Culture’
4. Nathan Glazer and Daniel P. Moynihan (1975), ‘Introduction’
5. Stuart Hall (1992), ‘New Ethnicities’
6. George A. De Vos (1995), ‘Ethnic Pluralism: Conflict and Accommodation: The Role of Ethnicity in Social History’
7. Thomas Hylland Eriksen (1991), ‘The Cultural Contexts of Ethnic Differences’
8. John Rex (1995), ‘Ethnic Identity and the Nation State: The Political Sociology of Multi-Cultural Societies’
9. Sarah Bélanger and Maurice Pinard (1991), ‘Ethnic Movements and the Competition Model: Some Missing Links’
10. Kum-Kum Bhavnani and Dana Collins (1993), ‘Racism and Feminism: An Analysis of the Anita Hill and Clarence Thomas Hearings’
11. W.G. Runciman (1972), ‘Race and Social Stratification’
12. Thomas F. Pettigrew (1981), ‘Race and Class in the 1980s: An Interactive View’
13. William Julius Wilson (1989), ‘The Underclass: Issues, Perspectives, and Public Policy’
14. Douglas S. Massey (1990), ‘American Apartheid: Segregation and the Making of the Underclass’
15. Barbara Schmitter Heisler (1991), ‘A Comparative Perspective on the Underclass: Questions of Urban Poverty, Race, and Citizenship’
16. Malcolm Cross and Roger Waldinger (1992), ‘Migrants, Minorities, and the Ethnic Division of Labor’
17. Martin N. Marger (1989), ‘Factors of Structural Pluralism in Multiethnic Societies: A Comparative Case Study’
18. Mirjana Morokvasic (1993), ‘"In and Out" of the Labour Market: Immigrant and Minority Women in Europe’
19. Malcolm Cross (1995), ‘“Race”, Class Formation and Political Interests: A Comparison of Amsterdam and London’
20. Tomas Hammar (1985), ‘Dual Citizenship and Political Integration’
21. Rainer Bauböck (1994), ‘Changing the Boundaries of Citizenship: The Inclusion of Immigrants in Democratic Polities’
22. Maxim Silverman (1991), ‘Citizenship and the Nation-State in France’
23. William Safran (1991), ‘Ethnicity and Pluralism: Comparative and Theoretical Perspectives’
24. Stephen Castles (1995), ‘How Nation-States Respond to Immigration and Ethnic Diversity’
25. Marco Martiniello (1995), ‘European Citizenship, European Identity and Migrants: Towards the Post-National State?’
26. Robert D. Manning (1995), ‘Multiculturalism in the United States: Clashing Concepts, Changing Demographics, and Competing Cultures’
27. Joseph Hraba (1992), ‘Citizenship and Ethnicity: The American Case’
28. Jeremy Hein (1993), ‘Ethnic Pluralism and the Disunited States of North America and Western Europe’
29. John Rex (1992), ‘Ethnic Mobilization in a Multicultural Society’
30. John Rex (1994), ‘The Second Project of Ethnicity: Transnational Migrant Communities and Ethnic Minorities in Modern Multicultural Societies’
31. John Edwards (1995), ‘The Nature and Varieties of Affirmative Action’
32. Sarah Spencer (1994), ‘The Implications of Immigration Policy for Race Relations’
33. Paul Gilroy (1990), ‘The End of Anti-Racism’
34. Stanford M. Lyman (1992), ‘The Assimilation-Pluralism Debate: Toward a Postmodern Resolution of the American Ethnoracial Dilemma’
35. Stephen Castles (1993), ‘Migrations and Minorities in Europe. Perspectives for the 1990s: Eleven Hypotheses’
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