The Subjects of Literary and Artistic Copyright


The Subjects of Literary and Artistic Copyright

9781800881754 Edward Elgar Publishing
Edited by Enrico Bonadio, Reader in Intellectual Property Law, City, University of London, UK and Cristiana Sappa, Professor of Business Law, INENTIS Department, IESEG School of Management, Lille, France
Publication Date: 2022 ISBN: 978 1 80088 175 4 Extent: 302 pp
This accessible and innovative book examines to what extent copyright protects a range of subjects which are engaged in the creation and management of literary and artistic works, and how such subjects use copyright to protect their interests.

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This accessible and innovative book examines to what extent copyright protects a range of subjects which are engaged in the creation and management of literary and artistic works, and how such subjects use copyright to protect their interests.

Offering a complementary analysis, The Subjects of Literary and Artistic Copyright explores how copyright regulates the production and management of literature and art. The book examines the creators of literature and art, as well as market operators such as publishers and “managers” including museums, galleries, and universities. The perspectives offered cover a diverse range of subjects, and confront the regular contradictions and conflicts that occur within literary and artistic copyright interests. The chapters illustrate, via historical and empirical analysis, that established practices and traditional approaches to the management of copyright need to be revisited, in order to be more aligned with current social and technological frameworks.

Providing a starting point for future research paths on copyright practices in art and literature, this insightful book will be of interest to legal academics looking to expand their knowledge of literary and artistic copyright. Law professionals with interests in intellectual property and art law will also benefit from its novel approach.
Critical Acclaim
‘The Subjects of Literary and Artistic Copyright edited by Enrico Bonadio and Cristiana Sappa looks at copyright aspects of art and literature through the eyes of their main stakeholders, grouped in the volume in two categories: creators and intermediaries/ managers. Using historical and empirical analysis, this great collection revisits many assumptions about the creative process and the current management of copyrighted works. A must read for everyone interested in the complex relationships of all the actors involved in the process of cultural production.’
– Christophe Geiger, Luiss Guido Carli University, Italy

‘From traditional forms of authorship to the most contemporary ones, from the romantic authors to institutions whose participation in copyright management is less known – while revisiting digital challenges to the establishments that have always played an important role in the dissemination of works – this book offers a rich panorama of perspectives that inform the development of copyright law today. A decidedly modern take on copyright stakeholders.’
– Ysolde Gendreau, Université de Montréal, Canada

‘This book focuses on traditional categories of creators and stakeholders of works of literature and art including publishers, libraries, museums, galleries, auction houses and universities. Literary works and artistic works are types of copyright works that not only have inspired each other but also inspired copyright in general. This book offers a fresh look at the roles of stakeholders and conflicting interests in copyright law, it is a “must read” for all those engaging in copyright law.’
– Irini Stamatoudi, University of Nicosia, Cyprus
Contributors: Mary Catherine Amerine, Marco Bellia, Enrico Bonadio, Rudy Capildeo, Michela Giorcelli, Chris Haywood, Bernd Justin Jütte, Maximiliano Marzetti, Luke McDonagh, Valentina Moscon, Guido Noto La Diega, Léo Pascault, Giulia Priora, Ana Ramalho, Cristiana Sappa, Jessica Silbey, Anele Simon, Simon Stokes, Xiyin Tang, James Yow

Foreword ix
Introduction 1
Enrico Bonadio and Cristiana Sappa

1 The effects of copyrights on poets’ and novelists’
economic returns 9
Michela Giorcelli
2 Playwrights 22
Luke McDonagh
3 The fragility of freelancing: The impact of copyright law
on modern journalism 37
Mary Catherine Amerine
4 Academic authors, copyright and dissemination of
knowledge: A comparative overview 58
Marco Bellia and Valentina Moscon

5 Copyright protection for painters, sculptors and cartoonists 78
Rudy Capildeo, Chris Haywood and James Yow
6 Digital photographers: Trust, truth, and copyright in the
digital age 98
Jessica Silbey
7 ‘It’s not you, it’s me’: Are designers and copyright a good match? 113
Ana Ramalho
8 Architecture and dysfunction 137
Xiyin Tang

9 Publishers and copyright 157
Enrico Bonadio and Anele Simon
10 Libraries and copyright law in the 21st century 183
Maximiliano Marzetti
11 Capturing the uncapturable: The relationship between
universities and copyright through the lens of the
audio-visual lecture capture policies 207
Guido Noto La Diega, Giulia Priora, Bernd Justin Jütte
and Léo Pascault
12 Museums as education facilitators: How copyright affects
access and dissemination of cultural heritage 234
Cristiana Sappa
13 Galleries and auction houses: The invisible managers of
artistic copyright? 258
Simon Stokes

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