The Transport System and Transport Policy


The Transport System and Transport Policy

An Introduction

9780857936899 Edward Elgar Publishing
Edited by Bert van Wee, Professor of Transport Policy, Jan Anne Annema, Associate Professor of Transport Policy, Delft University of Technology, the Netherlands and David Banister, Emeritus Professor of Transport Studies, School of Geography and the Environment and Senior Research Fellow, St Anne's College, University of Oxford, UK
Publication Date: February 2013 ISBN: 978 0 85793 689 9 Extent: 424 pp
Transport impacts on people and businesses in many different ways, and presents some of the key problems that decision-makers need to address. This comprehensive textbook introduces the transport system in a holistic and multidisciplinary way, bringing together the myriad and often conflicting components of transport.

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Critical Acclaim
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Transport impacts on people and businesses in many different ways, and presents some of the key problems that decision-makers need to address. This comprehensive textbook introduces the transport system in a holistic and multidisciplinary way, bringing together the myriad components of transport.

This textbook is written for an international readership of undergraduate and postgraduate students in transport and related subjects, as well as for professionals and policy decision-makers across both public and private sectors.

Key features include:

• Discussion of the importance of transport accessibility and the impacts of transport on the environment and safety.
• Policy issues relating to all of the discussed issues and prescribed future options.
• Transport evaluation methods and modelling approaches.
• Examples to highlight the linkages between components of the transport system – for example infrastructures, land-use, vehicle technologies – and the relevance of these linkages for decision making.
Critical Acclaim
‘College-level readers seeking a multidisciplinary introduction into transport systems will find this a solid introduction on how transport impacts people and businesses alike. . . Highly recommended as an excellent and detailed college-level study.’
– Midwest Book Review

‘This very interesting book provides an excellent multi-disciplinary introduction into the functioning of transport systems and the interaction with their environments.’
– Erik Verhoef, VU University Amsterdam, the Netherlands

‘The editors of this important book have clearly identified that few writings on transport treat the transport system as a whole. Implicit in this is a need for a genuinely multidisciplinary approach. An impressive list of contributors ensures that the book draws on the latest research whilst providing new insights into some of the key challenges facing transport students and researchers, transport providers and policy makers.’
– Roger Vickerman, University of Kent, UK

‘Since ancient times transportation has brought our world together. But the need for connectivity and accessibility in a spatially differentiated world has prompted the emergence of very complex transportation systems. This book offers a fresh and operational contribution to a better understanding of the complexity and manageability of a mobile world, by addressing in a balanced way both conceptual and applied or policy aspects of modern transportation systems.’
– Peter Nijkamp, Free University of Amsterdam, the Netherlands
Contributors: J.A. Annema, D. Banister, M. Dijst, K. Geurs, S. Hoogendoorn, V. Knoop, V. Marchau, P. Rietveld, K. Ruijgrok, L. Steg, L. Tavasszy, R. van den Brink, T. van der Hoorn, J. van der Waard, B. van Wee, W. Walker, L. Walta, F. Wegman


1. Introduction
Bert van Wee, Jan Anne Annema and David Banister

2. The Traffic and Transport System and Effects on Accessibility, the Environment and Safety: An Introduction
Bert van Wee

3. Individual Needs, Opportunities and Travel Behaviour: A Multidisciplinary Perspective based on Psychology, Economics and Geography
Martin Dijst, Piet Rietveld and Linda Steg

4. Freight Transport Demand: Indicators, Determinants and Drivers of Change
Lóránt Tavasszy and Kees Ruijgrok

5. Land Use and Transport
Bert van Wee

6. Transport Resistance Factors: Time, Money and Effort
Jan Anne Annema

7. Traffic Flow Theory and Modeling
Serge Hoogendoorn and Victor Knoop

8. Transport Technology to Reduce Transport’s Negative Impacts
Jan Anne Annema, Robert van den Brink and Leonie Walta

9. Accessibility: Perspectives, Measures and Applications
Karst Geurs and Bert van Wee

10. Transport and the Environment
Bert van Wee, David Banister, Jan Anne Annema and Karst Geurs

11. Traffic Safety
Fred Wegman

12. Transport Policy
Jan Anne Annema

13. Transport Futures Research
Vincent Marchan, Jan Anne Annema, Warren Walker and Jan van der Waard

14. Appraisal Methods for Transport Policy
Piet Rietveld

15. Transportation Models and their Applications
Toon van der Hoorn and Bert van Wee

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