Trade and Investment Policy


Trade and Investment Policy

9781858987040 Edward Elgar Publishing
Edited by Thomas L. Brewer, McDonough School of Business, Georgetown University, US
Publication Date: 1999 ISBN: 978 1 85898 704 0 Extent: 1,088 pp
This important two volume collection of previously published journal articles and book excerpts provides an extensive array of readings in the economics and politics of international trade and investment policy.

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This important two volume collection of previously published journal articles and book excerpts provides an extensive array of readings in the economics and politics of international trade and investment policy.

Volume One focuses on the globalization of business and links policy issues to economic and political theory and to the strategies of corporations. Volume Two concentrates on multilateral institutions and agreements, regional arrangements and linkages among trade, investment, labour and environmental policy issues.

The articles included in this collection have been drawn from diverse sources and represent analyses by scholars of many persuasions and nationalities.
47 articles, dating from 1970 to 1998
Contributors include: J.N. Bhagwati, J. Dunning, E.M. Graham, S.J. Kobrin, P. Krugman, C.A. Michalet, S. Ostry, A.M. Rugman, S. Strange, R. Vernon
Introduction Thomas L. Brewer
Volume I:

Part I: Policy in the Context of Globalization
1. World Bank (1997), ‘Foreign Direct Investment and Global Integration’
2. H. Peter Gray (1995), ‘The Modern Structure of International Economic Policies’
3. Charles-Albert Michalet (1994), ‘Transnational Corporations and the Changing International Economic System’
4. John H. Dunning (1992), ‘The Global Economy, Domestic Governance, Strategies and Transnational Corporations: Interactions and Policy Implications’
5. Alan M. Rugman and Michael V. Gestrin (1991), ‘US Trade Laws as Barriers to Globalisation’
6. Jagdish N. Bhagwati (1985), ‘Protectionism: Old Wine in New Bottles’
7. Edward M. Graham and Robert Z. Lawrence (1996), ‘Measuring the International Contestability of Markets: A Conceptual Approach’
8. James D. Gaisford (1996), ‘On the Relative Gains from Liberalized Foreign Investment’

Part II: Theory and Policy
9. Robert E. Baldwin (1992), ‘Are Economists’ Traditional Trade Policy Views Still Valid?’
10. Paul R. Krugman (1993), ‘The Narrow and Broad Arguments for Free Trade’
11. Paul Krugman (1992), ‘Does the New Trade Theory Require a New Trade Policy?’
12. Rachel McCulloch (1983), ‘The Optimality of Free Trade: Science or Religion?’
13. Asad Alam (1995), ‘The New Trade Theory and its Relevance to the Trade Policies of Developing Countries’
14. Kyle Bagwell and Robert W. Staiger (1990), ‘A Theory of Managed Trade’

Part III: Firms’ Strategies and Governments’ Policies

15. Raymond Vernon (1981), ‘Sovereignty at Bay: Ten Years After’
16. Farok J. Contractor (1990), ‘Ownership Patterns of U.S. Joint Ventures Abroad and the Liberalization of Foreign Government Regulations in the 1980s: Evidence From the Benchmark Surveys’
17. Dennis J. Encarnation and Louis T. Wells, Jr. (1985), ‘Sovereignty en Garde: Negotiating with Foreign Investors’
18. Helen Milner (1988), ‘Trading Places: Industries for Free Trade’
19. David W. Loree and Stephen E. Guisinger (1995), ‘Policy and Non-policy Determinants of U.S. Equity Foreign Direct Investment’

Part IV: Domestic Politics and Policy
20. Sylvia Ostry (1992), ‘The Domestic Domain: The New International Policy Arena’
21. John S. Odell (1990), ‘Understanding International Trade Policies: An Emerging Synthesis’
22. John B. Goodman, Debora Spar and David B. Yoffie (1996), ‘Foreign Direct Investment and the Demand for Protection in the United States’
23. Thomas L. Brewer (1992), ‘An Issue-Area Approach to the Analysis of MNE-Government Relations’
24. Gene M. Grossman and Elhanan Helpman (1995), ‘The Politics of Free-Trade Agreements’
25. Arye L. Hillman and Heinrich W. Ursprung (1988), ‘Domestic Politics, Foreign Interests, and International Trade Policy’


Volume II:

Part I: Multilateral Institutions and Agreements
1. Charles Lipson (1982), ‘The Transformation of Trade: The Sources and Effects of Regime Change’
2. Susan Strange (1987), ‘The Persistent Myth of Lost Hegemony’
3. Paul M. Goldberg and Charles P. Kindleberger (1970), ‘Toward a GATT for Investment: A Proposal for Supervision of the International Corporation’
4. C. Fred Bergsten and Edward. M. Graham (1992), ‘Needed: New International Rules for Foreign Direct Investment’
5. Pierre Sauvé (1994), ‘A First Look at Investment in the Final Act of the Uruguay Round’
6. Pierre Sauvé (1995), ‘Assessing the General Agreement on Trade in Services: Half-Full or Half-Empty?’
7. Americo Beviglia Zampetti (1995), ‘The Uruguay Round Agreement on Subsidies: A Forward-Looking Assessment’
8. Thomas L. Brewer and Stephen Young (1996), ‘Investment Policies in Multilateral and Regional Agreements: A Comparative Analysis’
9. Development Committee of the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank (1992), ‘Guidelines on the Treatment of Foreign Direct Investment’

Part II: Regional Institutions and Agreements
10. Stephen J. Kobrin (1995), ‘Regional Integration in a Globally Networked Economy’
11. Michael Gestrin and Alan M. Rugman (1994), ‘The North American Free Trade Agreement and Foreign Direct Investment’
12. Edward M. Graham and Christopher Wilkie (1998), ‘Regional Economic Agreements and Multinational Firms: The Investment Provisions of the NAFTA’
13. James R. Markusen, Thomas F. Rutherford and Linda Hunter (1995), ‘Trade Liberalization in a Multinational-Dominated Industry’
14. Edward M. Graham (1994), ‘Towards an Asia-Pacific Investment Code’
15. Thomas Brewer and Stephen Young (1995), ‘European Union Policies and the Problems of Multinational Enterprises’
16. Tamar Almor and Seev Hirsch (1995), ‘Outsiders’ Response to Europe 1992: Theoretical Considerations and Empirical Evidence’

Part III: Inter-Policy Linkages
17. World Trade Organization (1996), ‘Trade and Foreign Direct Investment’
18. T.N. Srinivasan (1996), ‘Post-Uruguay Round Issues for Asian Developing Countries’
19. Karl P. Sauvant, Padma Mallampally and Persephone Economou (1993), ‘Foreign Direct Investment and International Migration’
20. Thomas L. Brewer and Stephen Young (1997), ‘Investment Incentives and the International Agenda’
21. Hiro Lee and David Roland-Holst (1997), ‘The Environment and Welfare Implications of Trade and Tax Policy’
22. Niek De Jong and Rob Vos (1995), ‘Regional Blocs or Global Markets? A World Accounting Approach to Analyze Trade and Financial Linkages’

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